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Anchor is a security and privacy focused open-source digital wallet for all Antelope-based networks.


Defibox is a professional one-stop DeFi application platform on EOS featuring swap, USN stablecoin generation, lending, borrowing, and DAO governance.

EOS PowerUp

EOS PowerUp simplifies EOS resource management with free daily resources for casual users and an automated resource allocation service for dApps.

EOS Support

EOS Support is a global, multi-lingual, community-driven customer support service acting as the trusted concierge of the EOS Network.

EOS Template One logo
EOS Template One

Build your own EOS Website Store with a built in POS with no coding experience in minutes.


Hypha builds decentralized apps to empower communities with the tools of decentralized and autonomous governance.


Audited community-driven AMM and Launchpad on EOS EVM blockchain.


Newdex is the world’s first EOS based Decentralized Exchange, and the leading DEX for on-chain matching and settlement on EOS.


Noah is a cross-chain DeFi built on EOS EVM, providing users with functions such as Swap and liquidity market making.


TokenPocket is a versatile multi-chain wallet with fiat on-ramp, dApp store, hardware cold wallet, MultiSig wallet features, and a thriving community.


Upland is a property-trading, city-building metaverse designed for players to explore cities, collect properties, and meet other Uplanders.


Wombat is a leading gaming wallet across EOS and other blockchain ecosystems that features free account creation and a stellar library of dApps and tokens.

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What is a DAO, and How Does it Function?

A DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is the core component of the EOS Network. DAOs operate according to the democratic desires of their membership, who vote on the direction, and development of their community.

The DAOmocratic Process

The stewardship of the EOS Network Foundation is decided by the EOS Network's on-going consensus competition. This is the most decentralized election process ever created, and it works as follows:


Every 0.5 seconds, token holders use over a billion EOS tokens in voting for block producers on the EOS blockchain.


The top 21 block producers produce the blocks on the EOS blockchain, and participate in governance as the guardians/custodians of the EOS DAO securing the EOS network.


The EOS Network Foundation functions as the CEO of the EOS DAO, elected by the top 21 block producers. It is funded by the network itself, as a vehicle for reinvestment into the ENF's core mission: enabling developers, business, and individuals to build better on EOS.


Dozens of standby Block Producers compete to enter the top 21, if they can get enough votes to rank higher.


DAOmocracy requires a multisig (MSIG) signed by 15 of the top 21 block producers to agree on any network changes or upgrades, including the replacement of the ENF.

This is the method through which token holders vote to determine which block producers secure and operate the underlying infrastructure of the network, and empower the ENF, the network’s point of contact to the outside world.

Technology For Developer Collaboration

EOS is an open-source blockchain platform, founded on tech that prioritizes high performance, flexibility, security, and developer freedom. The EOS Network prioritizes usability across those features, so developers all can implement and grow their ideas.

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