The EOS ecosystem continued to push the boundaries of Web3 innovation over the past few weeks. This report will get you caught up on the latest news, including milestones like the 2 Million EOS recovery on EOS EVM and the ongoing work on a BTC L2 scaling solution. In case you missed it, be sure to check out the recently aired Everything EOS Livestream, but if you’re short on time, this report will cover the most important pieces of news from EOS.

2M EOS Recovered on EOS EVM

One of the biggest milestones for the EOS community over the course of the past month was the recovery of 2 Million EOS from a Paycash exploit. The recovery was made possible by the Recover+ platform, a cutting-edge cybersecurity portal and rapid incident response program that’s unique to the EOS ecosystem.

Building on a successful legacy, R+ has broken new ground by successfully intervening in this incident, which involved the EOS EVM, showcasing expanded capabilities beyond EOS Native, unprecedented in the industry. This remarkable recovery operation not only secured nearly 2 million EOS for its rightful owners but it also establishes R+ as the first program of its kind to extend its protective measures to EOS EVM projects.

Work on BTC L2 Progresses

Work continued steadily behind the scenes with the BTC L2 working group, tasked with building an EVM compatible scaling solution for Bitcoin on top of the EOS Network. With the integration of a trustless bridge and Layer 0 approach to scaling, the solution promises to be an innovative addition to the EOS ecosystem.

Near the end of February, ENF CEO, Yves La Rose, shared that work on the whitepaper was nearing completion, while also hinting that the RAMS project may play a role in the platform. Be sure to follow him and the EOS Network Foundation on X to stay in the loop on this exciting project.

Antelope Leap 6 Timeline Announced

Also in February, the EOS engineering team announced the upcoming launch of Leap 6, planned for July of 2024. Leap 6 is set to launch the groundbreaking Savanna consensus algorithm, enabling faster finality and creating irreversible consensus transactions over 100 times faster compared to previous releases. This will not only accelerate transaction finality but also enhance security, user experience, and decentralization across the EOS ecosystem.

With this announcement, also came the timeline for release and the hard fork upgrade. The recommended upgrade period for all EOS Nodes is from July 11th – 30th, to ensure seamless transition and network synchronization. The hard fork itself is planned for July 31st, making this the critical date for all upgrades to be completed.

EOS Technical Updates

In addition to work on the BTC L2 and Leap 6, the EOS engineering team also continued progress in a number of other areas. Most notable was the unveiling of the EOS roadmap for 2024, which included items like the launch of EOS EVM v1 and RAM Transferability.

Additionally, in early February, the team from EOSSphere released an article detailing the findings of performance tests performed on Leap 5. What they found was that Leap 5 has lower CPU utilisation, a more efficient memory footprint and easily manageable lower disk IO.

Perhaps one of the most notable technical updates from the previous month was the official completion of WharfKit by Greymass. Funded by the Antelope Coalition, this robust suite of SDKs makes it easy for builders to develop accessible Web3 applications on EOS and other Antelope networks.

The EOS Ecosystem is Growing Rapidly!

It’s been another epic month for the entire EOS community. The 2 Million EOS recovery on EOS EVM, updates to BTC L2 and upcoming Leap 6 hardfork are all reasons to look forward to what the coming months have in store for the EOS community. Want to diver deeper into the recent milestones that EOS saw over the past few months? The recently released 2023 Q4 report is full of noteworthy news.

If you’re a builder, be sure to take part in the current Developer Challenges for a chance to win up to 1000 EOS. Also, don’t forget to join the EOS Global Telegram group to connect with the EOS community. Every Thursday at 7pm UTC, the community meets in a Telegram voice chat for the weekly EOS Lounge and discusses the latest news from the ecosystem. Lastly, don’t forget to follow the EOS Network Foundation on X to stay in the loop on future news.

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