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Pomelo Season 3 Is Here!

Pomelo Season 3 is now open for applications and there’s over $366k in the matching pool that will be distributed to public goods creators for the benefit of EOS!

This is an excellent opportunity for public goods builders to be rewarded for their work and we encourage community members to submit grant applications on To help you prepare and spread the word for this Pomelo Season, the Pomelo team released an excellent nine tweet mega thread with everything you need to know to participate with the magic of quadratic funding!

As one of our exciting funding initiatives, Pomelo empowers everyone in the EOS community to receive funding by creating a wide variety of public goods, including many kinds of apps, infrastructure, media content, and much more. In Season 1 and Season 2 of Pomelo, we’ve distributed over $1,388,888 to 216 public goods with the quadratic formula, which allows EOS token holders to dictate how funding is allocated.

The Pomelo team recently released a new article entitled What’s a public good? and an accompanying tweet to help everyone understand what qualifies for funding on Pomelo. In short, public goods are items or services that are freely available and benefit everyone equally. Once public goods grants are approved by the Pomelo team, it’s time for grant owners to promote their work to the EOS community. To help grant owners promote their grants and engage with the EOS community, the Pomelo team organized five different types of Pomelo Pitch sessions, including weekly Twitter Space Pitch SessionsPomelo Pitch Deck interviews, and Tencent Meetings on WeChat. You can already listen to the first Twitter Spaces Pomelo Season 3 Kick-off and all grant owners are encouraged to sign up to pitch your grant to the EOS community.

In addition to amplifying donations with the power of quadratic funding, you can also help support public goods on EOS by interacting with Pomelo’s cosmic NFTs. You can learn about Pomelo Season 3 NFTs in a recently released article that shows how to purchase astronomical NFTs, customize your profile picture, earn achievement awards, and launch rockets to new worlds after blending Rocket Potions. As always, all funds raised via primary sales from Pomelo NFTs are donated as matching funds to foster the development of public goods for the EOS ecosystem. Now, with the power of BountyBlok, you can also win free Pomelo NFTs and help spread the word about these amazing opportunities for public goods creators by participating in the Pomelo mega thread retweet contest.

Donations will open for this Pomelo season on July 27th and then the EOS community will have a few weeks to decide how to allocate the $366,186 matching pool among qualified grants. You can learn more about Pomelo Season 3 in their blog or by visiting the platform.

Funding Public Goods in The New EOS

Daniel Keyes joined Michela Silvrestri from Huobi Global for a fascinating interview about funding public goods in The New EOS ecosystem!

In this “World On The Chain” podcast, Daniel Keyes spoke about how the Pomelo crowdfunding platform is fostering the growth of public goods on EOS, empowering community members to build reputation, and funding meaningful work that benefits the entire community. In addition to the full interview, you can also watch this short teaser clip below.

This interview provides an excellent resource to share with friends who are interested in hearing an introductory overview of Pomelo, exciting new initiatives, a brief history of our community, and our role in supporting development of The New EOS.

Interested in potentially participating in Pomelo Season 3? Grant submissions are now open while donations will open on July 27th.

ENF Quarterly Report Summary 

Yves La Rose shared an insightful thread with a high-level summary of our Q2 Quarterly Report, which received widespread attention throughout the blockchain space!

In last week’s Everything EOS Report, we summarized an overview of our activities, grants, and financial expenditures in a 19 page Quarterly Report. This week, Yves La Rose created a trending thread with alpha from the report to help spread the word & ensure that EOS makes an epic comeback. Yves started by highlighting the rapid growth of our team, including the establishment of ENF USA & ENF Hong Kong, new director of developer relations, marketing expansion, and top technical talent. Yves continued with a flurry of helpful initiatives, including our sponsored working groups, innovations in EOS DeFi with Yield+ & Recover+, EOSIO Coalition developments, and an exponential increase in developments on Github.

Yves wrapped up the summary with exciting EOS EVM updates, funding updates, and our roadmap for the remainder of the year; then the EOS Bees swarmed the thread to help amplify the message for the wider blockchain community. The combination of the excellent thread and the EOS Bees Swarm created a huge amount of positive attention for EOS and helped countless people learn about The New EOS. Within hours of the thread being published, #EOS was trending on Twitter and major media outlet Lunar Crush created a thread to promote our Q2 Report & Roadmap. You can hear more about this media surge around the Q2 Report in the clip above and this week’s Fireside Chat.

In addition to the roadmap released in the Q2 Report, we also continually update a technical roadmap on our technology page. Complementing our Q2 Report, you can also read about our past progress since forming the ENF in our Q1 2022 Report and Q4 2021 Report.

Partnership with Zaisan

We reached a strategic partnership with Zaisan, a pioneering development company building frictionless Web3 experiences with EOSIO as the back-end technology. Zaisan’s global team of experienced EOSIO experts will greatly help represent EOS and increase business development initiatives at a wide range of blockchain industry events!

The Zaisan team is composed of talented builders from various European block producers, including EOS Amsterdam, EOS Dublin, Cryptolions, and EOS Barcelona. In addition to several other products, Zaisan are the developers of Europechain, a privacy-supporting and compliant EOSIO public regional blockchain in Europe. The Zaisan team were leading authors of the Core+ Blue Paper and you can hear several of the authors discuss their work in a recent GenPool Spotlight. You can also learn many more exciting details about our partnership with Zaisan during a twenty minute overview with Zack Gall during this week’s Fireside Chat.

Greymass June Report

The Greymass team published their June update with many exciting developments!

Since their last update in May, the Greymass team has been working hard to make blockchain technology more usable with both of their products and improve the scalability of their team. This blog post features various a wide range of details about Anchor updates, Ledger fixes, Unicove updates, support improvements, EOSIO Web Client SDK proposal, and growing the team.

As Yves wrote above, we are grateful for Greymass’ pioneering work and we’ve recently funded their team with a grant of $333,000 to support their specialized API work, in addition to the previous grant for their work on the Wallet+ Blue Paper. In contrast to the old ecosystem, The New EOS is now open for business to fund amazing development teams like Greymass.

You can also learn much more about Greymass’ recent progress from co-founder Aaron Cox in this short clip from this week’s Fireside Chat. Anyone can get started with Anchor Wallet today by downloading the app on any major platform and you can easily create & manage EOS accounts on the beautiful new website for Unicove. Greymass also recently built a detailed Support Portal to help users find any support that they may need. If you’re interested in working with Greymass or contributing to their open-source development, you can reach out to them at [email protected] to chat.

Happy Birthday to WAX

Happy Birthday to WAX!

Our CEO Yves La Rose shared a tweet to congratulate WAX on all of their success since launching in 2017 and hint at their exciting future as members of the EOSIO Coalition. With over 500k daily unique visitors, 23 million daily transactions, 13 million accounts, and 30k dApps, WAX is one of the most widely used and successful blockchains in the world. The efficacy of EOSIO technology and many talented builders in the WAX ecosystem have attracted fruitful partnerships with many iconic brands, such as MLB, Sony, Atari, Weezer, & Hasbro. Moreover, WAX is home to several of the most popular blockchain games in the world!

If you want to follow the progress of EOS & WAX technical leaders, read our EOSIO Coalition blog or listen to our YouTube playlist.

Helios Q2 Report

Helios released their Q2 Report to show their exciting new developments, observations, and plans for the future. This report features their new mission, learnings from the past months, an introductory overview to Helios, updates about the Helios Incubator, media outreach statistics, and plans to further grow EOSIO in the next quarter. In addition to these topics, the report also shows a wide range of engaging media content from Helios, including Weekly Twitter Spaces, Sunrise Interviews, Helios Spotlights, and Top Moments of the Week.

You can read more about Helios’ progress from this year in their Q1 Report and our May 22nd Weekly Report. You can learn about the fourth wave of the Helios Incubator in their most recent blog post, incubator pageblog and our July 11th Weekly Report. If you’re interested in participating in the Helios Incubator, you can submit your project for consideration in the next available Helios Incubator wave here. You can also learn about investing with Helios Ventures and join the Helios Discord to learn much more.

Weekly Mandel Update

Twenty-two EOS community leaders met for the twenty-fourth Mandel Upgrade Meeting to share the latest updates regarding the upcoming EOS Mandel Consensus Upgrade. As featured in our June 20th Weekly Report, EOS previously operated with the EOSIO software developed by Block One for the past several years, but now the EOS community is developing the Mandel core software independently. In this week’s meeting, the participants shared many helpful updates about Mandel RC3, testing on Jungle 4, FILLPG feedback and more.

Last week we shipped three separate release candidates for three different products: Mandel 3.1 RC2, CDT 3.0.0 RC1, and Contracts 3.1 RC1. You can learn more about each of these in this thread and this clip from a recent Fireside Chat. As always, you can browse a more detailed overview of the discussion with timestamps for each topic in the video description on Youtube. You can also read the summary notes for this meeting and find summaries & recordings for all Mandel Upgrade Meetings in the Mandel Github repository.

EOS Community Events

As always, we host Fireside Chats in the EOS Community Discord every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC. Everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions directly to some of the best builders in EOS. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Below is a list of exciting upcoming EOS community events that you can join every week:

Eden ƒractal, Wednesdays at 13 UTC
Discord, Website, Twitter, Youtube

Helios Futurist Series, Wednesdays at 14 UTC
Twitter, Discord, Website

Eden Spark Meetings, Wednesdays at 17 UTC (Hispanic speakers)
Website, Twitter

EOS Fireside Chat, Wednesdays at 19 UTC
Discord, Twitter, Youtube, Short Clips, Website

EOS Support Giveaway Show, Thursdays at 16 UTC
Youtube, Twitter, Website

EOS Hot Sauce, Fridays at 16 UTC
Youtube & Twitter

Helios Blockchain & Breakfast, Fridays at 17 UTC
Twitter, Discord, Website

Eden Town Hall, Sundays at 16 UTC
Discord, Twitter, Youtube

EOS Network

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user and developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation (ENF).

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates financial and non-financial support to encourage the growth and development of the EOS Network. The ENF is the hub of the EOS Network, harnessing the power of decentralization as a force for positive global change to chart a coordinated future for EOS.