It’s been another fantastic month of growth for the EOS ecosystem and we can’t wait to get you caught up on everything! Perhaps the most significant milestone was the network reaching 2000 days of operation with no downtime. This speaks not only to the reliability of EOS tech but the hard work and dedication of the entire community that continue to strengthen EOS every day.

It was appropriate that this technical landmark was reached alongside some of the most monumental achievements EOS has seen in recent months. This includes partnerships with CoinTR in Turkey, PassPay in Japan, and Spirit Blockchain Capital in Canada. With recognition and adoption growing for EOS around the globe, it’s an extremely exciting time to be a part of the EOS community and we’re happy to have you along for the ride!

We’ll be covering all of this and more in the rest of this report and if you have the time, we encourage you to check out our recently debuted Everything EOS Livestream. This two hour event features insights from leaders in the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and across the EOS ecosystem, as well as ecosystem news, exclusive interviews & more!

Can’t wait to get started engaging with the EOS network? There’s lots of activities going on in the community like the EOS Moments NFT Contest, Ubux EOS Bonanza, Feed Your Monkey game, or the PlayZap Ecosystem, which recently surpassed 52k Unique Active Wallets and 117k Transactions on the EOS EVM mainnet. The video above also features a developer challenge at the 1 hour and 20 minute mark, where participants can win up to 200 EOS!

CoinTR Joins Forces with EOS to Lead Web3 Innovation in Turkey

The EOS Network Foundation and EOS Labs, leading stewards for the EOS blockchain, are thrilled to announce a pivotal partnership with CoinTR, Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. This news involved the announcement of a jointly established Web3 Labs between CoinTR and EOS Labs.

This alliance is a cornerstone in our strategy to drive Web3 innovation in Turkey, emphasizing local development and global collaboration. Highlights include:

  • Synergistic Market Growth
  • Turkish Web3 Incubator Launch
  • CoinTR Launchpad
  • EOS Staking Pool
  • Ecosystem Support

The partnership was ceremonially inaugurated during the CoinTR 2nd Anniversary Party on November 28 in Istanbul. The event was attended by over 300 prominent figures from the industry, finance sector, and government, including Turkey’s Minister of Finance, the Chairman of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Adoption Expands in Japan, Following Binance Listing & PassPay Partnership

Several months ago, the ENF announced that the EOS token had been granted whitelist approval by the Japan Virtual and Crypto Asset Exchange Association (JVCEA). This paved the way for EOS to be traded against the Japanese yen on regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan and the impact became apparent through two major pieces of news in November.

First, PassPay has announced a strategic alliance centered on leveraging the EOS blockchain for its innovative digital payments platform. This will involve the development of a number of critical financial services for the country of Japan. The most notable of these is the issuance of the stablecoin JPYW, the only stablecoin licensed for the Japanese Yen.

Second, EOS was listed on Binance Japan, making it easy for users across the country to acquire EOS and begin engaging with the network. Both these milestones are part of a much broader trend of adoption for EOS in Japan. It will be exciting to see what other projects in this region begin leveraging EOS technology throughout 2024.

ENV Invests in Spirit Blockchain Capital to Accelerate RWA Adoption on EOS

EOS Network Ventures (ENV) has made a strategic investment into SBC. This news will play a major role in enhancing the collaboration between traditional finance and the blockchain sector, helping to accelerate real world asset (RWA) adoption on EOS, and driving positive change within the industry.

Through this investment, the ENV aims to support Spirit Blockchain Capital on their mission to identify and nurture innovative blockchain projects. At the same time, this investment will drive value back to the network by expanding SBC’s portfolio, exploring strategic partnerships, and continuing to drive innovation in the blockchain and tokenization space. Read more in the press release announcing the partnership.

EOS Developer News

The developer side of the ecosystem has also undergone tremendous growth, most notably with the launch of WharfKit 1.0. WharfKit is a collection of SDKs, tools, libraries & more, that make building Web3 applications on the Antelope tech stack a breeze. It was funded by the Antelope Coalition which is made up of representatives from EOS, WAX, Telos and UX Network.

Despite being an extremely powerful technology stack, Antelope has been a complex ecosystem for new builders to navigate. This was largely due to a lack of resources for those who are unfamiliar with the developer environment on chains like EOS. But now, with Wharf live, the ecosystem is more accessible than ever and finally has an amazing resource for both new and veteran developers. All of this will position EOS for an explosion of innovation. Read more in the thread below.

Also this month, the EOS EVM Trustless bridge has added support for new digital assets from Defibox. By utilizing the UI at, the sEOS, BOX and USN tokens can be seamlessly transferred between EOS Native and EOS EVM, for greater DeFi composability across all areas of the ecosystem.

There is currently a manual process for whitelisting new tokens supported by the trustless bridge. This initial set of tokens were selected based on their utility, user activity, liquidity, and trading volume. The next batch of whitelisted tokens are coming soon! The current token listing process is temporary with a permissionless version currently under development and expected to launch in early 2024.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “do blockchains make a sound and, if so, what would they sound like?” Well, ENF Director of DevRel explored just that in this recent video on the EOS Developer YouTube. Check it out to uncover the hidden music behind the transactions on your favourite networks.

Another Epic Month for the EOS Ecosystem!

It’s been an incredibly exciting month to be a part of the EOS ecosystem, with partnerships being made around the globe and a number of innovative technical developments that continue to improve the developer experience on EOS. Don’t forget to check out the recent Everything EOS Livestream for a closer look at all the topics discussed in this report.

If you want to dive even deeper, the November EOS BP Meeting Recap provides valuable insight into the conversations and work being undertaken by network operators and custodians. Don’t forget to follow the EOS Network Foundation on Twitter to stay in the loop on future updates and join the EOS Community on Telegram.

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