The monthly EOS Block Producer (BP) meetings are intended to establish regular communications between the top 30 EOS BPs and the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), to foster an open dialogue between network operators and custodians in support of the mutual development of the EOS ecosystem.

Meeting Overview

The meeting began at 1:00 UTC on August 31st, 2023. 21 BPs attended the call, and a total of 30 people participated in the discussions. The Interprefy tool was used in the call for synchronous translation to facilitate the free flow of information across multiple languages in real-time.

Beatrice Wang, Communications Manager for the ENF, greeted those in attendance and kicked off the meeting with a brief overview of the topics to be discussed.

ENF Founder and CEO Yves La Rose presented on a few issues.

EOS Japan Listing

Covering the recent announcement that the EOS token has been granted whitelist approval by the Japan Virtual and Crypto Asset Exchange Association (JVCEA) Yves stressed that this significant achievement paves the way for EOS to be traded against the Japanese yen on regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, and is the result of over eight months working with regulators. Now with approval, the ENF will continue working to get EOS listed on other exchanges in the market. Once EOS gets listed on three exchanges it would be considered “greenlisted”, the highest status of approval in Japan. EOS will begin trading in mid-September on BitTrade, a premier cryptocurrency marketplace licensed and regulated by the country’s Financial Services Agency (FSA).

Yves’ Travels in Asia

At the time of the BP meeting Yves had yet to set out on his travels. He has since arrived in Seoul, for Korean Blockchain Week, where he is joined by Damian Byeon of the ENF Board.

September 8th-9th

Traveling to Hong Kong, Yves will be joined by EOS Asia Founder and ENF Board Member, Dafeng Guo, and will be meeting with various funds, VCs, and dApps and touching base with ENFs Hong Kong office.

September 11th-14th

Returning to Token 2049 in Singapore, Yves will be joined by Huaqiang Wen of EOS Labs, where they will meet with founders and executives at the premier crypto event of the year.

November 13th
Yves will be speaking at the Upbit Developers Conference in Seoul.

More travel specifics will be shared as dates get closer. BPs and community members are encouraged to reach out to book time with Yves during his travels.

EOS Labs Update

Huaqiang Wen gave a brief update on the progress with EOS Labs. He stated that since the last BP meeting EOS Labs has received a lot of feedback and support. With three new team members onboard, EOS Labs is actively tracking 76 projects, with 19 of them on a short list for investment. EOS Labs has established two telegram groups for English and Chinese speakers. Please follow EOS Labs and direct your questions there. 

For additional information on EOS Labs be sure to read the latest Q&A with Huaqiang Wen and EOS Community Manager Beatrice Wang from this recent fireside chat.

Deferred Transactions

Daniel Keyes of EOS Nation reminded those present about the need to update nodes and disable deferred transactions. 

The ENF has developed a plan to disable Deferred Transactions (also known as Scheduled Transactions) by Thursday, September 14th, 2023. Every Node Operator MUST disable deferred transactions for all nodes according to the following schedule:

Jungle & Kylin Test Networks:

No earlier than Monday, August 28th, 2023

No later than Friday, September 1st, 2023

EOS Network:

No earlier than Friday, September 8th, 2023

No later than Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Every Application Developer MUST remove deferred transactions dependencies in their applications no later than Thursday, September 7th, 2023 to avoid service disruptions. Learn more in the blog.

Leap 5 Update

Yves reminded everyone about the proposed Leap 5.0 consensus upgrade (hard fork) which would introduce Instant Finality (IF).

The IF feature was designed and developed in a collaboration between UX Network (led by Guillaume Babin-Trembley) and the ENF (led by ENF Director of Engineering Areg Hayrapetian). Credit for development work on IF also goes to Fabiana Cecin and Matthias Schönebeck from the UX Network team, Kevin Heifner from OCI, and ENF engineers Lin Huang, Greg Popovitch, and Dymtro Sydorchenko.

It was reiterated that the ENF is looking for as many people to test as possible. Yves thanked the BPs for their great work and reminded everyone that EOS has over 5 years of 0% downtime during which time the EOS Network has implemented two, soon to be three, hard forks.

Block Producer Attendee List

  • GenerEOS
  • Newdex
  • EOS Nation
  • EOSeoul
  • Big.ONE
  • EOSFlytoMARS
  • StartEOS
  • Blockpool
  • EOS SG
  • Hashfin
  • Defibox
  • EOSinfstones
  • EOS Asia
  • EOSlambdacom
  • EOSLaoMao
  • EOSphere
  • Moreisfuture
  • Slowmist
  • EOS Titan
  • EOS42

EOS Network

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