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The Everything EOS Weekly Report publishes all of the latest news and updates from around the world in the EOS ecosystem.

Welcome to the first edition of the Everything EOS Weekly Report where we’ll be publishing news and updates from around the world in the EOS ecosystem.

Let’s get started!

Bywire Interview: Dan Larimer talks future of EOS, Eden, EVM, Freedom (PIII)

In this Bywire exclusive, Dan Larimer discusses his vision for the future of EOS via Eden 2.0 among other topics including:

  • Mandel fork away from EOSIO further establishes the network’s independence from B1
  • Incentivizing people to join EOS community via Eden 2.0
  • Upcoming EVM compatibility

Bywire Interview: Yves La Rose — Everyone has a place in EOS

In this Bywire exclusive, we get to learn more about who Yves La Rose, head of the EOS Network Foundation, is as a person. He talks about:

  • Growing up in Ottawa, Canada and his early exposure to computers.
  • His non-linear academic path.
  • His many years living in Japan & China and how those experiences allowed him to bridge the gap between the western and eastern community in EOS.
  • Why he considers himself a modern day samurai.

Token Creation & Liquidity for DACs on EOS by Dan Larimer

In this Medium article, Dan Larimer proposes a new EOSIO system contract called “eosio.symbol” that would manage token creation on the EOS network. Advantages include:

  • Lower cost to create new tokens
  • Non-modifiable inflation rates
  • Ability, if desired, to recall tokens (call-backs)
  • Ability, if desired, to block token transfers
  • System contract based Automated Market Maker (AMM)
  • Token symbol auctions & creation fee

Following Dan Larimer’s blog publication, Dan also participated in an impromptu AMA in the EOS Telegram channel. Bywire uploaded the recording to their YouTube channel for those who weren’t present for the discussion.

Core+: Developing Software to Run on EOSIO

In this EOS Network Foundation blog post, we learn more details about the goals of the Core+ working group. Led by EOS Amsterdam, EOS Dublin, EOS Barcelona and Cryptolions, here are the main areas of focus for Core+:

  • Documentation and communication: Providing information and support to make it easier for people to get involved with EOS.
  • Core Development: Creating a roadmap to address issues such as scalability.
  • Tools: Creating tooling for the development of the EOS ecosystem.

API+: Providing Access for the Next Generation of EOSIO-powered dApps

In this EOS Network Foundation blog post, we learn how the API+ working group will ensure developers have the APIs they need to deliver world class applications. Led by Greymass, EOS Nation and EOS Rio, here are the main areas of focus for API+:

  • Data: increasing the availability of public APIs.
  • Nodeos: add and change node APIs for developers to build upon.
  • Adoption: Better documentation to make it easier for developers.
  • Improvements to existing APIs
  • Further works: New group focused exclusively on researching next generation APIs.
  • Non-EOSIO Integrations: Integrating EOSIO more widely into the non-EOSIO ecosystem.

Recover+ & Spiderman Hack Review

PIZZA Finance published a brief review of the e-Curve Spiderman hacking incident, giving a clear breakdown of the timeline of various events, including the different proposed solutions. Ultimately, the hacker agreed to a 500K ransom.

One month later, the PIZZA team is now the lead operator for the Recover+ working group which aims to design a crisis management framework to help EOS projects deal with hacking events. PIZZA expects phase one of the work to be done by the end of April.

EOSIO+ and the Mandel Github repo

EOSIO+ working group zoom call

The EOS Network Foundation is now hosting the Mandel Github code repository. Mandel is the temporary placeholder name for the upcoming EOSIO fork. While the Mandel name may or may not change in the future, the control of the network’s official code repository is now firmly in the hands of the community, as it should be.

The EOSIO+ working group, shown above in a recent Zoom call, is bringing together many different EOSIO networks to collaborate on EOSIO protocol development.

Gamebox by Defibox

Gamebox aims to become a decentralized GameFi aggregation portal in the EOS ecosystem. Created by Defibox, they recently published their whitepaper and announced a million dollar incubation program. Projects working with Gamebox can expect help in the following areas:

  • Financial support
  • Technical support
  • Launch support
  • Development support

Bees 2.0 Whitepaper

The EOS Bees have released their new whitepaper which details how they plan on distributing their allocated funding. A non-transferable BUZZ token will be distributed and used to allocate funding to various hives, which are language-specific bee groups. There are currently 9 active hives, with more on the way. The whitepaper goes into detail into the various activities organized by the EOS Bees, such as:

  • Swarms
  • Funding Distribution Algorithm
  • Incentive Structures
  • Roles
  • Funding Buckets
  • Bee Code & Attack Resistance
  • Promotions
  • Global Hive Strategic Vision

EOS — 2021 Rewind by Alfredo de Candia

Featuring a month-by-month breakdown, this EOS 2021 Rewind publication lists all of the significant events in EOS in 2021. If anyone asks you what has been happening in EOS lately, point them to this document!

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