Over the past 6 months, the technical infrastructure available to builders in the EOS ecosystem has improved dramatically. The launch of EOS EVM, followed by the recent release of EOS EVM 0.5.0 has opened the network up to a massive library of tools and dApps in the Ethereum ecosystem.

In addition, the recent upgrade to Antelope Leap 4 brought several improvements to the native layer, improving the experience for dApp builders coming from both Web2 & Web3. Leap 5 is also positioned to have massive implications for the developer experience, when it is released in Q4.

With all of this in mind, leading tech isn’t enough for an ecosystem to thrive. It’s equally important that the network attract a talented pool of developers to begin experimenting, innovating, and deploying projects on EOS. This is where the ENF Developer Relations department comes into play, led by Nathan James, the EOS Network Foundation’s (ENF) Director of Developer Relations.

This update will cover all of the recent and upcoming efforts in place to ensure that EOS attracts leading industry talent to go along with its cutting-edge technology.

Developer Documentation & Multilanguage Support

The EOS developer documentation is perhaps the most critical piece of the ENF’s Developer Relations strategy. It is designed to provide potential ecosystem builders with all the knowledge they need to get familiar with the development environment on EOS. The DevRel team is constantly updating this resource as new updates are rolled out, ensuring that the knowledge base stays relevant amidst the fast-evolving Web3 landscape.

Until recently, this resource was only offered in English, but recently the DevRel team began an initiative to offer these materials to builders in other geographic locations. To facilitate this, the team has incorporated an AI language translation tool, starting with support for Chinese and Korean. 

Learn & Earn Portal to Integrate Challenges Section

The EOS Learn & Earn portal serves as a more engaging and user-friendly approach to teaching people about blockchain development within the context of the EOS ecosystem. Builders can find introductory guides and explore opportunities to receive funding for their work once they’re ready to start developing on EOS.

In addition to written content, Nathan James recently began adding several tutorial videos that walk developers through basic development topics in a more consumable fashion.

EOS Web IDE Makes dApp Development a Breeze

One of the most involved undertakings of the EOS DevRel department has been building out the recently announced EOS Web IDE. It allows you to write, compile, and deploy your smart contract to the blockchain, without ever leaving your browser or installing any software.

This will play an important role in breaking down barriers to entry by making it easy for those who are new to the EOS ecosystem to get up and running quickly. The tool is in the final stages before public deployment and user onboarding begins.

WharfKit SDKs

Something that the EOS ecosystem has been lacking for a long time is a comprehensive library of SDKs for developers on the native layer. Without this tooling available, it is quite difficult for new developers to begin integrating EOS technology into their web applications, leading to a lack of adoption. This is all about to change with the release of WharfKit SDKs from Greymass.

Funded through the Antelope Coalition, the launch of Wharf Session Kit v1.0 brings dozens of important components, samples, plugins, and templates to EOS builders. The modular design of Wharf and user-focused approach aims to save development time and effort for a multitude of Web3 use cases. Head to the Wharfkit website to begin exploring this in-depth tool kit and leveraging it in your projects.

ETHToronto Presence & Developer Survey

The ENF DevRel team is continuing its outreach strategy at conferences and events with a recent upcoming presence at the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto. This event is also part of ETHToronto and ETHWomen, so it serves as a valuable milestone to build deeper relationships in the Ethereum ecosystem.

As part of this effort, the Developer Relations Department ran a gamified survey with attendees. This will help the ENF to better understand the needs of this demographic and ensure that the EOS EVM is a powerful augmentation of all the innovative work being undertaken in the broader Web3 space.

The ENF’s Marketing Manager, Laura Cullell was also be a part of a panel covering women’s perspectives on inclusion and equity in the Web3 space. This aligns heavily with the ENF’s mission of creating a more inclusive and empowering space for Web3 contributors to receive the support they need on their journey.

DevRel Twitter & Digital Events

As the EOS ecosystem grows, communicating everything to a wide array of audiences through a single channel becomes trickier. With this in mind, the ENF DevRel team recently announced a new Twitter account, dedicated to EOS Developers. Be sure to follow the account for memes, news, and other shenanigans created with builders in mind.

The DevRel team is also ramping up a digital events strategy both on external platforms and the ENF’s channels. One such event is a recent panel discussion on Asset Tokenization in Finance, that Nathan James attended on behalf of the EOS community. Check out the recording of the event below.

The ENF also hosted a recent webinar on how Antelope IBC can be leveraged on EOS to scale cross-chain applications. The webinar featured Guillaume Babin from UX Network, a core contributor to the Antelope IBC codebase. Sign up to learn more about how you can leverage this powerful feature to scale your dApps.

Building on EOS has Never Been Easier!

With EOS EVM 0.5.0 and Leap 4 live on mainnet, EOS is once again at the bleeding edge of Web3 innovation, offering an unmatched development environment. To complement this technology, the EOS Developer Relations department and other ecosystem contributors have been hard at work launching many initiatives to onboard a talented pool of blockchain developers, including:

  • Comprehensive developer documentation with multilanguage support.
  • An engaging learning portal with upcoming development challenges and opportunities for builders to receive funding for their work.
  • The soon-to-be-released EOS Web IDE, providing builders with a user-friendly interface to write, compile, and deploy smart contracts on EOS.
  • The release of WharKit SDKs v1 by Greymass, empowering developers with a suite of components, samples, plugins, and templates that can be easily integrated into their development environment.
  • A comprehensive event strategy and presence both online and IRL, with the most notable in-person event being the Blockchain Futurist Conference and an exciting digital event being the Antelope IBC Webinar.

Lastly, the recently launched EOS Developer Twitter will play a critical role in communication around upcoming DevRel activities. Be sure to follow it to stay in the loop on everything coming out in the coming months.

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