The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is pleased to share the recent news from NoahArk Tech Group ( with the EOS community. EOS Network Ventures (ENV) has made a strategic investment of $2.4M into NoahArk’s DeFi infrastructure. This news will play an important role in unlocking new potentials for growth, innovation and collaboration in DeFi on EOS and within the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Check out the official announcement below and keep reading to learn more about both EOS Network Ventures and NoahArk Tech Group. At the end of this piece, we’ll be discussing how you can begin diving into Noah’s DeFi ecosystem.

Fostering a Collaborative & Innovative DeFi Ecosystem on EOS 

ENV is a venture capital fund with a mission to attract capital investment and deploy that capital for the benefit of the EOS Network as a whole. The organization is in the process of making a number of strategic investments in alignment with this mission and is an important part of that vision. The project came to be through a collaboration between Defibox Technology Limited ( and Hong Kong Noah Technology Limited ( and aims to build a robust DeFi ecosystem on the EOS network.

By building on the strengths of both and NoahArk Tech Group, the team hopes to foster an expansive ecosystem of DeFi tools on EOS. As part of this strategy, the team plans to collaborate with two leading DeFi teams to develop an interoperable liquidity aggregation protocol. This will improve transaction flexibility, while creating a more expansive liquidity pool that supports a wide array of assets.

Through this investment, the ENV aims to support NoahArk Tech Group as they create new avenues for collaboration and development that benefit the entire EOS DeFi ecosystem.  At the same time, this investment will drive value back to the network by creating new opportunities for DeFi to thrive on EOS, while increasing users and liquidity on the network.

Yves La Rose, Director of ENV and Founder & CEO of the ENF expressed excitement in the news, stating “Through our investment in NoahArk Tech Group, we’re not just funding a company, we’re investing in the future of DeFi on the EOS Network. We’re confident in their ability to innovate and believe this partnership will lead to significant advancements in the EOS ecosystem.”

NoahArk Tech Group CEO, Eason, noted the impact this investment would have on their efforts to grow DeFi adoption on EOS. “This financial backing will significantly enhance market opportunities for both and As we anticipate the next bull market, the combined efforts of our DeFi teams will focus on developing an interoperable liquidity aggregation protocol. These initiatives are aimed at enhancing transaction convenience and flexibility for our users and expanding the range of assets supported on EOS and EOS EVM.”

Learn More & Get Involved

Along with the investment from ENV, community members can expect to see a lot more news and updates coming from Noah over the next few months. To stay in the loop on all of this, be sure to connect with them in the following places:

EOS Network Ventures is constantly looking for new projects that can play a role in growing the adoption of EOS. If you are involved in a project or know of a project that you’d like to share with the ENV team, please get in touch with EOS Labs with your pitch deck and other relevant information.

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About is an emerging DeFi project on the EOS EVM chain, focusing on providing highly secure and reliable decentralized trading services. Through innovative lock-up mechanisms and liquidity solutions, it creates a seamless financial market experience for users. It is expected to launch a series of trading-focused products such as perpetual contracts and perpetual options early next year.

About is the leading DeFi project in the EOS ecosystem, creating an open, secure and comprehensive financial experience for users through decentralized technology and financial tools. It is planned to develop financial derivatives such as lending and over-collateralized stablecoins on EOS EVM.

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