Funding the
EOS Network

Our approach to funding the EOS Network is multi-pronged, symbiotic, and community-driven. Through direct investments, sponsored working groups, and long term product development, we create positive sum games, which allow EOS to continue maturing a best-in-class blockchain ecosystem.

Our Funding Methods


The ENF has donated $1,738,888 to the grant matching pool across the first three seasons of Pomelo. This capital was distributed across 387 proposals using the quadratic formula, to allow EOS token holders to dictate how the public goods funding was allocated.

Eden on EOS

The EdenOS software governs how the community is managed and how community funds are allocated to representative members. Eden on EOS utilizes the EdenOS software with an initial treasury of 359,000 EOS funded by the ENF.

Direct Grant Framework

As part of the EOS Network Foundation's (ENF) charter to grow and support the EOS ecosystem, the ENF has developed a multi-level grant program to help power research, software development, and maintenance of the Antelope protocol.

Recognition Grants

The ENF deployed $3.5m in Recognition Grants across 35 projects and businesses. Each received a $100,000 grant for their past and present contributions to EOS.

Working Group Grants

In Q4 2021, the ENF awarded working group grants totaling $1.3m. These grants incentivize collaboration amongst the most trusted and experienced developers within the Antelope ecosystem.

EOS Network Ventures

EOS Network Ventures will launch in Q4 2022 and provide investments in EOS based applications.

How ENF Funding Works

EOS Mainnet Funding
EOS Network Foundation
Pomelo Grants
  • 387 proposals
  • 187,192 EOS raised
  • 20,026 contributions
  • 4,126 contributors
  • Deployed $2.3 million
Eden on EOS
  • Fractal Democracy
  • 359k EOS deployed
Recognition Grants
  • Media / Community
  • DeFi / Interoperability
  • Social / Gaming
  • Audit / Tools
  • Wallets
  • $3.5M Granted
Working Groups
  • Audit+
  • Core+
  • Wallet+
  • API+
  • EVM+
  • Recover+
  • Over $2.4m Funding
Direct Grant Framework
  • Individual – Up to $10,000
  • Small Team – Up to $50,000
  • Company – Over $50,000
ENF Ventures
Coming Soon (Q4 2022)

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