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EOS is an open-source blockchain platform, distributing the tools developers need to create, grow, and enhance their ideas and infrastructure.

EOS Network Reliability

days without network downtime

Build Better with a Better Blockchain

Endlessly Adaptable Architectures

EOS liberates developers to align what they build with what they imagine. Bringing together programmable architectures, versatile blockchain infrastructures, and custom smart contracts, the EOS Network helps developers coordinate, permit, execute, and deliver as they see fit.

Strength Through Speed

With transactions that combine state-of-the-art speed, lower costs, and minimal latency, EOS allows developers to do more, and waste less, by effortlessly optimizing and integrating digital resources.

Structured for Success

Anyone can onboard, scale up, and flourish with EOS, from blockchain beginners to the cream of the coding crop, thanks to assistance from on-call EOS experts, and an ever-expanding toolkit, product base, and educational library.

Durable Data Protocols

The EOS Network defends your data with end-to-end authentication and preeminent blockchain and web security verifications standards, and a robust yet flexible permissions range permitting developers to coordinate their products with necessary regulatory and compliance frameworks.

Community Cost Collaboration

Rather than burdening individual users with pesky transaction fees, on EOS, the network covers these costs. Those who stake tokens are ensured access to a proportional share of ecosystem resources, to socialize both the gains and costs of the EOS Network.

Our Working Groups

EOS Network Foundation Working Groups focus on R&D for specific aspects of EOS. Their research covers current EOS projects/products, along with recommending improvements and additions to keep and sustain EOS as the state-of-the-art blockchain.


Providing access for the next generation of EOSIO-powered apps


Developing software that allows applications to run on EOSIO


Working with software to integrate EOSIO info external applications


Providing an overall framework for security analysis tooling and contract audit for EOSIO-based applications

Deploying the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on EOS


Developing mitigation strategies, emergency response protocols, and best practices for hacks and exploits


Increase opportunities for dApp developers to be rewarded and EOS users to earn yield on the EOS Network.

Antelope Coalition

Working group formed between EOS, Telos, Wax, and UX Network to secure and improve the core Antelope framework.


Establishing innovative solutions for the EOSIO protocol to provide faster finality, trustless IBC, optimized RAM scaling, P2P networking, and other scaling improvements

We're Funding the Future of EOS

The EOS Network Foundation allocates investment and seed funding to business and developers, to identify the most fruitful opportunities, and create positive feedback loops between products for further innovation.

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