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Blockchain Futurist Conference & ETHToronto

The ENF will be representing EOS at Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada's largest Web3 Conference.

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) will be in attendance at Blockchain Futurist Conference, representing EOS at Canada’s largest crypto, Web3 and blockchain event. Look out for ENF Marketing Manager, Laura Cullell and ENF Communications Manager, Lliam Buckley. This event is part of the ETHToronto and ETHWomen events which the ENF is also excited to be a part of.

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Meet the ENF and EOS Community at Blockchain Futurist Conference & ETHToronto

is_single Toronto, Canada

Navigating the Web3 Boys’ Club: Women’s Perspectives on Inclusion and Equity

ENF Marketing Manager, Laura Marissa Cullell will be a featured speaker for a panel at ETHWomen as part of the Futurist Blockchain Conference in Toronto.

is_single Toronto, Canada

Web3 Boys’ Club 탐색: 포용과 평등에 대한 여성의 관점

ENF 마케팅 매니저인 Laura Marissa Cullell은 토론토에서 열리는 Futurist Blockchain Conference의 일환으로 ETHWomen 패널의 특별 연사로 참여합니다.

is_single Toronto, Canada

一览 Web3 男孩俱乐部:女性对包容性和公平性的态度

EOS 网络基金会市场营销经理 Laura Marissa Cullell 将参加加拿大多伦多举行的 #Futurist23 盛会,并将在 「Web3 世界中的女性力量」圆桌活动上带来精彩分享。