The Everything EOS Weekly Report publishes all of the latest news and updates from around the world in the EOS ecosystem.

The Everything EOS Weekly Report sources stories and updates from the community members that are part of the English, Chinese, & Korean EOS communities. The Everything EOS Weekly Report is the best place to catch up on all the latest news in EOS from all around the world.

This week includes:

  • EOS Four Year Anniversary
  • Let’s Talk Yield+ on Everything EOS
  • Pomelo Season 2 Retrospective
  • Trust EVM Twitter Spaces & Sponsorship
  • Second EdenCN Trial Election
  • The ENF is Hiring
  • Mandel 3.1 RC1 Release and Upgrade Meeting
  • EOS Community Events

EOS Four Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday EOS! History was made on June 14th, 2018 when the EOS Network was launched and the first block was produced. Now, another historical milestone has been achieved with the deployment of Mandel 3.1 RC1, the first major community led release of the EOS core software!

The release of Mandel 3.1 RC1 is an outstanding development for EOS for both its symbolic significance and technological breakthroughs. While previous releases were developed by Block One, this is the first major core software release developed entirely by the EOS community. As we shared in the May 16th Weekly Report, this momentous release represents how the EOS community embodies the essence of Web3 & took our future into our own hands, independently of misaligned corporate interests. It is quite fitting that this mark of independence coincides with the four year anniversary of EOS and we are incredibly proud of our engineers for all of their innovative developments!

The Mandel Consensus Upgrade has been in development since late 2021 and dozens of EOS technical leaders have been meeting to share launch updates every week for the past five months. In the ethos of open-source collaboration and transparency, all meetings are publicly viewable on the Everything EOS YouTube Channel and summaries for all Mandel Launch Meetings can be found in the Mandel Github repository. The group has made tremendous progress since embarking on this endeavor and this release brings exceptionally helpful enhancements to the experiences & functionalities provided by EOS.

Release 3.1.0-rc1 includes protocol upgrades enabling contracts to get the current block number and to accelerate various cryptographic computation, as well as many other new features, including:

  • A new transaction submission API endpoint with full trace of a transaction failure and automatic nodeos-mediated retry
  • Nodeos-mediated cache of transaction finality statuses along with a new API endpoint to query the finality status of a transaction
  • Computation of transaction costs without committing the transaction
  • The addition of new options for subjective billing
  • Automatic pruning of old entries in block
  • State_history_plugin (SHiP) logs

In laymen’s terms, many of these features will enable EOS to operate more smoothly, reliable, and enjoyably for everyone. Much of these developments were inspired by the API+ Blue Paper and will synergize well with the Transaction Lifecycle features developed by OCI to create better experiences for both developers and non-technical users. Additionally, advancements in cryptographic primitives may help EOS scale vertically with layer two roll-up blockchains and enable helpful privacy features. You can read about the new features in detail in the Mandel v3.1.0-rc1 Release Notes and hear an excellent overview of the new features from our Director of Engineering Areg Hayrapetian & Greymass co-founder Aaron Cox during this week’s EOS Fireside Chat.

In addition to the momentous software release, the EOS community also celebrated it’s fourth birthday in many other exciting ways. As we previewed in last week’s Weekly Report, Yves La Rose joined BSN for a fascinating exploration of his career and work with the EOS Network Foundation. Hundreds of EOS community members shared inspiring congratulatory messages about this week’s milestones, including EOS Rio, Ted Cahall, Zaisan, EOS Argentina, EOS Bees, Daniel Larimer, and EOS Nation.

Many community members also took the opportunity to reflect on the past four years and contemplate our future. EOS has an ineffably rich history and is completely unique as a decentralized community initiative from day one. While most blockchains were started by a central team with a huge treasury of tokens, EOS was launched by hundreds of disparate block producers coordinating around the world with by far the widest token distribution of any major cryptocurrency. To get a sense of how EOS community coalesced to launch EOS, it’s fascinating to revisit the the abundance of content produced around the mainnet launch, such as the EOS Go Launch Parties, block producer introductions, early seminars, and retrospectives.

Of course, there have been far more wonderful stories, relationships, and experiences in the past four years of EOS than we could ever begin to summarize here. It’s been an absolutely thrilling journey so far with countless helpful learning experiences and fantastic times with great friends. We are so grateful for all of the amazing people in the EOS community who are doing profoundly helpful work to create positive change for all and we send our earnest thanks to all of the value creators who have helped make these past four years so special. We’re ready to create immense value in 2022 and the future is more exciting than anyone can imagine. Happy Birthday EOS, we’re thrilled to share many more historic moments and huge benefits with everyone soon!

Let’s Talk Yield+ on Everything EOS

In this new episode of Everything EOS, ENF co-founder Zack Gall is joined by two of the Yield+ Blue Paper co-authors, Denis Carriere and Joe Louis, to take a deep dive into all the possibilities Yield+ has to offer as well as the differences between Yield+ and other DeFi protocols. Yield+ is a community initiative proposing a custom Liquidity Rewards Program designed to increase opportunities for dApp developers to be rewarded and users to grow wealth on EOS. The Yield+ Working Group released the thoroughly researched Yield+ Blue Paper last month to help develop the EOS DeFi ecosystem, grow the amount of total value locked in EOS DeFi, and increase opportunities for everyone to earn yield with EOS!

This is the first public interview with Joe Louis, a highly respected administrator & long-time EOS community member who is renowned for sharing insightful writings about DeFi, compliance, and the state of regulations around the world. The interview begins with a fascinating introduction to Joe Louis, then provides an exciting recount of the Yield+ Origin story. The interview then goes on to provide a helpful high level overview of the 69 page Yield+ Blue Paper, with discussions about Yield+ competitive advantages, multiple on-chain reward protocols, Yield+ application process, Expected Yield+ delivery date, possibilities of Yield+, excitement for Yield+ & EVM, locking EOS tokens on chain, wrapped staking, Defibox liquidity, and much more!

The beautifully designed Yield+ Blue Paper provides countless insights from many of the most talented builders in DeFi. Alongside Joe Louis and Denis Carriere‘s team at EOS Nation, the paper was also written by 0riginDefiBox,  GreymassPizza DeFi, and EOS Asia. In addition to this interview and the Yield+ Blue Paper, you can learn more about the Yield+ initiative in our May 30th Weekly Report and a variety of short video clips on the Everything EOS clips playlist. You can also learn more and ask questions directly to the authors in the Yield+ channel of the EOS Community Discord.

Pomelo Season 2 Retrospective

The Pomelo team released a retrospective article to show what they learned and how they’re adapting through the first two seasons of Pomelo. This article provides many key insights that the team gained from Season 1, changes made for Season 2, positive results of those changes, and plans for improvement to foster ever more public goods in future seasons!

The improvements that the Pomelo team made in Season 2 had a big impact, including increased participation, more approved grants, and expanded support for grant owners and donors. The article provides statistics about the large growth in participation, including a 78% increase in approved grants, a 75% increase in the amount of unique donors, and a 90% increase in EOS raised. In addition to the high level overview of statistics provided here, you can also learn much more about the growth & data from season Season 2 in another recent post from Pomelo and our May 30th Weekly Report.

This retrospective article details a number of helpful improvements made to the Pomelo platform to provide better experiences for both public good creators and funders. For example, the Pomelo team made it easier for creators to promote their work for custom metadata & images when linking to their grants. The Pomelo team also helped grant owners promote their grants with pitch sessions on EOS Fireside Chats, WeChat, and Pomelo Pitch Deck interviews with GenerEOS; as well as Twitter cross-promotion for approved grants. In addition to helping creators promote their public goods, the Pomelo team also streamlined the grant process and increased accessibility for cultures around the world by clarifying when action is required by grant applicants, providing email alerts in various languages, and increasing support for Chinese participants on WeChat.

The Pomelo team recently shared a survey to gain feedback & insights from all Season 2 participants and help guide the future development of Pomelo. All participants in Season 2 are encouraged to complete this 2-minute survey before June 23, 2022 to offer your feedback and insights.

The next season of Pomelo is right around the corner and will begin on July 19th. The Pomelo team just released a new article to announce the kickoff of Season 3, share the Pomelo Season 3 Schedule, help promote your grants, and provide info about stellar NFT festivities that are beginning on June 21st. Combined with the huge success of Pomelo Season 1, almost 2 million dollars has now been distributed to foster the development of 218 public goods projects on EOS. The retrospective article showed great progress and helpful improvements over the first two seasons of Pomelo. Now, it’s time to get ready for much more public goods & funding opportunities than ever in Season 3!

Trust EVM Twitter Spaces & Sponsorship

The Trust EVM team held one of their first Twitter Spaces events with special guests Matias Romeo, EVM+ Technical Lead & EOS Argentina co-founder, and Esteban Saå B, the developer of TrustSwap. The topic of discussion was, “How Will Trust Achieve the Fastest EVM?”

This Twitter Space featured excellent technical discussions about the benefits of the upcoming Trust EVM, the official EVM on the EOS network that will be the most performant EVM in the world upon launching in Q3. The full recording of the conversation is now available for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the recording, you can also learn more about how Trust will achieve the fastest EVM in a recent EOS Fireside Chat where Zack Gall shared many exciting insights about what distinguishes Trust EVM from Ethereum Layer 2’s & other EOSIO EVMs. The Trust EVM will be capable of performing significantly more swaps per second than other EVMs and gains immeasurable benefit from compatibility with the flourishing EOS ecosystem.

With the full release of Trust EVM just a few months away, talented teams are already building helpful applications on the testnet for Trust EVM. For example, TrustSwap is an exciting new AMM exchange that Esteban Saå B is building on Trust EVM with many enthusiastic members of the EOS community. In addition to the recording from the Twitter Spaces event, you can also learn more about TrustSwap and other recent Trust EVM updates in our June 6th Weekly Report.

To help foster the growth of the burgeoning EOS EVM ecosystem, Trust EVM announced that they will be a Title Sponsor of Token2049. Token2049 is one of the largest blockchain industry events in the world where leaders come together to share views about the future of blockchain. This event will provide an excellent opportunity for thousands of blockchain professionals to learn about the immense benefits of Trust EVM. As we shared in the May 30th Weekly Report, we are also title sponsors of Token204 and are stoked to showcase the amazing stories of EOS, build relationships with many of the most talented builders in the world, and increase awareness for EOS at this event. The ENF team and Trust EVM team will each have booths, promotional signage, and many other unique advantages as title sponsors of the event, so everyone in attendance will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the benefits of both Trust EVM and all of the other exciting developments in the EOS ecosystem.

Lastly, the Trust EVM recently shared a new story to answer four frequently asked questions about the forthcoming EOS EVM, including how EOS token holders benefit and when Trust EVM will launch. Of course, you can also read the first part of the Trust EVM Q&A and listen to the recent Trust EVM Twitter Spaces event to learn much more!

Second EdenCN Trial Election

The Chinese Eden community successfully conducted the second EdenCN trial election on June 12, 2022. In this trial election, a total of thirty-two people signed up and were randomly divided into six groups. Four chief delegates were elected and one chairman was randomly selected to help lead the development of true democracy & fractal governance with EOS.

The four chief delegates who were elected are Eleveng Zhang, Meng Xiaozhi, Ponge, and Zheng Jicheng. Ponge was selected as chairman and will use the funds raised to support a decentralized e-commerce solution to generate revenue for EdenCN. The other three chief delegates will support a healing and cultivation mini-game called Pink Meow One Eating Melon, which mixes elements of the classic Tamagotchi digital pet game with GameFi features that are only possible on EOS. You can learn more about these projects, the process during the trial election, and statements from Chairman Ponge in the Second Trial Election Overview blog post. You can also see excellent progress in the development of EdenCN in the Chinese Eden UI, documentation site, and the EDAO, which is a collaborative platform for quest bounties that utilizes elements of the ƒractally process.

We are looking forward to the continued developments of these projects and happy to see the Chinese EOS community innovating independently of the English Eden on EOS community. Around the world, people from various cultures are learning to cooperate with truly democratic consensus mechanisms with the power of EOS and principles outlined in More Equal Animals. In addition to the recent Chinese election, the Hispanic speaking EOS community recently shared a survey about a Spanish Eden Election. You can learn more about the Hispanic speaking Eden community by contacting Eden Sparks and you can learn more about the Chinese Eden community by joining the EdenCN Discord. In addition to the resources above, you can learn more about Eden China in the March 28th Weekly Report and Episode #143 of EOS Hot Sauce.

Of course, there are also so many other exciting developments happening in the Chinese EOS community in addition to EdenCN. For example, our Chinese ENF team recently hosted a hugely successful Twitter Spaces event. A team of approximately approximately fourteen community leaders hosted the event and shared helpful discussions about EOS with a large audience of developers, VC firms, creators, and all kinds of community members in the largest market in the world. You can learn many more exciting details about this event and our Chinese team on this week’s from Zack Gall during EOS Fireside Chat.

The ENF is Hiring

The EOS Network Foundation is looking for an experienced social media manager to help design social media strategies and deliver our brand vision by creating & managing social media content across all social channels. The ideal candidate will be a strong storyteller with a native understanding of social media, serious writing chops, visual creativity, and a deep passion for crypto, DeFi, NFTs, Meme Culture, & Web3. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply here now!

In addition to hiring a social media manager, we are also hiring for many other roles throughout the growing EOS ecosystem. For example, Zack Gall shared that we are looking for Korean community leaders during this week’s EOS Fireside Chat. Our development team has also been growing rapidly with top engineering talent, including our new Director of Engineering and several Senior EOSIO Engineers to help lead our operations.

As we shared in the June 6th Weekly Report, Nathan James recently joined the ENF as Director of Developer Relations to help foster opportunities for value creators and build a developer hub that greatly empowers all EOS developers. Since then, Nathan has been reaching out & meeting with developers, welcoming Coinbase & BlockFi employees who were recently laid off due to market conditions, sharing helpful tips for finding opportunities, building the Earn tab in our upcoming developer hub, and inviting builders to send CV’s via DM.

You can learn more about how EOS provides opportunities for everyone to contribute, earn compensation, and amplify their efforts in this short clip about building the future of EOS for everyone. Value creators are now more empowered than ever with these new roles at the ENF, a wide variety of jobs throughout the vast EOS ecosystem, and innovative funding sources like Pomelo, Eden, ENF Grants, ENF Ventures, Helios, RFPs, and much more. EOS is now ready to efficiently compensate all kinds of value creators and help you fulfill your ikigai, or ‘reason for living.’

In addition to the open role for a full-time social media manager and many other open roles listed above, we always welcome collaborations with talented value creators. If you’re interested in contributing to EOS in any way, feel free to reach out on the EOS Discord, message Nathan James, or contact us directly to learn how you can learn how you can collaborate with amazing leaders in the EOS community to earn & create positive global change.

Weekly Mandel 3.1 RC1 Release and Upgrade Meeting

Twenty one EOS community leaders met for the nineteenth Mandel Upgrade Meeting to share the latest updates regarding the upcoming EOS Mandel Consensus Upgrade. As stated in the headline story, EOS previously operated with the EOSIO software developed by Block One for the past several years, but now the EOS community is developing the Mandel core software independently.

During this week’s meeting, the participants discussed Mandel code strategy, features to consider activating, platform support, Mandel testing, and testnet strategy. As always, you can browse a more detailed overview of the discussion with timestamps for each topic in the video description on Youtube. You can also read the summary notes for this meeting and find summaries & recordings for all Mandel Upgrade Meetings in the Mandel Github repository.

EOS Community Events

As always, we met with many wonderful community members for this week’s Fireside Chat and shared a fascinating, fun, and insightful conversation about EOS!

This week, we discussed Release Candidate 3.1.0-rc1, EOS 4 Year Anniversary, Consensus 2022, Trust EVM sponsoring Token 2049, Helios Futurist Series, Eden ƒractal, Eden permissions, Yves La Rose & Charles Hoskinson, ENF China, Korean ENF Hiring, EOSIO+ Coalition updates, Celsius, Pomelo Season 3, Wallet+, Moon Pay, and much more! Of course, you can listen to the full discussion from this week’s Fireside Chat, browse the video description to see a detailed overview of topics, listen to all previous meetings in the Fireside Chat Playlist, and watch short clips from Fireside Chats in the Short Clips Playlist.

We host Fireside Chats in the EOS Community Discord every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC. Everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions directly to some the best builders & leaders on EOS, including Yves La RoseZack Gall, and Brandon Lovejoy. Looking forward to seeing you there!

In addition to the Fireside Chat, EOS community members also meet for many other excellent events every week where everyone is welcome to participate. Over the past few weeks, several new events have started that are now bringing the EOS community together and enabling community members to interact with each other more than ever before. Last week, Helios hosted the first episode of the Futurist Twitter Spaces, which aims to bring insights from cryptocurrency industry thought leaders and influencers to discuss the predicted trajectory of cryptocurrency technology and the influence it will have on our future society. You can listen to the fascinating conversation in the first episode with special guest Brock Pierce, learn more about the new series in the introductory blog post, and tune into the Futurist Series every other week for more great discussions. In addition to the Futurist Series, the Helios team also hosts Breakfast & Blockchain discussions live on Twitter Spaces every Friday at 17:00 UTC.

In addition to EOS Fireside Chats and Helios Twitter Spaces, you can also meet with EOS community members every week in EOS Support Giveaway Shows, Eden Town Halls, and Eden ƒractal meetings. As we covered in the May 30th Weekly Report, EOS Support Giveaway Shows are hosted by EOS Support Head of Communications Charles Bishop and feature an innovative new format that combines the interactivity of Twitter Spaces with a visually engaging live video experience. As Charles explained in this week’s episode, these Giveaway Shows complement EOS Fireside Chats by providing a welcoming place for newcomers to learn about EOS with friendly members of EOS Support.

Lastly, everyone is also welcome to attend Eden Town Halls and Eden ƒractal meetings to learn, discuss, and contribute to the vibrant Eden ecosystem. As we shared in the May 16th Weekly Report, Eden Town Halls provide an excellent forum to learn exciting news about Eden and participate in open discussions about the future of true democracy with Eden on EOS. Eden Town Halls are sponsored by Bywire News and hosted by Eden members Felix Ruiz & Dan Singjoy. You can join Eden Town Halls every Sunday at 16:00 UTC in the Eden Discord and listen to past discussions in the Eden Town Hall channel on Discord. Hispanic speaking community members are also welcome to attend weekly Eden Spark weekly events organized by Anyely Lanz and Jose Basanta. In addition the the Eden Town Halls and Eden Spark events, everyone is also welcome to participate in Eden ƒractal events every Wednesday at 13:00 UTC to earn EOS, Eden Respect, and NFTs by helping Eden on EOS. We shared a summary of the first Eden ƒractal meeting in the June 13th Weekly Report where you can learn much more about this exciting new event.

Thank you for reading this week’s Everything EOS Weekly Report. Once again, we wish the EOS Community a happy anniversary week and are looking forward to sharing many more amazing times with you all. Looking forward to seeing you at our weekly EOS Community Events!

EOS Network

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user and developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation (ENF).

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates financial and non-financial support to encourage the growth and development of the EOS Network. The ENF is the hub of the EOS Network, harnessing the power of decentralization as a force for positive global change to chart a coordinated future for EOS.