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The A-DEX is a peer-to-peer system designed for exchanging cryptocurrencies on the Antelope (EOSIO) blockchains.


Alcor is a lego of decentralized finance built on multi-chain, and a provider of solutions in one tap.


Anchor is a security and privacy focused open-source digital wallet for all Antelope-based networks.

Antelope Tools

Real Time Visibility of Antelope blockchains. Monitor network health through our intuitive dashboards.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that supports more than 500 coins and tokens, providing simplicity, safety, and convenience for users.


AtomicHub is a marketplace; a one-stop solution for the creation, sale and trade of blockchain gaming items and digital collectibles.


Ave.ai is a decentralized on-chain data platform that currently aggregates on-chain data from 25 blockchains.


badges.boo is the easiest platform to create and explore Soulbound tokens on EOS.

BBS Network

A blockchain network of Bulletin Board Systems where users can create forums to post, comment, share ideas and generate revenue from their content.

BitKeep EOS EVM logomark

BitKeep: The Ultimate Decentralized Multi-Chain Wallet Solution with Swapping, NFT Markets, DApps, and Launchpad. Join 10M+ users across 90+ mainnets for seamless crypto experiences.


Multichain, highly configurable, and open source, the explorer portal opens up access to all chain data and functionality.


Security is top priority in the blockchain. BlockSec conducts cutting-edge research, provides reliable security services and builds insightful tools.

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The list of ecosystem projects above is presented for informational purposes only, to demonstrate the growth of the EOS ecosystem. It does not amount to an endorsement by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) to transact on the platform or services listed. The ENF takes steps to ensure its own compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and is not responsible for the actions of its ecosystem partners. The information on this website is for informational purposes only. It contains high-level summaries and is not intended to include all material information regarding the EOS ecosystem and risk factors associated with it.

We do our best to vet every project featured on the EOS Ecosystem page, however, we rely on community feedback to keep us informed and up-to-date with new project information. If you wish to leave feedback on any of the projects featured, you may do so here.

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What is a DAO, and How Does it Function?

A DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is the core component of the EOS Network. DAOs operate according to the democratic desires of their membership, who vote on the direction, and development of their community.

The DAOmocratic Process

The stewardship of the EOS Network Foundation is decided by the EOS Network's on-going consensus competition. This is the most decentralized election process ever created, and it works as follows:


Every 0.5 seconds, token holders use over a billion EOS tokens in voting for block producers on the EOS blockchain.


The top 21 block producers produce the blocks on the EOS blockchain, and participate in governance as the guardians/custodians of the EOS DAO securing the EOS network.


The EOS Network Foundation functions as the CEO of the EOS DAO, elected by the top 21 block producers. It is funded by the network itself, as a vehicle for reinvestment into the ENF's core mission: enabling developers, business, and individuals to build better on EOS.


Dozens of standby Block Producers compete to enter the top 21, if they can get enough votes to rank higher.


DAOmocracy requires a multisig (MSIG) signed by 15 of the top 21 block producers to agree on any network changes or upgrades, including the replacement of the ENF.

This is the method through which token holders vote to determine which block producers secure and operate the underlying infrastructure of the network, and empower the ENF, the network’s point of contact to the outside world.

Technology For Developer Collaboration

EOS is an open-source blockchain platform, founded on tech that prioritizes high performance, flexibility, security, and developer freedom. The EOS Network prioritizes usability across those features, so developers all can implement and grow their ideas.

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