About the EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation is a force for positive global change, charting a coordinated future for the EOS Network through decentralization and community.

The Future of Consensus is Here

Our Vision

We are building a decentralized future that doesn't sacrifice community, coordination, cooperation, and consensus, facilitating unprecedented innovation by uniting and empowering developers around the world.

Our Mission

We lead from a birds-eye-view of the EOS Network, identifying the most fruitful opportunities for investment, seed funding, and collaboration, to create positive feedback loops that fuel further innovation.

Our Story

Foundation was forged through a vision for a prosperous future of the EOS Network. Beyond its role in facilitating and elevating the prosperity of the EOS Network, the formation of the EOS Network Foundation marks a fresh start for the EOS Network.

The stewardship of the ENF is decided by the EOS Network’s on-going consensus competition, and once stewardship has been settled, the ENF drives the Network towards a bigger, better, and brighter future, through the attraction of new talent and groundbreaking projects.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Yves La Rose

Founder and CEO

Zack Gall

Co-Founder and Chief Communications Officer

Ted Cahall

Chief Operating Officer

Bart Wyatt

Chief Technology Officer

Want to join the EOS Network Foundation?

Our team is always growing, as we look for fresh and driven talent, and even connect developers with new opportunities.