The EOS Network Foundation (ENF), steward of the EOS ecosystem and champion of the community-run Antelope framework, is pleased to announce that Bart Wyatt has joined the organization as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

As the ENF enters a strategic growth phase it is at a pivotal moment to help enable developers, businesses, and organizations to build, run, and scale their applications.  

In his new role, Bart will oversee the ENF engineering team and collaborate with global ecosystem partners to deliver transformative blockchain solutions. He will work on the future direction of the EOS technology infrastructure and further its leading position in Web3.

As an original contributor to the Antelope codebase, an ENF grant evaluator, and game developer, Bart is deeply familiar with the technology and the wider ecosystem.

“We made a layer one blockchain that is rock-solid, but we’ve yet to realize its true potential. We were ahead of the game in so many ways, and normally, you don’t get second chances like this. That we could be the first layer-one blockchain to survive the loss of its main patron, or founders, and for the community itself to be strong enough, and organized enough to take the reins and run with it, well it’s hard to say no to being a part of that.”

—Bart Wyatt, CTO, EOS Network Foundation

In his capacity as CTO, he will be key to leveraging the existing strengths of EOS while unlocking its potential as an enterprise grade public blockchain with the performance and tooling necessary to realize the promise of Web3.

“Having Bart join the executive team of the ENF is a major win for the EOS network. His depth of knowledge in the blockchain industry, and specifically his hands-on experience with the Antelope codebase, means he’s ready to step right into the role from day one. If that was all, we’d be fortunate, but his additional background in game development and NFTs, combined with a unique gift for articulating complex technical information in a way that everyday people can understand is where things get really interesting.” 

Yves La Rose, CEO, EOS Network Foundation

Bart joins the ENF from the virtual goods and metaverse mavens at NFT42 where he served as CTO. While there, he helped bootstrap a team that would push the boundaries of NFTs, on-chain content, and successfully helped launch some of the biggest NFT projects during the “NFT Summer” of 21’.

Additionally, Bart served as an entrepreneur, as a Co-Founder, and CTO at Tobori, a digital identity and attestation company. Prior to this he spent 15 years leading diverse teams of gaming industry technologists at Volition and Pavlov Media.

As a member of the ENF executive team, Bart will coordinate with engineering, developer relations, marketing, and communications to facilitate a Web3 native development strategy that leverages public goods and community participation.

Bart anticipates the need for new applications and tooling, the “next few abstractions”, as he says, enabling new waves of developers to join the ecosystem.

“The ENF is not a traditional software product organization, this is an advocacy group. Some of the ways that we provide value to the network is through software, but distinct from every other blockchain project out there, this is truly community built and owned. We are helping to facilitate funding, engineering, and software getting into the right hands. This should be something in the very fabric of blockchain. What can we offer as far as thought leadership and also software innovation that would be the glue between community actors building other things; the shared infrastructure, the roads and bridges that make the community. We want to use the endowment that we have to build all the stuff that’s connecting, that facilitates those things in a secure and reliable way”

—Bart Wyatt, CTO, EOS Network Foundation.

Bart is a true believer in the spirit of Web3 and the critical role the community plays as “fellow explorers on the blockchain frontier,” and that makes him right at home at the ENF, which is moving intently to bring together all the innovations that the EOS community builds.

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