What is the POP Token?

The POP Token, short for Proof of Participation, is an NFT-based reward program that aims to drive value back to EOS community members who attend online events.

How do I earn POP Tokens?

The most popular place to earn POP Tokens is the weekly EOS Community Fireside Chat, hosted every Wednesday on the EOS Community Discord at 19:00 UTC.

To sign up for your POP Token reward, you need to interact with the POP Token bot.

It’s simple—just follow these steps:

  1. Join the voice channel during the EOS Fireside Chat.
  2. Go to the “pop-bot-chat” channel (right above the voice channel).
  3. Type /register, press enter, enter your EOS account name and press enter.

That’s it!

Once you’ve submitted your name, the bot will respond that you’ve been added to the snapshot and you’ll receive your POP Token airdropped into your account after the event!

Redeeming POP Tokens for popular NFTs!

Redeeming POP Tokens for Monthly Raffle Tickets

POP tokens can be accumulated over time and once you’ve collected 4 of them, you can redeem them for a POP Raffle Ticket. You’ll redeem your POP Tokens using NFT crafting mechanics.

Craft your Monthly Raffle tickets HERE

Once you have the ticket, all you need to do is wait.

We’ll do a snapshot of all accounts holding that month’s Raffle Tickets and airdrop prizes to the lucky winners.

The draws take place on the first Wednesday of the month, after the EOS Community Fireside Chat.


25 x prizes of 10 EOS each

Didn’t win the raffle? We got you!

All participants who missed out on winning one of the trophies will receive a Party Cracker NFT, which contains a random NFT out of the 30+ EOS NFT collections represented in the .gems reward pool. Some of these are quite valuable so the Party Cracker NFTs are like a raffle within a raffle! 

Hosting an EOS community event? Apply for a POP Token allocation!

Want to host an EOS community event and reward participants with POP Tokens?

Great! The POP Token reward program is now open for anyone to apply. If your event is appreciated by the EOS community, we’re happy to allocate a portion of POP Tokens to you proportional to the average attendance of your event.

Sign up here on the Pop Token Allocation form.

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