March was a huge month for EOS as members of the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), alongside builders, partners, and token holders from the wider ecosystem traveled to several significant conferences across three continents to share the word that EOS is open for business! 

From the beating heart of Paris, France, the innovation hub of Shenzhen, China, the US Capitol of Washington D.C., mile-high Denver Colorado, to the city by the bay, San Francisco; members of the EOS community including many from the ENF had the opportunity to connect with thousands of conference attendees from around the world. Here are some of the highlights.

ETH Denver

The 6th annual ETHDenver BUIDLathon and conference attracted more than 20,000 attendees from around the world for a celebration of Ethereum with hackathons, fireside chats, presentations, panel discussions, coding workshops, side events, an NFT art gallery, and more.  

On the scene, ENF Communications Manager, Lliam Buckey, was able to connect with industry professionals & blockchain enthusiasts from across the Web3 space including projects from the Gitcoin and Green Pill communities! Lliam shared news of the upcoming launch of EOS EVM and the public goods funding taking place on EOS through the the Gitcoin inspired, open-source crowdfunding platform, Pomelo.

By connecting EOS with luminaries across the Ethereum community and learning about innovative projects building in the ETH ecosystem, EOS is able to further strengthen the bonds of common cause between once rival blockchains while stepping into a new era of collaboration! 

“One of the biggest takeaways from ETHDenver is the importance of community in building a healthy Web3 ecosystem. As a community run event, it was amazing to see such a passionate ecosystem of builders, projects, users and other contributors. 

With EOS EVM launching soon. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with other Solidity based projects and introduce them to EOS for the first time or reframe their understanding of our network.

As our own ecosystem grows, a primary goal will be to foster a similar community culture, as well as encourage cross collaboration between our ecosystem and others”

 — Liam Buckey, Communications Manager, ENF

Check out this recap to get up to speed on the people that we met and our biggest takeaways from this fun industry event!

John Heeter of Boid was also in attendance at ETH Denver, and had this to say about the forthcoming EOS EVM.

“EOS EVM will be the gateway that opens a whole new generation of builders up to the speed and reliability of the EOS network.”

—John Heeter, Founder, Boid

The 2nd China Web3 Forum

The 2nd China Web3 Forum was held in Shenzhen, China, bringing together senior executives and practitioners from leading companies such as MetaverseFamily, and Alibaba Cloud to discuss the future of Web3.

Beatrice Wang, Communications Manager for ENF China, attended the event to talk about the developments within EOS and Antelope while discussing the latest trends in Hong Kong regulatory policy. Beatrice spoke at the event regarding EOS and the future potential for Web3 in China.

Game Developers Conference

This iconic gaming industry event delivered a wealth of content and connections, gathering together game developers, publishers, designers, and industry professionals from around the world. With over 28,000 attendees, 200 exhibitors, and 1,000 speakers, there was a lot to take in! 

Eight members of the ENF traveled to San Francisco, CA to network and build relationships within the gaming industry, including ENF Founder and CCO Zack Gall, CTO Bart Wyatt, and Director of Engineering, Areg Hayrapetian. While there, the team met with industry peers from Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, as well as key stakeholders, community members, and industry partners such as Upland, Telos, and members of the Blockchain Game Alliance!

At the GDC expo, the ENF shared a booth with Metaverse Super App Upland in the exhibit hall alongside prominent gaming industry leaders such as Unity and Epic Games as well as dozens of AAA and indie game studios.  Leading up to the event, it was also announced that Upland and EOS Network Foundation had united for a groundbreaking metaverse hackathon!

In addition, OnePiece Labs, Upland, CELO, and EOS came together to host a lively GDC AFTERPARTY in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The EOS Network has been positioning itself as a home for interactive innovation and the ENF team was able to relay the significant opportunities available on EOS as they mingled with a massive crowd game studios flirting with the untapped potential of Web3.

“There were a couple undeniable trends that I observed while attending the GDC: Interest in Web3 is strong in the whole gaming industry, and yet the current Web3 games aren’t all that attractive to Web2 gamers. To me this represents a significant opportunity for innovation and exploration.”

— Bart Wyatt, CTO, ENF

Paris Blockchain Week

One of the most influential global events in the blockchain industry to ideate and drive progress in Web3, Paris Blockchain Week brought together business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, developers in conversation at the Carrousel du Louvre. ENF Founder and CEO Yves La Rose, and CMO Patty Fisher, were both present at the event.

Yves La Rose sat down with gaming industry leaders as part of a panel entitled: NFT Gaming and the Metaverse: What’s Your Next Move and discussed the current state of blockchain gaming as well as the future impact that Web3 will play in the industry as we move towards building a cooperative and interoperable gaming metaverse. 

Yves provided a masterful three minute update on the current state of EOS and spoke to many of the advantages that EOS provides in terms of scaling, interoperability, and exceedingly low fees. 

In this recap, Yves La Rose speaks to the trends and patterns he observes in the industry and the insights he gathered while attending attended Paris Blockchain Week:

Yves and Dirk Lueth, Co-founder of Upland, also found time to connect on the sidelines of the conference.

DC Blockchain Summit

Global blockchain advocates and thought leaders throughout government, financial services and technology joined together to help foster education and open dialogue during the DC Blockchain Summit. ENF Digital Marketing Director Valerie Sindal was in attendance and had the opportunity to speak with a number of representatives from major blockchain industry leaders.

“The energy in the room was very high-vibration. Policy makers, regulators, private sector leaders and builders coming together to give the US a fighting chance in being at the top again from a technology, security, and economic perspective.”

— Valerie Sindal, Digital Marketing Director, ENF

The International Women of Blockchain

The 3rd annual International Women of Blockchain (IWB) conference brought the spotlight to global women blockchain enthusiasts and metaverse leaders while raising awareness around empowering women in the blockchain ecosystem during Women’s History Month. ENF Digital Marketing Director Valerie Sindal and ENF Manager of Technical Writing, Virginia Glass participated in the event and connected with builders, creators, and educators, attended thought-provoking presentations, interactive workshops, and explored networking opportunities designed to lead the charge towards building an equitable Web3 future.

“The conference was educational. I really appreciate all the people I met. I now feel that I have a community of talented people who enjoy and believe in blockchain and Web3.”

—Virginia Glass, Manager of Technical Writing, ENF

Upcoming Events

The ENF will have a presence at two major events in April, and the greater EOS community is encouraged to attend!

Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 — April 12-15

ENF Founder and CEO Yves La Rose will be attending the conference as well as several side events and would love to meet up with any of the EOS BPs in person if they are in the area.

Consensus 2023 — April 26-28

Several members of the ENF as well as representatives from various Antelope Coalition blockchains will be in attendance for Consensus 2023, in Austin, TX. Join us!

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