Conference Kyoto, Japan

IVS Crypto 2023

Japan’s largest global crypto conference will bring together industry-leading startups, prominent crypto investors, government regulators, and more.

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Tokyo, Japan
Starting in 00 days

IVS Crypto 2023 is Japan’s largest crypto conference and the ultimate event for Web3 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, IP holders, and curious enthusiasts alike with interactive sessions, workshops, and a wide range of sub-events.
When registering, please use the promo code EOS for an exclusive 50% discount. We hope to meet you in Kyoto!
Speaking Session: L1 ecosystem support from Web2 to Web3 and strategies to multichain
• Yves La Rose, CEO and Founder, EOS Network Foundation
• Mo Shaikh, CEO and Co-Founder, Aptos Labs
• Sota Watanbe, Founder, Astar Network
• Moderator: Akio Tanaka, Partner and Co-Founder, Infinity Venture Partners

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