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This week includes:

  • Legal Action Against B1 goes ‘Well Beyond’ EOS Token Sale
  • Recover+: What To Do Next in an EOS Emergency
  • /rant: “Idea Wall”, “Voting vs Staking” & “Pieces of the Puzzle”
  • Pomelo Grant Collectible Packs — Sold Out!
  • EOS Fireside Chats Now Streamed & Recorded
  • Mandel Upgrade Calls Now Publicly Available
  • Tipit NFT Distribution
  • EOS PowerUp NFTs Activated
  • Brock Mentions EOS on FOX Business
  • EOSIO+ Meeting Recording (February 17)

Legal Action Against B1 goes ‘Well Beyond’ EOS Token Sale

This week the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) shared some more details surrounding the potential lawsuit against B1. In the above image shared in a tweet, Yves La Rose explains why the ENF believes it has the moral authority to pursue an investigation into the extent of the harm done by B1 to EOS.

Yves La Rose also highlights the fact that the wrong doings extend far beyond the ICO and include many broken promises from B1. Many individuals and companies took action based on those promises and when B1 failed to fulfil its commitments many network participants were directly harmed.

Finally, Yves La Rose also clears up the fact that, while the hashtag #4BillionDAO exists, it does not mean that the lawsuit against B1 will be for 4 billion dollars. In fact, the exact value of any potential claim against B1 has yet to be determined.

For even more context and information surrounding this topic, head on over to Bywire News for an exclusive interview with Yves La Rose.

Recover+: What To Do Next in an EOS Emergency

Recover+ is one of 7 sponsored ENF working group and in this article we learn a bit more about the Recover+ approach and the topics they plan on discussing in their upcoming Blue Paper.

“Led by the team at PIZZA.FINANCE, the Recover+ working group aims to create a crisis management framework for EOS. To achieve this, plans include developing emergency contracts, protocols, guides (including steps to take in an emergency), FAQs, and advice on who to contact for help and support immediately after an exploit occurs. Some additional proposals that may come out of Recover+ include DAO insurances and potential rewards to help EOS parties respond to lost or stolen assets more effectively.”

Another important topic being addressed by Recover+ is establishing standards and procedures surrounding the so-called “God Mode” powers that are accessible by block producers when they reach 15/21 consensus.

We look forward to reading the Recover+ Blue Paper which is expected to be published in the coming weeks.

/rant: “Idea Wall”, “Voting vs Staking” & “Pieces of the Puzzle”

Yves La Rose reflects on his interactions with the extensive community of stakeholders and token holders throughout the EOS ecosystem and how they inform and inspire his rants, as well as the vision that the ENF aims to achieve.

Yves La Rose speaks about the early narratives that oriented the #EOS community around use of the word “voting” and how our choice of words affects both local and global perception of the network. #EndRant #EOSIO #ENF

In this rant, Yves La Rose bends philosophy towards pragmatism, asking, are functions emergent properties of the system they exist within? What gives them value, and how does this inform the way we go about contributing for the benefit of a system?

Pomelo Grant Collectible NFTs — Sold Out!

The Pomelo team revealed their latest addition to their promotional NFT collection, the Grant Collectibles! These 10 different Grant Collectibles represent the best performing grants of season 1, based on the total money received from both donations and the matching pool combined.

In just 2 days, all 450 of the Grant Collectibles Packs available for sale on AtomicHub were purchased! If you missed the pack sale, you can still find some for sale on the secondary market.

Many in the EOS community have enjoyed collecting some of their favorite Grant Collectibles (hi Dario!😅) and some have even completed the full set of 10. Please note there are no bonuses currently planned for completing the full set outside of personal satisfaction.

For those trying to complete their set, you can visit your collection book for an easy way to identify which collectibles you are missing.

As of next week, Grant Collectibles will be able to be combined with Kimberlites to create a Diamond Potion. You’ll need 4x Kimberlites and 1x Grant Collectible for each Diamond Potion you want to create. For now, there are still Kimberlites available through the AtomicHub drop.

What can you do with Diamond Potions? Follow PomeloGrants on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest news for the Pomelo NFT promotional series.

As always, all primary sale revenue from these NFTs are donated back to the Pomelo matching pool for Season 2 making collecting this series of NFTs win-win for everyone!

EOS Fireside Chats Now Streamed & Recorded

Starting last week, the weekly EOS Community Fireside chats will now be restreamed live from Discord and onto a variety of other social media networks including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and possibly others.

We think the fireside chats have been very enjoyable and we want to showcase this event to as many people as possible. This also means you can now watch a replay of the event in case you are not available to join us live at 20:00 UTC on Wednesday. All fireside chats will be uploaded to the EOS Nation YouTube channel.

Join us on the EOS Community Discord server and jump into the fireside chat with us this week! Last week we broke our all-time-high in terms of attendance with over 60 people joining the Discord event and that’s not even counting the additional viewers on Twitter and YouTube.

Mandel Upgrade Calls Now Publicly Available

The EOS community is currently working towards upgrading the EOSIO codebase, which is called the Mandel upgrade. While this upgrade is technically a hard-fork, it does not mean that the network is splitting in two or that a new token will be created, as is the case when other networks, for example Bitcoin, goes through a hard-fork.

On EOS, a hard-fork means that node operators need to upgrade to the new Mandel codebase in order to remain on the network. For this reason, Daniel Keyes of EOS Nation is leading a series of EOS Mandel Upgrade calls to coordinate with the EOS community and make sure that all relevant stakeholders are informed about the steps they need to take regarding this upgrade. These calls are now publicly available on the EOS Nation YouTube channel.

This process is not new to EOS Nation as they were the ones who coordinated the hard-fork for the EOSIO 1.8 upgrade which happened in September of 2019.

Tipit NFT Distribution has released a new feature that allows users to add a tag such as “.tiplove” to various tweets, allowing organizers of various marketing campaigns to easily airdrop NFTs to users who engage with the tag. This feature was requested by the EOS Bees who plan on using it to reward active worker bees on Twitter and was tested in public last week for Valentines Day.

EOS PowerUp NFTs Activated

EOSPowerUp NFTs have been activated! You can now stake your Bronze PowerUp NFT in order to receive a double allocation of CPU & NET when you request a free power up from

Don’t have any Bronze EOSPowerUp NFTs? Simply make a donation to qualify for the weekly leaderboard and at the end of the week you’ll get some Bronze NFTs airdropped into your account!

Brock Mentions EOS on FOX Business

This year’s SuperBowl commercials were filled with ads about exchanges which led to many news outlets discussing crypto, such as FOX Business who invited Brock Pierce to talk crypto. Near the end of the video, Brock Pierce mentions EOS giving it some mainstream exposure. Nice!

EOSIO+ Meeting Recording (February 17)

There are many deployed networks that use EOSIO. The core software that these networks are based on must serve the purposes of the networks that run it. Each of these networks has its own use and business cases. There should be some egalitarian system that allows parties that depend on EOSIO to help fund, organize, and prioritize the future of that software.

The purpose of the ENF EOSIO+ Working Group is to define and create a functional and efficient entity that will oversee and evangelize the codebase.


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EOS Network Foundation

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