The Everything EOS Weekly Report publishes all of the latest news and updates from around the world in the EOS ecosystem.

The Everything EOS Weekly Report sources stories and updates from the community members that are part of the English, Chinese, & Korean EOS communities. The Everything EOS Weekly Report is the best place to catch up on all the latest news in EOS from all around the world.

This week includes:

  • Token2049 Title Sponsorship
  • Yield+ Blue Paper
  • An Introduction to Subjective Billing
  • Pomelo Season 2 Fund Distribution
  • EOS Support Debut Show & Space
  • EOSIO Swiss Workshop #14
  • EOS Beginner’s Guide
  • Third EOSIO Coalition Report
  • First RFPs
  • Weekly Mandel Upgrade Meeting
  • EOS Community Fireside Chat


We announced our Title Sponsorship of Token2049 this September to kickoff Asia Crypto Week in conjunction with the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix!

EOS and Trust EVM with be making waves at the iconic Marina Bay Sands during Token2049, which is one of the largest blockchain industry events in the world where leaders come together to share views and discuss the future of blockchain. This is the first major crypto event that EOS has sponsored in years since the end of the token sale by the former developers and provides a perfect opportunity to showcase the incredible work & story of the EOS community. The event will take place around the one year anniversary since the formation of the ENF and represents the beginning of a new era in community outreach with the leadership of our amazing team.

As Title Sponsor of Token2049, we’ll have the spotlight to help everyone understand the tremendous progress & potential for EOS to create positive global change. We’ll build relationships with thousands of pioneering industry leaders, companies, and journalists to foster unprecedented growth & innovation with EOS. ENF co-founder Zack Gall shared many exciting details about our sponsorship and presence at the event during this week’s EOS Fireside Chat, including our 190 square foot booth in a prime location near the entrance of exhibition hall, promotion of EOS across Token2049 social media & email marketing, and EOS logos featured on the main stage to be seen on all videos and livestreams. In addition, EOS logos are also featured on the Token2049 website, all printed materials, and signages throughout the venue. In addition to speeches and exclusive events with keynote speakers throughout the conference, we will be the drinks & entertainment sponsor of the closing event and will host a private area to invite guests for informal meetings & business discussions. These events will provide excellent opportunities to build relationships with many of the most talented builders and investors in the world to increase awareness and community engagement for EOS.

In addition to Token2049, we will soon announce our presence & sponsorships at many more world class events as part of our community outreach strategy. After years of quietly doing phenomenal work within our tight knit community, EOS finally has outstanding representation at the world’s largest and most prestigious blockchain industry events.

The world will soon become aware of the unparalleled abundance of elegantly designed funding mechanisms & community initiatives for public goods in the EOS ecosystem, such as Eden, Pomelo, ƒractally, ENF Grant Framework, ENF Ventures, Helios, EOSTARTER, and RFPs. Everyone at these conferences and throughout the wider blockchain space will learn how the EOS community embodies the essence of Web3, as described in the recent Wired and Forbes articles. Development teams will be able to easily port their existing work and start building on Trust EVM, the most performant EVM in the world, which will be ready in Q3 to race alongside the fastest cars in the world at the Grand Prix. With Token2049 and many other exciting conferences in the future, we’re in the perfect position to stoke the curiosity of blockchain industry leaders and help everyone in the world tap into the unlimited opportunities of EOS!

Yield+ Blue Paper

The Yield+ Working Group released the highly anticipated Yield+ Blue Paper to help develop the EOS DeFi ecosystem, grow the amount of total value locked in EOS DeFi, and increase opportunities for everyone to earn yield with EOS!

Yield+ is a community initiative designed to increase opportunities for dApp developers to be rewarded and users to grow wealth on EOS. The Yield+ working group designed & proposed an elegant system of economic incentives to attract liquidity with an on-chain Liquidity Rewards Program that directly measures and rewards increased economic activity on EOS, based on TVL (Total Volume Locked).

The beautifully designed & thoroughly researched Blue Paper features 69 pages of insightful information from many of the most talented builders in DeFi, including EOS Nation0riginDefiBoxGreymassPizza DeFiEOS Asia, and Joe Louis. The table of contents outlines thoughtful plans to create ever deeper liquidity on EOS, with introductions to the teams, general explanations about DeFi, research about comparable liquidity incentive programs, data modeling & risk analysis, treasury governance & funding, oracles, and deliverables. In addition to the forthcoming Blue Paper, the deliverables of Yield+ include a sleek Yield+ portal with many helpful details for builders & investors, on-chain incentive program contracts,  oracles to monitor each dApp’s “true” TVL, and recurrent data analysis for assessing & reporting outcomes to the EOS community.

The Yield+ Blue Paper is carefully constructed with the best insights from all around the blockchain industry to bring more DeFi activity and yield opportunities to EOS. In addition to the Blue Paper, you can also learn more about Yield+ in many great short videos from Denis Carriere, CTO of EOS Nation, on the Everything EOS clips playlist and last week’s Yield+ preview.

Upon launch of the incentive mechanism, developers will be able to apply to participate in the Yield+ program and approved projects will be eligible to claim daily EOS rewards according to tiers of TVL. The Yield+ initiative will be rolled out in stages, offering more rewards and support for a wider range of assets as time goes on. The Yield+ Portal & Smart Contracts development is already funded & underway to ensure that Yield+ will be ready before the launch of Trust EVM, the most performant EVM in the world.

Introduction to Subjective Billing

We released an Introduction to Subjective Billing and Lost Transactions, the first technical article in a new series that will help solve issues to make EOS even more performant and explain helpful new features in Mandel.

This well-written article explores the subjective billing feature, why it exists, and issues with subjective billing identified by ENF-sponsored working groups during research for the Blue Papers. Subjective billing is a feature in EOSIO that lets nodes bill account resources locally in their own node without sharing the billing with the rest of the network. Since its introduction in 2019, subjective billing has reduced node CPU use by almost 90%, but it also sometimes results in persistently failing transactions or lost transactions. This article includes a quick reference for preventing these issues and we will explore additional solutions & new features enabled by the Mandel Consensus Upgrade in future articles throughout the API+ Working Group Education Series.

In addition to solutions to increase the performance of EOS, the article also provides an excellent overview of the lifecycle of an EOSIO transaction, which can be fascinating for all to explore and provides very helpful information for dApp developers & infrastructure providers. The article was written by Andrew Ware, an excellent technical writer who is also the founder of a record label and EOS-based music encyclopedia dApp Polaris, which you can learn more about in his recent interviews with Helios and GenerEOS. Andrew was assisted by Matthew Darwin, co-author of the API+ Blue Paper, and Kevin Heifner, a senior EOSIO pioneer who recently joined our engineering team. In the coming weeks, we will share more detailed and eloquently written articles from experts to help make EOS more performant, reliable, and enjoyable for all.

Pomelo Season 2 Fund Distribution

Pomelo Season 2 is complete and public good grant creators can now claim their Pomelo matching funds!

The Pomelo team released a new blog post to summarize the second season of Pomelo and provide instructions for public good grant owners to claim their matching funds. Pomelo Season 2 was a huge success, with 1.2 million dollars distributed to public goods on EOS, almost 2,000 unique donors, and 140 approved grants building public goods for the EOS ecosystem. In addition to $888,888.88 that we contributed to the Pomelo matching pool, Pomelo also raised an additional five thousand EOS from Pomelo NFT sales, over three thousand EOS from contribution fees, and the EOS Community donated approximately $150k to public goods on EOS.

On top of all these funding sources, we also contributed an additional $125k in direct grant contributions to help recognize the incredible work of dozens of teams building helpful public goods on EOS. We decided the recipients of these direct grant contributions by equally distributing the additional capital across multiple team members who analyzed every proposal then independently allocated their individual amounts to the grants they chose to support. Pomelo team members Stéphane Bisson & Daniel Keyes shared an overview of Season 2 and ENF Core team members Yves La Rose, Zack Gall, & Brandon Lovejoy shared many details about how we decided to allocate direct grant contributions during this week’s EOS Fireside Chat.

In addition to the newest blog post and Fireside Chat, you can also learn much more about Pomelo Season 2 from last week’s comprehensive Matching Pool Distribution Analysis. This rigorously detailed report includes many interesting graphics to help everyone understand the distributions of matching pool funds, such as pie charts of fund distribution by category, geographical location, and project. The report also features the top projects that received the most funding during Season 2, a spreadsheet with raw data for all contributions, graph overview of donations between all contributors, and many details about fund distribution to help ensure that the EOSIO ecosystem benefits as much as possible in future Pomelo seasons.

Combined with the huge success of Pomelo Season 1, almost 2 million dollars has now been distributed to foster the development of 218 public goods projects on EOS. Perhaps even more importantly than funding, these first two seasons of Pomelo have provided the EOS community with profoundly helpful opportunities to build relationships, community, and reputation for future development. Pomelo Season 2 showed tremendous progress and we look forward to continued growth during the next seasons in the coming months. With the early successes of quadratic funding on EOS and the immense long-term potential of Pomelo, the EOS Community is now more empowered than ever to create public goods, grow EOS, and benefit all of humanity!

EOS Support Debut Show & Space

EOS Support hosted their first Twitter Spaces event & livestream video show to provide educational content about exciting developments and facilitate fascinating discussions about EOS!

Their first show was gracefully hosted by Charles Arroyo-Bishop, who is the Chief Communications Officer of EOS Support, community leader of EOS Bees France, and founder of 3D graphics & animation studio Bishop Creations. You can learn more about Charles in his recent interview with Novacrypto. The show was also co-hosted by Dario Cesaro, an incredible EOS community member who helped start EOS Support & EOS Bees and has written dozens of helpful articles in the EOS Support Learning Center.

During their debut, Charles provided a summary of this week’s EOS Fireside Chat and featured various developments in the EOS ecosystem, including Trust EVM and the upcoming Mandel Consensus Upgrade. After the summary, Charles and Dario hosted open discussions with many EOS community leaders for over two hours and covered a wide variety of topics, including the future of fractal governance with Eden on EOS. These fascinating summaries & discussions were featured in an innovative new format that combined interactivity of Twitter Spaces with a visually engaging live video experience.

EOS Support is a trustworthy organization started by community members to provide user support and educational content to help everyone enjoy the benefits of EOS. Any user who needs EOS Support can easily start a live chat with a friendly & helpful support agent on We are looking forward to seeing more helpful work and excellent shows like these from Charles, Dario, & EOS Support!

EOSIO Swiss Workshop #14

Patrick Schmid, founder of NovaCrypto LTD and creator of Mindweb, released interviews with three EOS community leaders in the 14th EOSIO Swiss Workshop!

In addition to the interview with Charles Bishop from EOS Support, Patrick also released an interview with Dennis Carriere about the Yield+ initiative and an interview with Jesse Jaffe with updates about EOS Bees. The workshop was also released on Bywire News and the topics & timestamps for each interview are available on the EOSIO Swiss Workshop MindMap created by NovaCrypto. In addition to these excellent interviews in the 14th EOSIO Swiss Workshop, Patrick also recently released Special Latam Workshop #8 with Maurice Venegas, founder of EOS Marketplace and EOS Microloan. Lastly, Novacrypto also released the 11th ƒractally on EOS Brainstorming Session, co-hosted with the EOS Bees.

Patrick & NovaCrypto have been sharing a huge amount of great content to help everyone enjoy the profound benefits of EOS and we’re looking forward to the next EOSIO Swiss Workshop!

EOS Bees Beginners Guide

The EOS Bees updated their EOS Beginner’s Guide to help newcomers to EOS understand the basics of our wonderful ecosystem. The Beginner’s Guide provides a thorough, objective, & concise introductory overview of EOS that can be very helpful to share with friends or family who are interested in learning about EOS.

The EOS Beginner’s Guide answers a wide variety of questions that are frequently asked by new community members, including:

  • What is EOS?
  • Why EOS?
  • How did EOS start?
  • Who is the architect of EOS?
  • What is a smart contract?
  • How do resources work on EOS?
  • What are the most popular projects on EOS?
  • What is the EOS Network Foundation?
  • How does EOS governance work?
  • What is Eden?
  • And much more!

The EOS Bees are a grassroots and community driven marketing organization coordinating together with hundreds of members across 13 languages to show the world how EOS will help. You can learn more about the EOS Bees from recent interviews with CEO Jesse Jaffe on Novacrypto & Bywire News. You can also watch a wide variety of great videos on the burgeoning EOS Bees Youtube Channel.

EOSIO Coalition Report

We released the third EOSIO Coalition Report to summarize the exciting progress of the EOSIO Coalition, which is leading the development of EOSIO. After forming the EOSIO Coalition a couple months ago, leaders from the initial four founding blockchains pledged an $8 million annual budget and funded a multisig treasury account on EOS with $2m USDT. You can learn much more about the Coalition’s early progress in the first and second EOSIO Coalition Reports.

In the newest report, we provide updates about the EOSIO Coalition’s top 22 priority items, requests for proposals (RFPs), and EOSIO rebranding. First, we shared the top priority items that the Coalition has identified to make the EOSIO core software ever more performant and helpful for all. Most of these priority items were described in detail in the four Blue Papers funded by the ENF: Core+Wallet+API+, and Audit+, which have generated more than eighty proposals to enhance the EOSIO codebase. Five of the items below will also be detailed in the upcoming Scalability+ Blue Paper.

After identifying the top priorities, the Coalition will create RFPs (requests for proposal) where developers can bid on project contracts to improve EOSIO in an open market environment and compete to deliver the best improvements possible. The first two RFPs were officially published this week for Faster Finality to increase transaction speed and Wallet SDK’s to improve network usability. These detailed RFPs help foster a thriving decentralized ecosystem where many development teams contribute with their unique competencies and many more RFPs will be published soon. The 0rigin team announced that they will submit a bid for the faster finality RFP and Aaron Cox, co-founder of Greymass, said on the recent EOS Fireside Chat that the Greymass team will most likely submit a bid to enhance Wallet SDKs.

Lastly, the report provides an exciting update about the upcoming rebrand of EOSIO. Leaders of EOS, Telos, and Greymass have been working with a brand agency to rebrand the EOSIO core protocol with funding from the ENF and the new brand will be announced in the coming weeks. You can learn more about the upcoming rebrand in a discussion with Yves La Rose and Stéphane Bisson during last week’s EOS Fireside Chat. The Coalition is now deliberating options and choosing the best brand to rally the EOSIO community & herald a new beginning for community driven development!

In addition to the first, second, and third EOSIO Coalition Reports, you can also watch all EOSIO Coalition meetings and browse detailed show notes of all discussions for each meeting in the EOSIO Coalition Youtube playlist to learn much more.

Weekly Mandel Upgrade Meeting

Eighteen EOS community leaders met for the sixteenth Mandel Upgrade Meeting to share the latest updates regarding the upcoming EOS Mandel Consensus Upgrade. EOS previously operated with the EOSIO software developed by Block One for the past several years, but now the EOS community is developing the Mandel core software independently.

During this week’s meeting, the participants discussed D.U.N.E., the new development environment that is now ready for testing & highly recommended by EOS developers. In addition to conversations about D.U.N.E & Platform Support, the participants also discussed Mandel code updates, Testing on Jungle 4 updates, and much more. You can browse a more detailed overview of the discussion with timestamps for each topic in the video description on Youtube. You can also read the summary notes for this meeting and find summaries & recordings for all Mandel Upgrade Meetings in the Mandel Github repository.

EOS Hackathon Survey

Helios Guardian Chris Barnes shared a survey & pre-signup form for an EOS Hackathon to foster more project development and further empower developers with EOS. All interested builders are encouraged to respond and share the survey to help guide plans for the next EOS Hackathon.

Hackathons can be a helpful way to bring the community together, inspire helpful connections, and foster developments for a flourishing EOS ecosystem. You can learn more about this EOS Hackathon from a detailed proposal by an EOS community member named Phoenix and a discussion during a recent EOS Fireside Chat. You can also learn more about the Hackathon in the April 4th Everything EOS Weekly Report.

If you are interested in learning more or helping with EOS Hackathons, join the Hackathon Planning channel in the EOS Community Discord and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

EOS Community Fireside Chat

We met with many passionate EOS community members for the EOS Fireside chat and shared a fascinating, fun, and insightful conversation!

This week, we discussed Pomelo Season 2, direct grant contributions, Luna developers moving to EOS, Token2049, EOSIO Coalition RFPs, subjective billing, ƒractally blockchain, Eden meetings, and EOS branding. In addition to listening to these fascinating discussions, you can also watch Charles Bishop’s livestream with EOS Support to see a conversational overview of topics during this week’s fireside chat. As always, you can listen to the full discussion from this week’s Fireside Chat, browse the video description to see a detailed overview of topics, listen to all previous meetings in the Fireside Chat Playlist, and watch short clips from Fireside Chats in the Short Clips Playlist.

We host Fireside Chats in the EOS Community Discord every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC. Everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions directly to some the best builders & leaders on EOS, including Yves La Rose, Zack Gall, and Brandon Lovejoy. Looking forward to seeing you there!

EOS Network

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user and developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation (ENF).

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates financial and non-financial support to encourage the growth and development of the EOS Network. The ENF is the hub of the EOS Network, harnessing the power of decentralization as a force for positive global change to chart a coordinated future for EOS.

EOS Discord
ENF Telegram Announcements