In the world’s most vibrant gaming communities, User-Generated Content (UGC) has emerged as the heart of game longevity. Players contribute their creativity to help build ecosystems around their favourite games, like the thriving modding communities in Skyrim and Minecraft. However, this immense value is often sidelined, with creators feeling overlooked, undervalued, and seeking more control over their creations. 

Owlando, an innovative cross-platform UGC social gaming metaverse, is rethinking the paradigm in this landscape.

In this deep dive you’ll discover:

  • How Owlando seeks to reward players for exploring the infinite possibilities of social sandbox gaming.
  • The critical role that EOS and the EOS EVM play in helping Owlando achieve its mission.
  • How to leverage Owlando’s tools to unleash your creative potential and join the Owlando community.

Redefining Gaming Through the Power of Blockchain

In today’s gaming ecosystems, users’ creativity often goes unrecognized and uncompensated. Owlando counters this norm. Their platform integrates Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to protect and monetize users’ in-game creations, incentivizing gamers to build and share their ideas. This process results in a positive-sum game, with the platform amassing a rich variety of content while players can express their creativity and benefit directly. Games with a continuous stream of unique, diverse content and an engaged user community have all the necessary ingredients to thrive and evolve.

Owlando takes pride in its user-centric design. Creators can wield their imagination and contribute to levels, characters, or new game modes. This active engagement enriches the gaming experience for players. The platform offers users a top-tier suite of creation tools through its Game Studio, utilizing the latest WebGPU technology to enable efficient rendering effects and creative elements, allowing creators to realize their vision. The studio also supports real-time collaboration, letting creators invite others to participate in the creation process, creating stunning works together.

Creators earn compensation whenever a player purchases or uses their work, and the platform hosts regular contests to reward exceptional creators. These efforts aim to foster a lively, imaginative community around Owlando. 

Owlando recently won third place in the Web3 Innovation Competition organized by BeWater. The accolade has captured industry experts’ attention and validation. This amplified visibility attracts potential collaborators and underscores Owlando’s potential for future growth and success.

The platform has embraced transparency and community involvement by utilizing multiple open-source resources, including ERC4907 NFT and local rendering engine code. With its ethos deeply rooted in empowering creators and celebrating their ingenuity with open software, Owlando leverages WebGL and cutting-edge WebGPU technology to deliver performant in-browser graphics, and accelerates its mission to democratize UGC with EOS and the EOS EVM.

WebGPU is a low-level API built by Chrome that grants developers direct access to the hardware capabilities of various devices from the browser. The platform employs decentralized storage based on IPFS to secure user content while generating NFT metadata for efficient loading. Owlando also uses ERC4907 NFTs to ensure creators fully own their creative assets and can trade and lease them on Owlando’s NFT marketplace. 

EOS is central to Owlando’s revolutionary approach to gaming. The EOS Network and the EOS EVM play crucial roles in validating, protecting, and promoting the ingenuity of Owlando’s users.

Harnessing EOS’s Potential to Power a Gaming Revolution

Owlando was naturally attracted to EOS for its robust and scalable infrastructure, a large international pool of potential Web3 users, and the interoperability between EOS Native and EOS EVM. These advantages have enabled Owlando to take a massive leap forward, demonstrating the power the network holds for projects pushing the boundaries of Web3.

By embracing EOS, Owlando has expedited its mission, providing a community of global gamers with a seamless and user-friendly on-chain gaming experience. Owlando’s integration with the highly performant EOS Network enhances its capability to protect user creativity without sacrificing performance or UI responsiveness. 

Through the interoperability between EOS Native and EOS EVM, Owlando allows people to build game scenarios on-chain, allowing users to harness seamless on-chain services. EOS uses the fast and flexible Antelope protocol, which offers the highest EVM speeds on the market. Gas fees on the EOS EVM are low enough to enable thousands of transactions for under a dollar, allowing developers to abstract the Web3 components of their applications and provide an experience indistinguishable from Web2.

Owlando’s NFT system plays a vital role in incentivizing creators. Each creation on Owlando generates a unique NFT, which serves as a digital copyright certificate, ensuring creators can collect compensation from sales or transfers of their work. Owlando leverages EOS EVM to provide a secure layer for users to buy, sell, trade, and lend these gaming creations. The speed of EOS EVM equips Owlando with the fast transaction times that users expect from their applications. Additionally, the wide availability of EOS across exchanges offers easy onboarding into the ecosystem. This opens up the world of web3 to the average consumer, with the performance, availability, and uptime people expect from their apps.

The EOS Network’s wide reach to potential Web3 users makes it an attractive partner, reinforcing Owlando’s ambition to transition game users from Web2 to Web3. As a resilient network with over five years of continuous uptime, EOS offers a compelling combination of features, with enough decentralization to give users true ownership of their creations and enough scalability and cost-efficiency to cater to a truly mainstream audience.

Step Into the Future of Gaming With Owlando!

Get involved with Owlando by visiting the official website. There, you can play games made by other creators, and explore the possibilities of Owlando. Build your own gaming experiences with Owlando Studio, and share them with the world! 

Monetize your creations with unique NFTs. The market is live on the EOS EVM and Ethereum Goerli test networks, and ready to onboard the next wave of web3 users.

Follow Owlando’s journey on their Medium, YouTube, and Twitter for the latest updates. Make sure to check out their website, and join the community on Discord!

Conclusion: Owlando is Transforming the Gaming Landscape!

Owlando’s integration of EOS is a game-changer. With the power of the EOS Network, Owlando demonstrates how blockchain can empower gamers and foster creativity. The current user base is just the tip of the iceberg. With the power of the incredibly performant EOS EVM, Owlando can easily scale with its success, even as it approaches its ambitious goal to triple its user numbers in the coming months.

Owlando is committed to breaking down barriers to game creation and unleashing the power of creativity with a platform powered by the unstoppable EOS Network. By empowering game content creators, Owlando carves a new path in the gaming landscape, where creativity and mutual benefit walk hand in hand.


  • Owlando is a next-generation social game builder and gaming platform that incentivizes User-Generated Content (UGC).
  • It harnesses the power of the EOS blockchain to protect and monetize gamers’ creativity.
  • With thousands of existing users, the platform’s growth shows no sign of slowing down. Get involved, create your games, and shape the future of gaming with Owlando.

That wraps up this piece on how Owlando is leveraging EOS to push the boundaries of Web3 gaming. Owlando represents one of many innovative initiatives utilizing the EOS blockchain to transform the future. Learn more about this and everything else EOS at

About Owlando

Owlando is a cross-platform UGC social game based on WebGPU and WebGL, safeguarding users’ game ideas through NFTs and incentivizing users to create popular game scenarios via tokens. Currently, Owlando has an alpha version available, featuring game content platforms, Owlando Studio, and NFT trading markets. It aims to provide superior on-chain gaming services to millions of game enthusiasts globally.

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