As the Lunar New Year approaches, we invite you to welcome the Year of the Rabbit with a celebratory giveaway!

Answer our survey questions and receive exclusive Lunar New Year Gift NFTs. There will be two super quick surveys, which means you’ll have two chances to collect these special NFTs. 🎊

How to Enter

Starting January 13, watch our Twitter account for a quick survey. Answer the questions and you’re guaranteed to receive a new year gift. It’s that easy.

You’ll see a second, different survey a week later on January 20, just before the Lunar New Year. Answer these questions and receive another new year gift!

Everyone who answers a survey (and hits submit 😁 ) before January 27 will receive a Lunar New Year Gift NFT. It’s a win-win.


You won’t want to miss these exclusive 2023 Lunar New Year-themed NFT prizes. What symbols of peace and prosperity will you receive to start the Year of the Rabbit?

You’ll receive a gift box that you must unwrap to find out what’s inside. Visit AtomicHub, log into your EOS account, and transfer your EOS Lunar New Year Gift NFT to the account “unpack.gems”. Then, check your inventory and let us know what you got!

If you’re a new NFT collector, use our guide to help you create your wallet and connect it to AtomicHub.

There’s 1500 EOS worth of airdrops and Pomelo Cheques to be won on top of all the other prizes!

Join us to kick off the Year of the Rabbit!

Don’t forget to follow the ENF on Twitter and watch for our giveaway survey questions. We can’t wait to hear from you all.🎆 Wishing you a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year! 🎆