With the renewed energy and enthusiasm in the EOS ecosystem, yet another milestone is fast approaching! An EOS community-led Hackathon and Ideathon combo with something for everyone: The EVMxIdeathon!

A collaboration between the EOS Network Foundation and Helios, the EVMxIdeathon is an eight-week event covering two main tracks, multiple categories, & offering $125,000 in prizes to be awarded across 52 projects that go the distance!

This article is meant to serve as an informative overview. Official rules, submission specifics, and further guidelines will be made available when the event begins.

The goals of the EVMxIdeathon are to raise awareness of the EOS Ecosystem, to discover new talented teams and ideas, to inspire and empower the next wave of dApp developers to build amazing applications on Trust EVM.

The Timeline — 8 Weeks of Events

Sept 19th

  • Registrations Open
  • Hackathon Kickstarter
  • Opening Ceremony with Keynote

Oct 31st

  • Projects Due

Nov 14th

  • Ideathon Final Pitches – Livestream!
  • Winners Announced
  • Closing Ceremony

Two Tracks—Ideathon and Hackathon

The Ideathon

No code required! What is the killer dApp that blockchain has been waiting for? You know that brilliant blockchain idea you’ve been telling everyone about? It’s time to make it official.  Now’s your chance. Put your ideas to the test!  Articulate and pitch a viable project idea for on-chain dApps suited to five categories that will be revealed soon.

What to Submit:
  • Outline the basis of the idea.
  • Create a Pitch Deck.
  • Produce a recorded 5-7 minute presentation.
  • Multiple submissions from each entrant/team will be allowed provided each is unique and substantially different.
  • All submission materials must be in English, or fully translated to English.

$75,000 USD worth of $EOS will be awarded to the 30 winning projects.

Prizes will range from $1,000 to $6,000 with awards for 1st through 6th place in each category.

+ Access to a special purpose Ideathon Incubator series by Helios.

The Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon

The time has come to level up your EVM GameFi! Build an on-chain GameFi app,  an AR/VR app, Machine Learning Model, or something else!

What to Submit

  • Link to code repository
  • Video demonstration
  • Addresses of any smart contracts
  • Optional pitch deck


  • Projects must be built and deployed on the Trust EVM testnet.
  • The Project must be capable of being successfully installed
  • Multiple submissions will be allowed provided each is unique and substantially different.
  • All submission materials must be in English, or fully translated to English.

The Trust EVM Hackathon is a single GameFi themed category.


$50,000 USD worth of $EOS will be awarded to 22 winning projects.

Prizes will range from $1,000 to $5,000 with multiple awards for 1st through 3rd places.

+ Access to a special purpose Trust EVM Incubator series by Helios.

* Rules Details and Complete Judging Criteria for each track will be made available on September 19th.

Helios To Keep The Fires Burning

Throughout the eight week event, Helios will be hosting multiple Ideathon events including:

  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • EOS / Antelope Technical Overview
  • Tokenomics / Gamification Workshop
  • Pitch Deck Workshop
  • Community Dev & Marketing

This is Just the Beginning

The EVMxIdeathon is just the beginning of what the EOS community has in store. This is an EOS Network Foundation backed and community-led initiative that will showcase the potential of what’s possible when community members step up to lead, and organize on EOS!

Join the EOS Network Discord and the EOS Fireside Chat every Wednesday at 1900 UTC to get more Alpha leading up to the EVMxIdeathon beginning on September 19th.

Most of all, spread the word!  This opportunity is open to all.  We want the best and brightest creatives and builders from all over the web to participate.

EOS Network

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EOS Network Foundation

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