Antelope IBC

Interoperability through secure Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)

Horizontal scaling utilizing the strength of multiple blockchains

New opportunities for monetization

Seamless transfer of assets and data enables new use cases and business models. Create specialized sidechains that can focus on specific tasks within social media, GameFi and DeFi.

Growth through operational agility

Increased efficiency and faster transactions are achieved by reducing the load on a single blockchain.

Reduced risk through increased security

Increased overall security and resilience when bridging between networks since consensus on the state of assets is reached at a protocol level.

Power new use cases

Facilitate a multitude of use-cases such as trustless sidechains, wrapped tokens, distributed governance, interchain resource models, single-application chains and specialized CPU mining chains.

Here’s how Inter-Blockchain Communication works

Entirely separate blockchains can now talk to one another and move assets seamlessly between each other. Our IBC communication protocol allows any action taking place on EOS (chain A) to be cryptographically provable to another chain (chain B) - or vice versa.

A user can lock up a token on Chain A, then prove on Chain B that the token is locked, in order to mint a new token representing that asset on Chain B. When a user wants to move their tokens back to Chain A, they can reverse the process. This involves burning the token on Chain B and proving that it’s burned on Chain A, so that the original token can be unlocked there.

Innovation across blockchains

True Interoperability

Greater interoperability and integration between different blockchain networks, allowing for the creation of a more interconnected and efficient ecosystem.

Secure Communications

Trustless and permissionless Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol.

Easy Blockchain Innovation

SDKs, tooling and resources can be deployed across chains for the creation of innovative use cases.

High Energy Efficiency

Faster and more secure inter-blockchain communication based on a delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism.

Community-led Governance

EOS is a community-led protocol with contributors and stakeholders around the world.

End-User experience

Improved user experience through seamless communication and asset transfers across all IBC chains.

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