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The Everything EOS Weekly Report sources stories and updates from the community members that are part of the English, Chinese and Korean EOS communities. The Everything EOS Weekly Report is the best place to catch up on all the latest news in EOS from all around the world.

This week includes:

  • Core+ Blue Paper
  • ENF Instituting Formal Litigation Proceedings Against
  • The ƒractally Team is Growing
  • More /Rants by Yves La Rose
  • Pomelo Season 2 NFTs: Get Your Kimberlites
  • EOSWriter Podcast Launched
  • Upland Introduces P2P Transfers for UPX token
  • EDEN Spark — I Like EOS Meme Contest

Core+ Blue Paper

The Core+ Blue Paper outlines how to provide EOSIO users and developers with the resources needed to configure their own implementation of EOSIO.
It is composed of three phases, working together to take EOSIO to the moon:

1. Launchpad

Launchpad covers the minimum requirements to produce value for the network and provide a stable base to relaunch EOSIO, by:

  • Filling major technical gaps identified by the Core+ team and the EOSIO community
  • Comprehensively reviewing and updating the documentation and training for EOSIO
  • Ensuring the documentation and training is owned and managed by the EOSIO community

2. Lift-Off

Lift-Off expands upon Stabilize by focusing on:

  • Implementing multi-chain compatibility for EOSIO
  • Enhancing onboarding through partnerships, events, working groups, etc.
  • Enhancing outreach to attract new developers, users, and education and business partners
  • Developing a legal framework to help projects get from POC to a live environment

3. Propel

Propel includes all of the above with augmented features:

  • Improving speed and scale of EOSIO
  • Attracting and supporting millions of new users from around the world
  • Bringing EOSIO to the major business centers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia

Specifically, the Core+ Blue Paper covers the following topics:
✓ Improvements to Ricardian contracts integration
✓ Improvements to REX, staking, and voting
✓ Improvements to nodeos integration
✓ Expansion of smart contract toolkits
✓ Creation of front- and back-end architecture guides
✓ Development of comprehensive smart contract testing tools
✓ Creation of use case templates
✓ Creation of a library of smart contract templates
✓ Creation of a curated catalogue of EOSIO resources
✓ Creation and documentation of EOSIO tools for Windows and macOS
✓ Improvements to the Blockvault plugin
✓ Restarting of the EOSIO for Business initiative
✓ Improvements to features and intrinsics in plugins
✓ R&D for increased business adoption of EOSIO
✓ Creation of scripts for standalone cleos and keosd
✓ Development of SSI solutions for EOSIO
✓ Implementation of an API endpoint for speculative transaction status
✓ Establishment of multi-regional legal support for EOSIO
✓ Improvements to BP reward system

ENF Instituting Formal Litigation Proceedings Against

The EOS Network Foundation has announced we’ve hired a Canadian law firm to investigate B1’s past actions and promises vis-à-vis the EOS community and EOS investors to determine what legal avenues are available to seek redress. This story was picked up by many crypto publications including CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CryptoBriefing and others.

We are aware that many members of the EOS community feel that has not kept its word regarding past promises and that both the community and individual EOS users have been harmed as a result. As we announced previously, in November and December 2021 we engaged in negotiations with to attempt to arrange a fair and reasonable resolution with that would position the EOS community for future success. Unfortunately decided to walk away from the negotiations and as a result the EOS Block Producers determined it was in the best interest of the community to freeze the vesting of all the EOS tokens that was to earn in the future.

We have continued to engage with community members and stakeholders on this issue and what we have heard is that the community supports the Foundation taking further steps toward holding accountable for its past actions and broken promises. Accordingly we have retained a leading Canadian law firm to investigate’s past actions and promises vis-à-vis the EOS community and EOS investors to determine what legal avenues are available to seek redress. This will include a review of all possible legal recourse including, but not limited to, instituting formal litigation proceedings against We will keep the community updated as this investigation progresses.

EOS Community Weighs Legal Action Against Seeking $4.1B

The ƒractally Team is Growing

Last week we learned about 3 new additions to the ƒractally team.

First, John Williamson, creator of the Violet Garden incentivized blogging platform on EOS, was hired to join the team. You can watch the above GenPool Spotlight interview to learn more about John and his role within ƒractally.

Second, Dan Larimer tweeted about Valzav joining the team and bringing with him the experience acquired while being the lead UI dev for both the Bitshares Exchange and at

And finally, well known EOS developer James Mart has also joined the team to help enhance EOS tokens, DeFi, wallets and developer tools. James Mart also published a YouTube /rant of his own addressing the topic of exchange voting and mechanism design in general.

/Rants by Yves La Rose: Mindset Shift, Vilifying Exchanges, Token Listings

Yves La Rose brings gives some much needed context on the present circumstance & rants about the mindset shift necessary for EOS to move from outmoded concepts of funding & development, to how we progress with leadership & decentralization while bringing together the teams and resources we need to thrive.

Yves La Rose rants about the problematic nature of vilifying exchanges, the important roles they play within the EOS & wider crypto ecosystems, & the need to develop win-win, pragmatic business relationships

Yves La Rose demystifies the process around exchange token listings and touches on both the legal and operational considerations that come into play as well as the unique case of EOS based tokens.

Pomelo Season 2 NFTs: Get Your Kimberlites

While the official launch of the 2nd season of Pomelo is coming up in March, the promotional Pomelo NFT Season 2 Series has already started! The first NFT that can be purchased is the Kimberlite! Collectors can either purchase directly from the drop page on AtomicHub or for those who want to help beta test a new product, collectors can purchase some EOS NFTs directly from Shopify! This allows collectors to use standard payment methods such as credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal!

The 2nd NFT of the series, the Grant Collectibles, will be available for purchase this week. Those who want to continue on with the Pomelo Season 2 NFT adventure will need to blend 4x Kimberlites and 1x Grant Collectible to create the mysterious Diamond Potion! What can you do with a Diamond Potion? We don’t know yet but we’re sure we’ll find out soon enough!

Stay tuned to the Pomelo Twitter to find as the team continues to reveal more details about the NFT series every week leading up to the official March launch of Pomelo Season 2.

Want to learn more about the Pomelo crowdfunding platform? Check out some recent Bywire News interviews with Daniel Keyes, CEO of EOS Nation. Part one of the interview discusses the past, present and future for Pomelo while highlighting some lessons learned from season 1 while part two of the interview explores what Pomelo could look like in the distant future and reveals exciting advances and potential new features for the shorter term.

EOSWriter Podcast Launched

Going back to the foundations of where it all began, the EOSwriter Podcast hosted by Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D aims to dive exclusively into the exciting rejuvenation of the projects, developers, and sentiments on the EOS mainnet. This week features their first ever episode and they’re joined by no stranger to the space, John Heeter. This episodes discusses and the launch of the new PowerUp NFT’s, Boid, EdenOnEOS, and other odds and ends from around the EOS space.

Upland Introduces P2P Transfers for UPX Token

Upland, the most popular P2E game on EOS, continues to release new features making the game more and more enjoyable for both current players and newcomers. Last week saw the introduction of peer-to-peer transfers for their in-game currency, UPX. Since UPX carries real-world value, players will have to verify their identification before being able to unlock this feature. Learn more about UPX transfers in their recently published blog post.

EDEN Spark — I Like EOS Meme Contest

Are you a fan of EOS and a creator of MEMES? If so, you should join the Eden Spark “I Like EOS” meme contest! Running during the month of February, this contest is open to anyone in the community and even features a 10 EOS prizepool. Check out their Twitter account, join their Telegram channel and let the EOS meme creativity flow through you! Have fun and good luck!

EOS Network

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user and developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation (ENF).

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates financial and non-financial support to encourage the growth and development of the EOS Network. The ENF is the hub of the EOS Network, harnessing the power of decentralization as a force for positive global change to chart a coordinated future for EOS.