This April, members of the EOS Network Foundation’s Marketing, Communications, and Engineering teams headed to Austin, TX, to meet and mingle with the builders and visionaries of Web3 in one of the most hotly anticipated events of the year, Consensus.

Consensus is the world’s largest, longest-running and most influential gathering that brings together all sides of the cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 community.”

Over the course of three days the ENF team met with EOS community members, partners, exchanges, media outlets, venture capital funds, and thousands of attendees from around the world. ENF team members had the opportunity to explore the latest insights on topics ranging from the ever evolving policy landscape, to innovative opportunities in ReFi, the endless possibilities of GameFi and much more, while also sharing the message that the EOS Network is open for business!

Kick-off to Consensus

On the eve of Consensus, the ENF team set an energetic tone for the days ahead by hosting Kick-off to Consensus alongside representatives from the Blockchain Game Alliance, Upland, and Telos. Hosting nearly 100 attendees during a casual networking event with food, drinks, and a short panel discussion on “The Future of Gaming”. Saro McKenna, CEO & Co-Founder of Dacoco, the team behind Alien Worlds, and Co-Founder of OMA3, moderated the discussion, while panelists included:

Zack Gall, Co-Founder and Acting Chief Communications Officer, EOS Network Foundation
Danny Brown Wolf, Chief of Staff, Upland
Collin O’Brien, Head of GameFi, Telos Foundation
Anton Umnov, CEO, Helika Analytics

You can watch the full “Future of Gaming” Panel here:

“It is more critical than ever to represent the EOS community. Consensus is the world’s largest gathering of influencers, thinkers, and technologist that are building for the Web3 future. It was a pleasure meeting OGs from the EOS ecosystem as well as new potential projects to onboard to EOS”

—Patty Fisher, ENF CMO

Media Connections

During Consensus, ENF’s Acting CCO, Zack Gall, was able to connect with a number of partners in the media including Crypto Potato and the Coindesk team, helping to bring EOS into the headlines.

And while the team was at Consensus, Cointelegraph released this story.

Industry Partners

One of the best things about being able to attend live events is connecting with numerous industry partners in person. Great conversations with John Heeter of Boid, members of the .gems team, fellow Antelope Coalition members from Telos, the Blockchain Game Alliance, Market Across, and Funday all took place on the sidelines of Consensus and helped to strengthen the connections that are bringing the #NewEOS into recognition across the wider blockchain space.

Check out this video that highlights the whole event and see who you can spot.

ENF CCO Zack Gall, and Danny Brown of Upland, made an appearance on the ESR 24/7 Esports Network with Tyler aka “Samurai” for a new episode of “Inside #Web3Gaming

And while meeting with members of the BBS Network team, longtime builders on the EOS Network, we were able to capture this interview with industry pioneer Eyal Hertzog.

Team Building

Along with making industry connections, Consensus provided the ENF team a great opportunity to spend time connecting with one another and working together in person.

For a remote-first team with members hailing from all parts of the world, an occasion where the team can meet face to face, some for the first time, helps us to further align team members with the ENF’s mission and vision while building rapport and making memories.

Be sure to check out more event details and the ENF Consensus Photo Gallery in the link below:

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