Spring 1.0 and the Savanna consensus algorithm will be the most significant upgrades to EOS since its network launch. To ensure a smooth rollout and safe transition, the EOS Network Foundation is updating the guidance for release timing and community testing. The stable release is scheduled for September 4, 2024, with the hard fork or consensus upgrade set for September 25, 2024.

Our Commitment to Quality and Security

We are committed to upholding our standards of excellence with the introduction of the new Savanna consensus algorithm in Spring 1.0. This requires thorough testing and analysis, ensuring that each upgrade meets EOS’s legacy of uninterrupted operation.

Important Update for Infrastructure Providers and Technical Partners

Collaboration and readiness for all ecosystem participants is crucial as we gear up for the upcoming Spring 1.0 upgrade. Reflecting on our journey since the last major consensus upgrade with Antelope Leap 3.1, we recognize the importance of a unified effort across the ecosystem for a smooth transition.

Infrastructure providers and technical partners should note these key dates for the Spring 1.0 hard fork:

  • Stable Release: September 4, 2024
  • Recommended Upgrade Period: September 5-24, 2024
  • Hard Fork: September 25, 2024

All node operators must prepare for the upcoming hard fork to continue participating in the EOS network. After activation, the hard fork will dramatically decrease the EOS time to finality from several minutes to mere seconds.

Jungle Testnet Deployment

The public testnet for Antelope Spring Beta was deployed on a purpose-built testnet by CryptoLions, in collaboration with several dedicated Block Producers, including EOS Nation, EOS Sphere, EOS Rio, and EOS USA. This collective effort ensures robust testing and smooth operations, to help us gather essential feedback from developers and users.

Testnet Details

Spring Testnet Bug Bounty Program

We are introducing the Savanna Consensus on EOS, reducing transaction finality from minutes to seconds. We need your help to ensure its robustness before the mainnet launch! Join our bug bounty program and earn up to 2,000 EOS for reporting critical bugs.

Next Steps

We’ll provide more detailed instructions as the upgrade date approaches, so please stay tuned to our communications for the latest updates.

We deeply value your understanding and patience as we continue to refine and test the new algorithm. Your participation is crucial in shaping the future of EOS.

Thank you for your continued support.