The Everything EOS Weekly Report publishes all of the latest news and updates from around the world in the EOS ecosystem.

The Everything EOS Weekly Report sources stories and updates from the community members that are part of the English, Chinese and Korean EOS communities. The Everything EOS Weekly Report is the best place to catch up on all the latest news in EOS from all around the world.

This week includes:

  • Pomelo Season 2 is Now Live!
  • Daniel Keyes on Everything EOS
  • Eden: China, Bylaws & Upcoming Election
  • EOS GO: ENF Steals The Show From
  • Yves and Zack on GenerEOS Spotlight
  • ƒractally on EOS Brainstorming Session
  • ZEOS Update
  • Yves La Rose Interview with Blockbeats
  • Wombat Dungeon Master Season 2
  • BSN, China Mobile, and EOS
  • Weekly Mandel Upgrade Meeting
  • EOSIO Swiss Workshop #13

Pomelo Season 2 is Now Live!

Grant submissions on Pomelo are now open!

The total contributions for Season 2 are over $1,000,000, which is about twice as much as Season 1. This is an excellent opportunity for people who are creating public goods for the EOS and EOSIO communities to be rewarded for their work.

Public good creators can now log in on to create grant submissions. If you are returning from Season 1, click the “Join Season 2” button and edit your application to provide Season 1 updates and clarify your scope for Season 2.

Public good grant owners can promote their project and community members can learn about public goods in Weekly Fireside chats on the EOS Community Discord, Pomelo Pitch Deck episodes with GenerEOS, and Tencent Meetings on WeChat. Grant owners can apply to promote their project on these platforms here.

You can purchase Pomelo Season 2 NFTs on AtomicHub or All funds raised will be added to the matching pool to help fund public goods on EOS. The final Diamond Pomelo blend goes lives on March 29th at 13h00 UTC and you can learn about Pomelo Season 2 NFTs in this article from EOS Nation or Episode 3 of the EOSWriter Podcast.

Pomelo grant donations will open on March 30th. To submit grants or learn more about the Pomelo crowdfunding platform, please visit You can also ask questions and learn more about Pomelo during the EOS Community Fireside Chat in Discord every Wednesday at 20:00 UTC.

Daniel Keyes on Everything EOS

Daniel Keyes is the CEO and Co-Founder of EOS Nation, the team behind the Pomelo quadratic funding platform. EOS Nation has also launched other products such as EOS Detective, .Gems NFT Studio, dFuse Community Edition, and were co-authors on the API+ Blue Paper.

In this podcast, Daniel discusses Pomelo, the quadratic funding platform on EOS. He describes new features for season 2 including “trust bonuses” and Sybil resistance measures. Daniel also explains what he sees as the significance of proposal #8: The Graph, from the API+ Blue Paper, and so much more.

“If we want to make EOS an attractive place for liquidity to get added to DeFi applications we need to create an environment where that gets honoured, it gets recognized by the rest of the ecosystem, and based on everything we’ve seen it seems that The Graph is that standard. The Graph is to Web3 data as EVM is to smart contracts.” -Daniel Keyes.

Eden: China, Bylaws & Upcoming Election

The first trial election for Eden China was successfully conducted on March 20th. Forty three people participated with a modified Eden process to distribute funding and empower the Chinese EOS community with fractal democracy.

Each group wrote a summary of their conversation and each elected delegate added a statement about how they intend to use the funds. Six chief delegates were elected: Ponge, Bebe, Eleven, Xu Hao, Gracie Lau, JIMI. The Head Chief Delegate is Bebe from StartEOS and Start Wallet. They will receive 2000 EOS to further develop EOSPAPA, which enables easy and cost effective EOS account creation. They are also building a smart contract that enables easy token deployment and they estimate that development will be complete in two months.

The EDEN CN delegates also had their first Delegate Meeting this week, where they discussed their experiences in the election, potential improvements, funding allocation, and supporting Chinese community projects with Pomelo.


The chief delegates in the English speaking Eden met for the 22nd Eden Chief Delegate Meeting to create a proposal for new bylaws. Daniel Larimer joined the delegates for the second half of the meeting to provide guidance about bylaws and discuss the future of EOS, Eden, and ƒractally.

The chief delegates created a detailed proposal to update the bylaws and asked the Eden community for feedback. Some notable changes in the proposal include increasing the frequency of elections to recur every three months, decreasing the membership fee, adjusting the funding allotment between delegates, and making Eden more independent by transferring the active keys to chief delegates. All proposed changes will need to be approved by the next set of chief delegates in order to be ratified.

The next official Eden election is scheduled for April 9th at 9:00 AM EDT and all participants must RSVP at least one day in advance. If you are not an Eden member and would like to participate, you can contact a friendly EOS Support agent to learn more.

EOS GO: ENF Steals The Show From

EOS Go published a new article summarizing how EOS became an independent DAO and is now thriving with the leadership of the EOS Network Foundation.

The article explains how several of the best EOSIO engineers in the world have recently resigned from Block One to join the ENF and help foster the long term success of EOS. Experienced leaders such as Ted Cahall and Jeff Werner are now greatly helping to coordinate technical developments, increase operational efficiency, and build a flourishing EOS ecosystem. The creator of EOS, Daniel Larimer, also resigned from Block One last year to build applications that help fund public goods and empower communities with EOS.

Yves and Zack on GenerEOS Spotlight

Yves La Rose and Zack Gall spoke with Jimmy D on the GenPool Spotlight about growing the team at the EOS Network Foundation, Working Group Blue Papers, EOS EVM, and much more.

They shared many helpful details about each of these initiatives and spoke about how the combination of all these developments is incredibly exciting for EOS. Zack also spoke about the immense amount of excellent content created about EOS every day and how the community is creating an archive of exciting, well-spoken, and well produced content to attract new community members to EOS.

ƒractally on EOS Brainstorming Session

EOS community members met for the first weekly ƒractally Brainstorming Session to develop a proposal for implementing ƒractally on EOS. ƒractally Brainstorming Sessions are driven discussions hosted by Jesse from the EOS Bees & Patrick from NovaCrypto.

The group aims to create a detailed proposal that specifies how to implement ƒractally on EOS and satisfies EOS community members in all cultures. Members from the EOS Community can propose to add ideas to the ƒractally on EOS MindMap to help create a proposal for ƒractally on EOS. The EOS Bees are offering a reward of 100 EOS per week to community members who propose ideas that are voted onto the MindMap by meeting participants. During this week’s meeting, the participants also discussed creating an EOS ƒractal to foster public goods for EOS.

ƒractally Brainstorming Sessions recur every Monday on an alternating schedule to accommodate community members in all timezones. The next ƒractally Brainstorming Session is scheduled for March 28th at 14:00 UTC.

ZEOS Update

ZEOS announced the launch of the first version of the ZEOS Javascript Wallet, enabling anyone to conduct fully private and untraceable transactions on the Kylin Testnet.

ZEOS will enable fully private transactions on the EOS mainnet with fee-less transactions and half second block times. The long term goal of ZEOS is to create tools that empower developers to build an entirely private DeFi ecosystem on the EOS mainnet.

Transactions with ZEOS are based on zero knowledge proofs, which is the state of the art technology for private transactions. Zero Knowledge Proofs (or ZK-Proofs) can also enable Layer 2 Rollup scaling solutions to increase capacity for transactions on EOS without compromising security. ZEOS raised funding on Pomelo by creating open-source libraries & tutorials to make it easy for EOS developers to integrate zero knowledge proofs with many EOS applications.

Yves La Rose Interview with Blockbeats

Blockbeats, a popular news platform that focuses on the analysis of blockchain industry, interviewed ENF Executive Director, Yves La Rose.

In this interview, Yves answers questions about the future of EOS and the ENF, EOS EVM, B1 litigation and more.

Wombat Dungeon Master Season 2

The Womplay team released a video to show new features and NFTs in Dungeon Master Season 2. Dungeon Master is an exciting play-to-earn game and staking adventure on EOS where players can explore dungeons and find NFT treasures with Wombats.

Season 2 will feature many new NFTs that players can blend together to help find more special loot. NFTs include materials like iron & uranium and equipable items like lamps, glasses, and amulets. Over twenty two thousand people actively played in the first season of Dungeon Master and the top player earned over five thousand dollars. Season 2 of Dungeon Master starts on March 30th.

BSN, China Mobile, and EOS

China’s state-backed Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) announced Zhong Yi Chain, a private blockchain based on EOS to bolster the growth of Chinese NFTs and provide more technical options for developers building dApps. The Zhong Yi Chain is developed by China Mobile, which is the biggest telecommunications provider in the world based on user numbers and market capitalization.

The BSN and Zhong Yi Chain enable applications from some of the largest Chinese tech companies to connect with EOS in a manner that is compliant with Chinese regulations. The China Centre for Information Industry Development, a Chinese state institution, has rated EOS as the best blockchain in the world for the past four years.

Yifan He, the CEO of the company that architected the BSN, spoke with Yves La Rose and Zack Gall about how the BSN drives EOS adoption with end-to-end integration with the EOS mainnet during an Everything EOS podcast in late 2020.

Weekly Mandel Upgrade Meeting

Seventeen EOS community leaders met for the sixth Mandel Upgrade Meeting to plan, develop, and upgrade the core software for EOS. EOS previously operated with the EOSIO software developed by Block One for the past several years, but now the EOS community is developing the Mandel core software independently.

Mandel 3.0.5 has been merged and is ready to be tested on the Jungle Testnet. Detailed meeting summaries and recordings for all Mandel Upgrade Meetings can be found in the Mandel Github repository.

EOSIO Swiss Workshop #13

Patrick Schmid released five interviews with great EOS community leaders for the EOSIO Swiss Workshop #13. These interviews feature over 2 hours of educational content about EOS products and services. The workshop was released on Bywire News and the topics & timestamps for each interview are available on the EOSIO Swiss Workshop MindMap from Novacrypto.

The interviews with each guest are linked below.

In addition to the interviews for the EOSIO Swiss Workshop, Patrick also released Special LATAM Workshop #6 with Maurice Venegas, EOS Micro Loan CEO.

EOS Network

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user and developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation (ENF).

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates financial and non-financial support to encourage the growth and development of the EOS Network. The ENF is the hub of the EOS Network, harnessing the power of decentralization as a force for positive global change to chart a coordinated future for EOS.