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New Bywire Show: Jeff vs The Metaverse

Bywire News released a funny teaser video for a new animated satirical series called Jeff vs The Metaverse!

This series will feature twenty two short episodes about EOS and the future of crypto played with a comedic style similar to Rick and Morty and South Park. These episodes will tell a fantastical story of four former billionaires traveling the metaverse to con the leading figures of crypto, including Yves La Rose, Zack Gall, Brock Pierce, and Daniel Larimer. You can watch both the first teaser and full concept teaser to enjoy these wacky crypto cartoons and get a glimpse of what’s next for the full series.

Bywire News is a leading independent news network creating a wide variety of helpful content and tools with EOS for the past several years. One of Bywire’s main services is publishing trustworthy news with their A.I. and EOS powered news platform, which you can explore at Bywire.News or their iOS or Android apps. This week the Bywire app was the fifth most downloaded news app in the UK, outperforming many of the most famous publications in the world. You can learn how Bywire News uses EOS and A.I. to eliminate fake news, increase trust, and provide more helpful news in a recent Coin Telegraph article or video from Bywire advisor Brittany Kaiser. You can also learn more about Bywire by watching an exciting new mini-documentary entitled, “True Story of the Bywire News’ Revolutionary EOS and A.I. Technology.”

In addition to publishing high quality journalism and creating funny cartoons, Bywire also provides many other helpful services with EOS. For example, Bywire recently resumed their interviews series with EOS community leaders, including an excellent two part conversation with Pomelo CEO Daniel Keyes. Bywire also recently started a weekly newsletter called EOS Briefings and frequently publishes exciting content from many leading EOS influencers, including the ENFEOS BeesNovaCrypto, & Eden on EOS.

Bywire Films recently released an awesome movie teaser entitled, “Reclaiming – The Authentic Story of How a Community Set Itself Free.” This proposed documentary aims to tell the incredible history of EOS so far and the amazing EOS comeback story that is unfolding with more innovations every day. You can listen to Bywire CEO Michael O’Sullivan and visionary filmmaker Mark Davis share a fun introduction to many exciting Bywire developments during this week’s Fireside Chat. You can support the work of Bywire on their Pomelo grants for Bywire content, Bywire AI platform, and the Reclaiming EOS feature film.

Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon

The Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon is launching on August 15th and will feature a first round prize pool of $150,000!

This is a four-week gaming focused hackathon that incentivizes developers to build GameFi projects on Trust EVM, the most performant EVM in the world. This hackathon provides an excellent opportunity for game developers to build fun games with the outstanding technology and community resources of the EOS EVM. You can learn all the details about the upcoming Hackathon on the registration page, including an overview of the benefits to joining, schedule, entry requirements, prizes, judging criteria, and information about Trust EVM. You can also learn more about the hackathon by listening to the most recent Trust EVM Twitter Space, featuring Yves La Rose, members of the Trust EVM team, game developers, and gaming influencers.

In addition to announcing the hackathon, the Trust EVM team recently published a new article entitled, “A Glimpse into the Token Mechanism of Trust EVM.” This article provides details about the role of EVM tokens, gas fee model, resource management, and mapping of EVM resources to EOSIO resources. The Trust EVM team is now working on the formal version testnet, which will be available for beta testing in the coming weeks. You can read much more about the technical aspects of Trust EVM in their documentation, blog, and recent post about How Will Trust Achieve The Fastest EVM.

To prepare for the Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon, you may want to read some excellent recent writings from Yves La Rose and previous Everything EOS Weekly Reports about GameFi. Our CEO Yves recently wrote a fascinating article on NASDAQ entitled ‘Decentralized Autonomous Gaming Guilds Are Essential To Build Up GameFi,’ an excellent thread with a concise overview of the GameFi industry, and another insightful article in the International Business Times, entitled “DAGGs, The DAO Evolution of GameFi.” You can also read many more details about the thrilling future of GameFi on EOS in our weekly reports from July 11th and July 18th. Lastly, you can learn more about Trust EVM on their website, our EOS EVM blog, or by joining their Discord.

The Pomelo Astronauts Have Arrived!

There’s less than a week remaining in Pomelo Season 3 and people are creating more public goods than ever on EOS!

Pomelo Season 3 has reached an all-time high of 162 approved grants and $30k has been raised so far, which will determine the distribution of over $366k in the matching pool to public goods creators for the benefit of the EOS community. This week the Pomelo team introduced The Pomelo Astronauts, the final stage of the Pomelo Season 3 NFT experience, and the beginning of a new adventure!

The Pomelo Astronauts are a collection of 1,000 space traveling NFT avatars that each have a unique combination of eccentric traits and can be used as your profile picture on Pomelo. Anyone can join the crew and show your support for public goods on EOS by adopting a Pomelo Astronaut. You can learn how to get your unique astronaut and all about the other cosmic Pomelo NFTs in the recently updated article, Your Guide to the Pomelo Season 3 NFT Adventure.

The Pomelo team also recently released The Magic of Quadratic Funding to show how Pomelo empowers the EOS community to fund public goods and make a big impact with small donations. This article includes simple explanations of quadratic funding, examples from Pomelo, a handy quadratic calculator, tips for participants, and how the Pomelo team protects the EOS community from Sybil attacks.

You can increase the impact of your donations to Pomelo grants by up to 50% by boosting your trust bonus. Trust bonuses are a way for Pomelo to defend against Sybil attacks by increasing the likelihood that donors are unique. You can gain a trust bonus by verifying your passport without sharing your identity (via EOS app Port) and linking multiple social accounts, including GitHub, Google, Apple, Discord, & Weibo. All donors are encouraged to complete as many trust bonus items as possible to provide extra support to the projects you love and help ensure that Pomelo funding will go to the most helpful public goods on EOS.

All grant owners are encouraged to promote their public goods by participating in the Pomelo Grants retweet campaign and the last Pomelo Pitch Rapid Fire Session on Twitter Spaces, which you can register for on this form. You can watch public goods creators speak about many exciting grants on recent episodes of Pomelo Pitch Deck hosted by GenerEOS and Pomelo Pitch Sessions hosted by the Pomelo team. You can learn more about Pomelo in their blog, a recent interview with Pomelo CEO Daniel Keyes, or by visiting the platform.

The Yield+ Launch Is Imminent!

The Yield+ launch is imminent and EOS DeFi is about to grow rapidly!

The Yield+ liquidity incentive program is designed to build economic activity on EOS through incentivizing DeFi dApps that increase TVL and generate yield. The initiative is inspired by the Yield+ Blue Paper, which was published in the spring following a multidisciplinary collaboration between EOS NationGreymassUX NetworkDefibox, Joe LouisPizza DeFi, and EOS Asia. This blue paper provided several recommendations for growing liquidity and wealth generation opportunities on the EOS blockchain. Now, the Yield+ team has completed smart contracts for implementing these recommendations and announced that the Yield+ Program will begin this month!

This week we released a new article to preview the forthcoming initiative, showcase the exciting features, and provide developers with all the details to join the Yield+ program. The article starts with an introduction to the the Yield+ incentive program then provides details about timelines, minimum requirements for applying DeFi protocols, reward stages, and Yield+ smart contracts. Registration for the Yield+ Incentive Program opens on August 14th and rewards for TVL will begin on August 28th. The Yield+ team will deploy and operate three smart contracts for Yield+ Rewards,  Yield+ Oracle, and Yield+ Admin functionality. The Yield+ smart contracts have completed their Sentnl code audit and you can learn more about each of these smart contracts in the Yield+ Github repo.

You can now visit the beautifully designed Yield+ portal at, where developers can soon apply to join the program and everyone will soon be able to see an overview of liquidity statistics and DeFi apps on EOS. In addition to the resources above, you can watch an Everything EOS interview with two of the Blue Paper authors and many great short clips that we’ve published to show spread the word, including videos about reward incentives, synergies with Trust EVM, synergies with Recover+, & healthy network supported liquidity.

The launch of the Yield+ Incentive program is a huge milestone that increases opportunities for dApp developers to be rewarded and EOS users to build wealth with EOS. More details will be shared in the coming weeks and you can ask questions to the builders of Yield+ in our Discord.

Mandel v3.1 Release Features

We published a new article about the release features in Mandel 3.1, a major network upgrade that will bring many helpful new functionalities and improvements to the EOS network!

The Mandel v3.1 release blockchain software distills months of research & development to make EOS more performant, useful, and enjoyable than ever. This article introduces new transaction lifecycle tools, including transaction retry, transaction finality status, transaction resource cost estimation, subjective billing improvements, and transaction failure tracing. The article also describes many additional Mandel upgrades that are not focused on the transaction lifecycle, removal of deprecated features, and much more!

A talented developer named Nat from the LiquidApps team also recently released two technical articles about features in Mandel v3.1, entitled Mandel 3.1, the Rebirth of EOSIO and Implementing Mandel’s new /v1/chain/send_transaction2 RPC Endpoint.“ You can see Nathan James promoting Nat’s great article in a recent tweet and you can support his working writing technical articles on Pomelo.

In last week’s Every EOS Report, we featured the release of Mandel 3.1 RC3, DUNE 1.0 RC1, and the Mandel 3.1 Upgrade Guide. If you are running an EOS node, please read this upgrade guide carefully and follow all instructions to ensure a smooth upgrade before September 21st to continue syncing with the network.

Our First Anniversary

Our CEO Yves La Rose wrote an inspiring thread about forming the ENF one year ago and summarizing our exciting progress so far. As Yves stated in the first post, starting the ENF was the best decision that he ever made!

The thread continues to concisely highlight major developments of the ENF over the past year, including deploying funding, massive code improvements, EOSIO Coalition, Trust EVM, our roadmap, and the comeback of The New EOS. In addition to the thread, you can learn much more about our progress so far in our quarterly reports, blog, and YouTube channel. You can also learn much more about Yves’ story in a recent interview with BSN and our June 13th Weekly Report.

Developers Looking for Work

Our Director of Developer Relations Nathan James shared a post about EOSIO developers who are looking for work. As we featured in Nathan’s introductory blog post and our June 6th Weekly Report, developers and companies building with EOS can all thrive with the support of the ENF. If you’re looking for developers to help build your EOS app or company, reach out to Nathan to get in touch with the developers.

Introduction from Our New CMO Patty Fisher

In last week’s Fireside Chat, The EOS community welcomed our new CMO Patty Fisher to the family as she explained her new role in the ecosystem, why she chose EOS, and how she will help restore the platform back to its place as a global leader in technology!

In addition to the clip above, you can also listen to the full conversation during the Fireside Chat to learn more about Patty. You can also read more about how Patty will elevate our brand and tell our story around the globe in her introductory blog post and last week’s Everything EOS Report.

Launch of

The community explorer was launched this week to provide easy access for many of the great posts, videos, and events in the EOS community!

dNews was formed by a passionated long-time community member named Perry, who shared an introduction to dNews during this week’s Fireside Chat. You can explore the site’s well designed calendar for many helpful EOSIO events throughout the week and Perry’s Pomelo grant to learn much more about dNews.Zone.

New EOSIO Coalition Meeting & Updates

The EOSIO Coalition met for thoughtful discussions about the future of EOSIO software. They discussed a potential community RFP bidding application, details about the new multi chain block explorer, secure socials, and much more!

In a recent Fireside Chat, our Lead Product Manager Stephen Diesel shared many more exciting details about the P2P Improvements RFP from the EOSIO Coalition that was featured in last week’s Everything EOS Report. As always, you can read all EOSIO Coalition Reports on our blog and watch all meetings on our EOSIO Coalition playlist.

EOS Community Events

As always, we host Fireside Chats in the EOS Community Discord every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC. Everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions directly to some of the best builders in EOS. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Below is a list of exciting upcoming EOS community events that you can join every week:

Eden ƒractal, Wednesdays at 13 UTC
Discord, Website, Twitter, Youtube

Helios Futurist Series, Wednesdays at 14 UTC
Twitter, Discord, Website

Eden Spark Meetings, Wednesdays at 17 UTC (Hispanic speakers)
Website, Twitter

EOS Fireside Chat, Wednesdays at 19 UTC
Discord, Twitter, Youtube, Short Clips, Website

EOS Support Giveaway Show, Thursdays at 16 UTC
Youtube, Twitter, Website

EOS Hot Sauce, Fridays at 16 UTC
Youtube & Twitter

Helios Blockchain & Breakfast, Fridays at 17 UTC
Twitter, Discord, Website

Eden Town Hall, Sundays at 16 UTC
Discord, Youtube

EOS Network

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user and developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation (ENF).

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates financial and non-financial support to encourage the growth and development of the EOS Network. The ENF is the hub of the EOS Network, harnessing the power of decentralization as a force for positive global change to chart a coordinated future for EOS.