These revolutionary new features will be available to those who register to join Hypha’s Beta Program waitlist – sign up now and don’t miss your chance!

The EOS Network is excited to share big news from Hypha DAO, an EOS ecosystem member and partner. Just recently, Hypha launched a waitlist for their highly-anticipated Beta Program, which includes some exciting new features.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have been gaining traction in recent years and for good reason. They provide teams with a new way to organize and operate businesses, communities, and even entire economies in ways that are more democratic, transparent, and decentralized than today’s existing structures.

Hypha’s DAO platform has always been committed to providing top-notch services, and we believe the Beta Program is the next step in delivering on that promise. This blog post introduces the program’s new features and how they can benefit your organization. Let’s dive in!

Feature 1: Quickly and easily set up a DAO by selecting from ready-made templates

Creating a DAO may seem daunting, but it’s never been easier with Hypha’s new Templates feature. The Beta program will offer a range of pre-configured templates tailored to meet different organizations’ needs and requirements. Users will also receive guidance for starting their DAO from scratch. Templates for startups, cooperatives, and more are already underway. 

Feature 2: Achieve decentralized organizational structure via circles and circle budgets

DAOs using Hypha’s platform will be able to create circles and sub-circles focused on different organizational functions. Policies, quests, and roles can now be made “circle specific.” Hypha is working to include “circle budgets” as well, which will allow roles and other payout activities to be “paid” using a specific circle budget. Expect this feature to be available in the coming weeks.

Feature 3: Benefit from having a safe and secure multi-signatory treasury

DAOs often face challenges with treasury management, given their decentralized nature. Hypha’s new treasurer redemption processing module feature provides a new solution for streamlining payout processes. It allows DAO members to redeem their HUSD-equivalent token at any time while enabling delegated treasurers to generate an automated series of multi-sig proposals to pay out redemptions from a shared, multi-sig wallet on EOS. This accomplishment will revolutionize how DAOs manage their treasuries, making the process more secure, transparent, and accessible than ever before.  

Feature 4: Leverage policy proposals to align and vote on key decisions

From agreeing to smile on video calls to aligning on exciting memorandums, Hypha’s new policy proposal feature enables DAO members to create and vote on organizational policies easily. Members can also link to existing proposals or create new versions, all on Hypha’s organizational dashboard. 

Feature 5: Collaborate and add value to projects via Quests

Most DAOs are familiar with the challenges of bringing in new talent due to challenges associated with funding and hiring regulations. Hypha’s new quest feature makes it possible for anyone to propose a short-term, one-time project to a DAO for community voting. With this feature, interested parties can propose scopes and associated costs and receive payment once the proof of work is reviewed. That’s as easy as it gets!

Feature 6: Engage your community like never before

Having a strong and supportive community is a valuable asset for any organization, but the question is, how can you build one? The good news is that with Hypha’s community membrane feature, it’s now easier than ever to engage with your community in a participatory way. With features like community proposals, payouts, and badges, you can kickstart the process and build a thriving community. By onboarding and assigning tasks to community members, you can align your core teams with your community and unlock the collective intelligence that might otherwise remain dormant. With Hypha’s community membrane feature, the possibilities are endless!

Feature 7: Reach consensus with Upvote Election 

Reaching consensus is a challenging task for every DAO, especially as the size and complexity of the organizations grow — Hypha’s new Upvote Election feature functions as a democratic voting tool. Members can elect delegates for fixed terms (the current default is three months), who can use special voting power and make decisions on behalf of the entire community — whether it’s 10,000 or 100,000 members.

Feature 8: Validate decisions via Community Proposals 

This feature enables DAOs to energize their communities and inspire action by creating polls. Hypha has created several community proposal feature types that work hand in hand with their new democratic election process feature (see the Upvote Election feature for more information). These features allow DAOs to unleash the collective intelligence of their communities and turn a passive following into action mode through voting and rewards.

Feature 9: Build and scale ecosystems via Ecosystem As a Service (EaaS)

Building ecosystems is highly complex and challenging, requiring many organizations to come together to solve a specific problem. One of the most exciting new features, Hypha’s new Ecosystem As a Service (EaaS) enables wide-scale coordination and governance, allowing members to expand their DAO ecosystems to include other partner organizations. Regarding how this looks in practice, once DAOs reach a certain staking threshold, they gain the ability to launch new DAOS. These sub-DAOs (called child-DAOs) are part of the growing ecosystem and stay connected to the broader vision but act independently. 

Feature 10: Explore and find opportunities in DAO networks

Hypha’s new ecosystem filter feature makes it easy for anyone to join a DAO based on their unique interests. With an account set up, users will see every DAO belonging to the Hypha network and be able to browse by ecosystem theme. With 80+ DAOs in the network already, new opportunities are springing up daily!

Join us for this upcoming Twitter Spaces and learn more!

We’re excited for Hypha’s Beta Program to go live! In the meantime, sign up for the waitlist to access the features outlined above, subscribe to Hypha’s newsletter, join their Discord, and follow the team on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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