As we build our capacity to adapt and coordinate among the emerging communities of the Web3 era, EOS is positioning itself to serve as a conduit for new forms of value that have yet to be realized. Thanks to a bold new agreement between the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and Hypha, organizations that wish to build on the EOS Network will be able to access a robust suite of tools for structuring and managing their Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

The ENF Announces $850K USD Grant to Bring the Hypha Product Suite to the EOS Community

An historic agreement has been reached with Hypha to deploy their “Organization-in-a-box solution” on the EOS Network. This grant will greatly accelerate Hypha’s further product development and help fuel a powerful roadmap of new advanced features. In addition, it will provide a welcome home-base for Hypha to create the thriving network of innovative ventures they have long envisioned. Likewise, the EOS network itself will be well positioned to become an oasis for organizations desiring to build and grow within a fully featured DAO ecosystem.

“The whole Hypha team is delighted & thankful to have gained the trust & funding of such a major blockchain organization as the EOS Network Foundation. It will dramatically catapult the development of valuable & innovative DAO features for our customers.” -Alex Prate, Member of the Hypha Council.

The Hypha Story

Hypha is a globally decentralized team that originally set out to build a regenerative economic system using the SEEDS currency, which they deployed on Telos. Their own needs led them to develop the tools necessary for effectively organizing, rewarding, and governing their community. For the last three and a half years Hypha has been developing a suite of tools to facilitate building new economic and governance systems for humanity.

Hypha was born as the first-ever holarchy-inspired DAO. Sometimes referred to as a Decentralized Holonic/Human Organization (DHO – pronounced “DO”). The Hypha toolkit is the result of exploring and experimenting with a number of best practices from several organizational theories. These include sociocracy, game theory, teal organizing, holonic structures, and complexity theory.

Over time, Hypha has evolved into a robust and flexible DAO toolkit that any kind of organization can utilize to manage all aspects of a DAO. From DAO formation and structuring, to methods of governance, member compensation, token issuance, and more.

Through building on the Antelope protocol (formerly EOSIO), Hypha has been able to leverage the rich permission set and highly performant nature of the protocol to emerge as one of the most dynamic and feature complete DAO services around.

The Hypha DAO “Organization-in-a-Box” Features

Hypha DAO provides all the key building blocks for organizations to effectively govern, manage capital, compensate, and coordinate to achieve their goals in a transparent and decentralized way while leveraging blockchain technology.

Here’s a general overview of the Hypha toolkit*

  • Governance tools
    • Transparent collective decision making tools with customizable governance/voting options. Adjust the level of required unity, quorum and voting period to meet your organizational needs.
  • Compensation tools
    • A complete set of modules to structure, motivate and compensate your organization’s workforce. From creating role archetypes, salary bands and new assignments, to then voting on role proposals and compensating for work done via a reliable payroll solution. It is all there. 
    • Smart-badges for recognising key roles or work completed, provide additional motivational levers and organizational benefits.
  • Treasury management tools
    • Enable efficient receipt, management and distribution of funds throughout your organization. Tools include transparent and fraud resistant treasury management with multi-signatory budget and payment authorisation, budgeting dashboards and individual user wallets.
  • Organizational assets
    • ‘Circle’/team management tools make your teams more effective, efficient & focused and help keep larger DAO organizations agile. 
    • ‘Policy’ proposals on key courses of action, can be put forward by any member of the organization and voted upon.
  • Currency (Tokens)
    • Deploy your own token with simplicity, without the need to write smart contracts.
    • Fee-free tokens recorded on the EOS blockchain to ensure the integrity and security of all your transactions & holdings of tokens.
    • From tokens with voting powers, utility tokens for stake in your organization, to liquid exchangeable tokens, you have the choice to use one, or even use all three!
  • Open architecture
    • Hypha will provide the ability to add new modules (when available) for your legal, accounting & trading needs.

*This toolkit includes some of the upcoming DAO features funded by the ENF grant.

Beyond the features

As Hypha DAO makes itself at home on EOS and continues to refine its roadmap, several other initiatives are underway. 

  • Hypha DAO is already working to support 14 large scale bio-regional global impact projects around the world.
  • Beyond launching individual DAOs, Hypha enables the creation of large interconnected ecosystems of DAOs to bring to life a new form of human coordination for large-scale impact around the globe.

The Eden—Hypha Connection

The Eden on EOS community has been pioneering the unique Eden Democratic Process. The process was originally implemented as a truly democratic means of selecting representative delegates to direct funds on behalf of the EOS community. Eden was funded with an initial treasury of 259,000 EOS (approx. $1.5m USD) through an ENF grant. 

Eden on EOS is governed through the use of a smart contract, and based on the principles outlined in Dan Larimer’s book, More Equal Animals. The Eden process is a unique, game theoretical approach to periodically selecting leadership in a way that resists capture by special interests through using randomness, optimizing for consensus building, and a bottom up “wisdom of the crowd” approach. Currently, Eden on EOS is on its third succession of delegates selected through the process, and is fast approaching the one-year anniversary of its first election on October 9th.

The Eden process excels at selecting trusted members of the community. However, it has historically lacked the organizational infrastructure which would allow it to express the true value of its governance capabilities.

Enter Hypha

Hypha is governance agnostic. Within the Hypha toolkit, DAOs are free to choose from among a variety of different governance methods that best suit the needs of their respective communities. Now, there will be one more to choose from.

As part of the agreement with the ENF, Hypha will be adding the Eden Democratic Process as a governance setting in its voting module, so all new DAOs using Hypha may elect to use an Eden governance process right out of the box.

Additionally, for the current instance of Eden on EOS, Hypha will add a unique solution that allows this organization to make use of the complete set of Hypha features, with an unlimited user base, all while integrating with the existing Eden smart contract. Furthermore, Hypha DAO’s solution will enable the Eden on EOS community to evolve into a large-scale, international, interconnected DAO ecosystem.

Eden on EOS has been a key experiment in community directed funding and development within the EOS ecosystem. With all Hypha features being made available to the Eden on EOS community, such a comprehensive suite of tools should prove to be a highly useful, if not a groundbreaking development in the organizational capacity of Eden as it continues to evolve into a fully fledged ecosystem of DAOs on EOS.

EOS as the Hub

The introduction of Hypha’s “Organization-in-a-box solution” will serve as a major catalyst within the EOS Ecosystem. It will enable all manner of organizations to take the leap into new modes of cooperation and self-governance that would otherwise be inaccessible, chaotic, and challenging.

EOS members will gain access to Hypha’s DAO solution via a range of attractive price plans including a freemium option, to start their own DAO journeys.

With EOS as an efficient, scalable, battle tested layer-one blockchain, and Hypha, a truly inspired team building decentralized tools to help the world work 100% for humanity, it’s not hard to imagine an explosion of decentralized exponential growth within the entire EOS Network, and beyond.

This is just the beginning! Keep an eye out for additional communications covering further details of what Hypha has to offer, and deep dives with the Hypha team, as we go down this path together.

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