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🔗API+ Blue Paper (English)

The API+ working group has proposed several projects to fill critical gaps in the EOS ecosystem’s basic public infrastructure which will accelerate developer adoption.

APIs are basic blockchain infrastructure that should be offered as public good

Users need to be able to read and write data to/from the blockchain. This is done using APIs that can be self-hosted or, more often, operated by teams offering it as a service and reducing complexity for developers.

APIs have varying degrees of complexity. The ones used to create information on the blockchain can be relatively simple to run. However, a large volume of incoming requests or managing a lot of historical blockchain data make operations challenging.

Well-functioning APIs are critical in attracting developers

There are several impediments to having the best possible developer experience. They include:

  • Lack of standards within EOSIO
  • Specialized community-build solutions are not supported
  • Operators providing services do so at a financial loss
  • Lack of participation in the development and adoption of blockchain standards

Proposed Projects

The projects proposed in this paper aim to improve the developer experience. The overall priorities and level of focus on each project needs input from the community:

Create a team in charge of ongoing research and standards for APIs. This includes:

  • Basic design
  • Native streaming
  • Transaction lifecycle and history
  • Extensibility and optimization

Standardize and alleviate the operational burden on History APIs by including new transaction lifecycle features in nodeos:

  • Transaction resource cost estimation
  • Subjective billing improvements
  • Transaction retry
  • Transaction finality status

Support the development and operations of API solutions through several different projects:

Continue development and expand the operations of APIs as public goods:

  • dfuse
  • Firehose
  • Light API
  • Hyperion
  • Roborovski

Explore a shift in how APIs are funded. Consider the overall design and what level of centralization is appropriate.

Incentivize the provision of blockchain data so that those who want to run their own infrastructure can get started easily.

Research and develop support for existing and emerging blockchain standards

  • Rosetta
  • The Graph

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