When tech neophytes discuss cryptocurrencies and blockchain, many dismiss the idea of a digital good. However, digital goods in their many forms are familiar concepts in the online realm. From E-books to digital gift cards and beyond, society has largely integrated digital goods into commerce. And since the early days of online RPGs, where players resold their hard-to-obtain items, centralized companies have tried to control what customers do with their digital goods. 

Attempts to shed the mantle of these centralized services dot the historic landscape of the internet. Web3 has generated an explosion of new solutions, with NFTs representing in-game items and art pieces. However, much of the potential in NFTs still needs to be explored, as current solutions only offer easy onboarding workflows for specific use cases.

That’s where the Detroit-based team at FACINGS comes in. Founded by entrepreneur Robert Konsdorf, FACINGS aims to realize digital sovereignty for all by unlocking the potential of NFT technology through human-centric product design and development. FACINGS helps creators and businesses manage all aspects of their NFT collections towards success so they can launch rich and intuitive experiences for their audiences.

  • Harnessing the EOS Network and NFTs, FACINGS Creator helps manage NFT collections on any EOS account. FACINGS is enhancing the tool into a self-service platform to enable teams with limited Web3 experience to integrate NFTs into their business flow.
  • The project is committed to fostering adoption through documentation and technical tutorials, aiming to build a thriving developer community. The code for the FACINGS Creator platform is available open-source on GitHub.
  • The Antelope protocol empowers FACINGS to stand out in the NFT domain, with robust security configurations and a superior user experience.
  • The EOS Network Foundation (ENF)  has been a key asset to the FACINGS team, providing comprehensive protocol stewardship and funding through its Direct Grant Framework.

Unlocking the Potential of NFTs with FACINGS

As NFTs continue to reshape the digital landscape, there’s a growing need for robust tools and platforms that can help creators and businesses harness their full potential. Recognizing this need, FACINGS sets a new standard for NFTs with its FACINGS Creator, allowing any EOS account to manage NFT collections natively on-chain.

The journey of FACINGS has centred around the idea that the digital world needs superior tools to tap into the full potential of NFTs. The product initially launched in May 2021, releasing Lars Kommienezuspadt’s Dark Pinup on the WAX network, a member of the Antelope Coalition alongside EOS and other chains. Since then, FACINGS has committed to continuous improvement and feature testing, with a goal to integrate NFT Creator functionalities into its self-service platform.

The team at FACINGS remains steadfast in their mission, with an unwavering focus on engineering and development. Their NFT manager, the FACINGS Creator, is fully open-source and is continuously refined based on user feedback and iterative improvements. It has filled a void in general NFT tooling on EOS, enhancing user accounts and economic activity. 

Leveraging the Antelope protocol, FACINGS has already facilitated over $425,000 in NFT sales volume across 12 trial collections, including play & earn games developed with founding company DLT. While the team refines the NFT Creator, they are building a self-service platform to allow custodial management of NFT collections for teams with limited web3 experience. The tool targets entrepreneurs looking to solve big-picture problems in their respective industries by harnessing NFTs. 

On networks like EOS, onboarding businesses is critical to increasing adoption, especially from larger players with constraints in handling crypto and securing accounts. Distributed ledger technology will only rise to its potential with the network effects of wide use by large organizations. With its scalability, resilience, and malleability, the EOS platform has spent years preparing to facilitate this tech’s explosion into mass adoption.

EOS Empowers FACINGS with Unparalleled Performance & Efficiency 

FACINGS’ integration with EOS and Antelope was a strategic decision. The team took into consideration the recent renaissance of the EOS network, with its exceptional technology and token distribution fundamentals poised to drive significant growth in the NFT domain.

The current version of the FACINGS Creator is a reference UI implementation of the core AtomicAssets functionality, ensuring compatibility with the main NFT standard within the EOS and Antelope ecosystems. With the first version of the app deployed, the team plans to expand the functionality of the FACINGS Creator through a plugin framework, enabling businesses and developers to build additional plug-and-play functionality on top of the open-source core. 

In 2021, the formation of the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) triggered a reawakening in the ecosystem, inspiring FACINGS to refocus their efforts on EOS. With collaboration from the community, the ENF has spurred a frenzy of development, and FACINGS has benefited from this on multiple fronts. As participants on multiple blockchains in the Antelope ecosystem, FACINGS can leverage new developments like inter-blockchain communication (IBC) and EVM compatibility. As the protocol becomes more performant and flexible, so will their applications. The Foundation has also directly supported FACINGS through the ENF Grant Framework, providing funding for essential NFT tooling in the Antelope ecosystem.   

The FACINGS team contributed to Antelope and EOS from the early days, drawn by the protocols’ numerous features and benefits. Antelope features high-efficiency, multi-tenancy smart contracts written in popular languages (C++ and now Solidity), which can facilitate many actions at a fraction of the cost of other Web3 protocols. 

The network architecture and low fees allow developers to abstract away network resource costs from end users, enabling them to build products with a better user experience that more people can use. Developers can upgrade their smart contracts easily, with contract upgrades managed by a flexible permissions system that enables myriad arbitrarily complex interlocking security configurations. The system’s flexibility extends to the upgradability of the system itself, where core developers can roll out features quicker than other Web3 protocols. 

EOS has always attracted FACINGS from a technology and token distribution perspective. However, it needed more effective stewardship early on in its existence. With the efforts of the ENF, the new mood has created a wave of positive energy and excitement on EOS. FACINGS is eager to join in and contribute to shaping the network’s future growth. 

The ENF’s endeavors have borne fruit, beginning with in-depth strategizing through the research Blue Papers and facilitating much-needed capital injections for contributors of all shapes and sizes. The knowledge gained from these papers and the revitalization of the developer community has brought top talent back to the network, accelerating core development and broader initiatives. Through this diligent work and the solid substructure of the EOS technology stack, FACINGS can confidently forge ahead on its mission, confident they are building on a reliably maintained network that pushes the performance boundaries of blockchain.

Build Your NFT Solution with FACINGS!

For those looking to join FACINGS on its journey towards a more sovereign, decentralized world, the FACINGS Creator NFT manager is available and ready to use!

FACINGS is deeply engrossed in expanding the FACINGS Creator. NFT developers and collection owners should feel welcome to test the tool, provide feedback on its functionality, and suggest benefits and features as new issues in the GitHub repository.

For NFT enthusiasts, join and interact with the community on the FACINGS Discord

Empowering Digital Sovereignty With FACINGS

FACINGS is not just about NFTs and digital assets; it’s a project that seeks to empower creators, businesses, and communities by restoring digital sovereignty and driving innovation in the Web3 space. The platform’s unique focus on easy onboarding for business NFT integrations signals a significant shift toward a decentralized digital future.

As you can tell, the community is excited to have FACINGS as a part of the EOS ecosystem. To recap:

  • FACINGS, a Detroit-based team, is leveraging the EOS Network and NFTs to enable digital sovereignty for creators and businesses, enabling them to manage their NFT collections through a tool called FACINGS Creator.
  • While the team is engaged in refining its NFT Creator, it is also developing a self-service platform for custodial management of NFT collections, especially targeted at teams with limited web3 experience.
  • FACINGS aims to foster a thriving developer community by providing open-source documentation and technical tutorials on GitHub.
  • The Antelope protocol, known for its robust security and superior user experience, plays a crucial role in making FACINGS a distinctive presence in the NFT space.
  • The EOS Network Foundation provides initiatives and funding that have significantly spurred development in the ecosystem, empowering FACINGS to enhance the functionality of its applications.

With its top-tier technology and expansive community initiatives, EOS supercharges the FACINGS mission to empower creators and help achieve digital sovereignty. FACINGS is just one of many innovative initiatives leveraging the Antelope protocol and EOS blockchain to push the boundaries of Web3. Learn more about this and everything else EOS at EOSNetwork.com.

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