Over the past several months, the ENF’s Developer Relations team has been working tirelessly to roll out a new set of developer resources for those who wish to get involved in building on EOS. At long last, the parameters are set, the functions are called, and the new Learn Hub is live! 

Not only that, but a fresh new EOS documentation portal is also online and ready.

Introducing the DevRel Team

Since Nathan James made his much heralded return to EOS this past June, as Director of Developer Relations with the ENF, he has been hard at work assembling a team to bring about something of a developer renaissance on EOS and his efforts are beginning to bear fruit.

With an amazing crew of developer advocates: Jonaed, Virginia, Luis, and Ovi, they have been aggregating, archiving and authoring the next generation of materials to act as a gateway for those entering the EOS ecosystem to get learning and building.

Introductory videos from the Developer Relations team are coming in January, so stay tuned!

Jonaed made his debut in this Everything EOS Podcast where he shared some of his thoughts on Marketing & Community Growth in the Web3 Era with his counterparts at ENF communications.

New Learn Hub

The Learn Hub is now live with an array of introductory materials and videos and will continue to expand its offerings for those who are early on their journey into the fundamentals of EOS and Web3. Be sure to explore the various video offerings intended to intrigue and inform both seasoned veterans and those just starting out in blockchain.

Right now there are some legacy videos which will slowly be replaced with new and up-to-date content. The intention of the Learn Hub is not only to serve a place for the materials that the ENF is creating internally, but perhaps more importantly; a place for content creators in the general EOS ecosystem to have a singular place to display their creations. 

New EOS Documentation

EOS Developer Documentation has undergone a massive overhaul thanks to the hard working team at Developer Relations. 

This portal will play an important role in welcoming developers to come build on EOS and arming them with the knowledge they need to dive into smart contracts, get familiar with an array of community developer tools, and engage with a number of tutorials from bootstrapping a new Antelope blockchain to building a simple tic-tac-toe game.

The EOS community will finally have its own home-grown, easy to reference documentation portal, something that the ecosystem has never seen before. As the developer relations team continues to revamp the old Antelope documentation and create an ever more robust documentation portal it will act as a force multiplier for future waves of developers building on EOS.

The next steps for documentation will be to focus on aligning the docs more closely with EOS and removing any dynamic content lingering from the EOSIO days as we go all-in on the community led Antelope framework.

DeCafe Twitter Spaces

The DevRel team has taken to Twitter with a regular cadence of Decentralized Cafe (DeCafe) Spaces hosted by Jonaed and Nathan to reach the wider Web3 space with a variety of engaging themes.

Tune in to the next DeCafe and bring your own unique perspectives to the conversation, or sit back and enjoy listening to the fresh mingling of people and ideas as we explore the possibilities of developing Web3 together!

Join DeCafe

Where: EOS Network Foundation Twitter
When: Tuesdays at 4pm EST (2100 UTC) & Thursdays at 7:30am EST (1230 UTC)

Upcoming DeCafe Spaces

12/6 Working in Between

12/8 DevRel and Advocating for Blockchain

12/13 Moving up in Blockchain

12/15 Moving up in Blockchain morning session

12/20 The Year in Blockchain

12/22 The Year in Blockchain morning session

12/27 What’s next for 2023

Expect more exciting content and conversations in 2023 as the ENF Developer Relations team continues building momentum in the new year!

2023 and Beyond

EOS is heading into 2023 with a visionary developer relations team that in six short months has created the foundations for a solid program to attract and engage engineers of all skill levels while welcoming them to the EOS ecosystem.

In the coming year, we will see an expansion of EOS documentation, and the Learn Hub will move from beta into an extensive suite of offerings that developers and builders enjoy using and learning from.

In addition, the DevRel team is focused on ushering in a whole new community of developer advocates, making more tools available to developers, creating more opportunities for them to take advantage of, and worthwhile challenges for them to conquer.

Let’s Get Building!

  • Be sure to explore the Learn Hub and EOS documentation.
  • Stay tuned for additional features and materials as offerings expand.
  • Get involved, discover new opportunities to Learn & Earn on EOS.
  • Roll up your sleeves and start building on EOS.

Check out the Learn Hub now, and be sure to sign up with your email address to hear about the latest offerings as they continue to roll out!

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