Every quarter the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) provides the EOS community with an overview of its activities, grants, and financial expenditures in a detailed report.

The ENF provides support, funding and the coordination of resources necessary to make EOS a thriving ecosystem. We’re harnessing the power of decentralization to chart a coordinated future for the EOS Network as a force for positive global change.

Through direct investments, a grant framework, sponsored working groups, and Pomelo, the ENF takes a strategic multi-pronged approach towards funding and enabling the EOS community to create positive sum games to mature EOS into a best-in-class Web3 smart contract platform and blockchain ecosystem.

A Message From the CEO

In 2022, the EOS Network Foundation gathered together some of the greatest hearts and minds in the ecosystem, and together we charted a new course for the future. We hit waypoint after waypoint with determination and consistency. Stepping into 2023, our community carried with it a renewed purpose, and a new identity: A community that has defied all odds by demonstrating its ability to adapt, evolve, and establish a dynamic, community-led foundation through which to reawaken the true potential of our network. The foothold we have gained in the broader ecosystem — during a bear market no less — has been hard won. Life rarely grants second chances. EOS has a second chance, and we’re taking it.

By now the Web3 space is aware, external capital is returning to EOS. After more than five months of negotiations, I am pleased to reveal that the ENF has formed a strategic partnership with DWF Labs. We worked extremely hard to secure this partnership for the EOS Network. A key milestone has been reached—fresh capital, unlocked—and the first of many doors is now open.

Since the launch of the EOS EVM on April 14th, a great influx of projects have been arriving at our doorstep looking to take advantage of the extremely low fees, industry leading swaps per second, and access to the familiar Solidity development environment. The EOS EVM is a gateway that is opening the EOS ecosystem and its underlying power up to a tremendous number of talented developers, projects, games, as well as myriad other forms of social and financial capital. We are now more well positioned than ever for the next wave of growth and development within the EOS ecosystem.

We are listening to the community, and the message has been received loud and clear: there is enormous pent up demand for the EOS EVM. Consequently, our primary focus going forward is to bring about a significant increase in the resources needed to fully build out and support a thriving EVM ecosystem, including business development, investment, and documentation. We are determined and committed to making EOS EVM the best of the best.

With the performance and reliability of the underlying tech that makes EOS such a world class layer one blockchain, we intend to make the EOS EVM a first class citizen of our ecosystem. In addition, as part of our commitment to open source development, we have released the EOS EVM codebase as a free and open source public good that we hope to see deployed and its capacities extended in the true spirit of Web3.

As I travel to events around the world, the message is clear, the momentum is building, the mood is changing. Last year the mention of EOS was met with skepticism, avoidance, and refusal, today there is a palpable recognition that EOS is stepping into a new era. The story of our tenacity, humility, work ethic, and our willingness to meet the world where it’s at, is lighting up rooms. Without the inspired work of our engineering, operations, marketing, and communication teams working hand in hand with industry partners who have now come to recognize both the fundamental value of EOS and our resolve to continue advancing, the perception of EOS would not be so rosy. For the first time, guided by the will of our passionate and talented community, instead of corporate greed, EOS is building bridges towards a multichain future and finding synergies with partners across the globe.

And of course, built by the community, for the community, the bedrock of the EOS ecosystem is the ultra-reliable EOS blockchain itself. Work on the underlying protocol, Antelope Leap, continues unabated, while the Spring release of Leap v4.0 brings multi-threading, reduced latency, and faster block propagation. On top of this, InterBlockchain Communication has now been activated between participating Antelope Coalition blockchains, creating the capacity for near-infinite horizontal scalability. With the introduction of Instant Finality in the coming months, we are returning to our roots as true pioneers in the space, continuing to extend the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in speed and responsiveness on a layer one blockchain. Our push to become the home of interactive innovation with GameFi, NFTs, metaverse, and beyond, will be significantly empowered by these core innovations.

For the first time in many years, the EOS ecosystem is well positioned. This coming year will be decisive. We will keep building and exploring new opportunities with partners across the globe as we continue to let the world know: EOS is open for business.


– Yves La Rose