The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is thrilled to announce that PlayZap has made its grand entrance on the EOS EVM. For those unfamiliar, PlayZap is a unique skill-based competitive gaming platform crafted meticulously for the casual gamer in all of us. The EOS EVM, renowned for its unparalleled performance and scalability, is fast establishing itself as the go-to chain for GameFi. This recent integration further cements this reputation, ushering one of the gaming industry’s most vibrant projects into the EOS EVM ecosystem.

How PlayZap is Making GameFi Fun & Accessible

PlayZap aims to revolutionize the gaming space, offering a pioneering skill-based competitive gaming platform tailored for casual gamers. It leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency and provide players with true ownership of their rewards. With guiding principles like “Free to Play. Skill to Earn,” PlayZap offers free access to its platform where gamers can earn rewards based on their skills. By integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs), players have the added value of trading and owning distinctive digital assets. For more in-depth information, you can read more about PlayZap’s vision, and explore their whitepaper.

Significantly, while PlayZap harnesses the EOS EVM, it artfully abstracts intricate blockchain components from the user experience. This mirrors the approach of Upland, and showcases an important differentiator for GameFi projects on EOS eyeing effortless user adoption. Users can sign in and get started with authentication through either Google, Apple, or “continue as guest” to explore the app’s features before creating an account..

PlayZap’s Role in the Next Wave of GameFi on EOS

The flourishing world of GameFi stands as testament to the fusion of gaming and decentralized finance. One of the critical aspects defining this realm is the sheer volume of transactions taking place, with every game move, trade, reward, or purchase registering on the blockchain. The intricacies and demands of these transactions place considerable pressure on the underlying network, underscoring the need for robust, efficient, and scalable blockchain infrastructures.

The EOS EVM, known for its unmatched performance, becomes even more formidable with PlayZap coming onboard. With its vast user base and a correspondingly massive number of transactions, this integration is poised to amplify the transactional throughput on the EOS chain, while further increasing the utility of network infrastructure. This integration not only cements EOS EVM’s position in the GameFi space but also exemplifies the chain’s capacity to handle voluminous and diverse network operations while ensuring smooth gameplay and transparent financial exchanges for users.

And PlayZap is not just any addition to the EOS roster. It has a history of excellence, once reigning supreme as one of the top games on the Binance Smart Chain, a feat that speaks volumes about its caliber and popularity in the gaming community.

Further establishing PlayZap’s credentials are these notable achievements:

Unprecedented Popularity: PlayZap’s appeal is evident in its staggering 100k+ App downloads, showcasing its widespread acceptance among both gamers and crypto aficionados.

Trust from the Titans: PlayZap’s momentum caught the attention of major investment players. In August 2022, the platform successfully closed its seed round with backing from prominent names such as KuCoin Labs, Arcanum Capital, Oddiyanna Ventures, and Prime Block. This influx of trust and capital from industry stalwarts signals PlayZap’s promising trajectory in the GameFi space.

In sum, PlayZap’s integration with EOS EVM is more than just a partnership; it’s a confluence of vision, technology, and potential that promises to shape the dynamics of the GameFi sector.

Get Started on PlayZap

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In a nutshell, PlayZap’s integration with EOS EVM marks a monumental step in the GameFi realm. As we anticipate a surge in EOS transactions, the gaming community stands at the precipice of an exciting era. Stay tuned for the upcoming GameFi Twitter space – and don’t forget to set those reminders! 

For the latest updates and to join the buzzing community, follow PlayZap on their social media channels.

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