Exactly one year ago today, the EOS Community reached a massive milestone with the upgrade to Antelope Leap 3.1. This hard fork upgrade solidified the EOS community’s independence from the old codebase that had become problematic due to the original maintainer’s neglect. It welcomed a new era, with the network shifting to the Antelope Leap codebase, maintained by a coalition of EOS, Telos, UX Network, and WAX.

At the time of the upgrade, the community dubbed this momentous occasion “EOS Independence Day,” signifying the choices that the network took to step into its own destiny. Today marks the first anniversary of EOS Independence Day and in celebration, the .gems team is launching a new giveaway. The giveaway also involves the EOS Moment NFTs that were released to celebrate the recent 5-year anniversary of the EOS Mainnet.

How to Enter the EOS Independence Day Giveaways

Prizes of 21 EOS will be drawn every month for collectors who hold the full set of 21 moments & a monthly POP Token Raffle ticket. EOS Moment NFTs can be earned through the monthly raffle and collected on the AtomicHub marketplace. The POP Token Monthly Raffle tickets can be acquired by collecting POP Tokens at events like the EOS Community Fireside chats and the EOS Synergy shows and then trading them for a raffle ticket. Learn more about POP Tokens and Raffle Tickets in the article below.

With a 2100 EOS prize pool for holders, there will be up to 20 giveaways of 21 EOS per month. If there are more than 20 qualifying unique holders, 1 EOS prizes will be added to that month’s prize pool ensuring there is 1 prize per qualifying holder. The 21 EOS prizes & 1 EOS prizes will be distributed randomly to holders via an NFT pack. Please note that this means if there are more than 20 unique holders in a given month, some holders may only win 1 EOS that month.

The promotion runs every month until all 2100 EOS have been distributed. Users can hold the same set and qualify for multiple months, but only 1 set per EOS account will be counted each month. Users who want to collect more than 1 set need to use multiple accounts with a unique set in each. Each account must hold at least 1 full set and that month’s raffle ticket.

Prizes are distributed at the same time as the POP Token Monthly Raffle prizes, which is usually the first Wednesday of every month. Join the EOS Discord and come out to the EOS Community Fireside Chat for more details.

A Day Worth Celebrating

Thank you to the entire EOS Community for their contributions in growing the ecosystem over the past year. It’s an extremely exciting time to be a part of the network, with new initiatives and epic milestones being reached every week! None of this would be possible without the tireless work of countless community members, block producers, dApp developers and all other contributors.

Don’t forget to enter the contest and come out to the EOS Fireside Chat on Discord every Wednesday at 7:00 pm UTC to connect with the rest of the community.

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