Yield+ began as an ENF sponsored working group in January of 2022. The group was tasked with researching and proposing methods to create a system of economic incentives to bring increased liquidity and opportunities for on-chain yield to the EOS Network. 

In May of 2022, the multidisciplinary collaboration of research, analysis, writing, and countless hours of discussions from the likes of EOS Nation, Greymass, UX Network, Defibox, Joe Louis, Pizza DeFi, and EOS Asia, produced the Yield+ Blue Paper that laid out a series of recommendations for increasing DeFi, TVL activity on chain, and multiple opportunities for generating yield, on chain.

Now, with a well considered and thoroughly audited (by Sentnl) implementation of the ideas presented in that Blue Paper, the Yield+ incentive program is set to go live.   

The Yield+ Incentive Program

Yield+ is a liquidity incentive and rewards program designed to attract DeFi dApps that generate yield for dApp users. Qualifying and participating Yield+ dApps are rewarded in EOS based on the true TVL (Total Value Locked) eligible liquidity shall initially be in the form of EOS or Tether (USDT).

For a deep dive discussion on all the possibilities Yield+ has to offer, consider watching this discussion with Yield+ Blue Paper co-authors, Denis Carriere, Joe Louis, and the ENF’s very own Zack Gall.

Yield+ Timelines

TokenYield.io will be the main portal for dApps to register to Yield+ and claim their daily rewards.  There will be a two-week registration period before Yield+ rewards are activated.

August 14th — Registration for the Yield+ Incentive Program opens

August 28th — Rewards for TVL will begin.

Minimum Requirements for DeFi Protocols (Applicants)

DeFi Protocols who wish to apply to join the Yield+ Incentive Program and earn rewards based on retaining long-term TVL within their application will need to meet certain minimum requirements to participate.

  • To be approved for participation in Yield+, all DeFi protocols (applicants) must:
    • Be registered with Recover+
    • Be an active DeFi protocol
    • Have a functional web page or mobile application
    • Have an operational smart contract

  • To participate in Yield+ (stage 1) and earn rewards, all DeFi protocols must:
    • Demonstrate a minimum 200k EOS TVL (24 hour average)
      • Only EOS and USDT are eligible
      • USDT is calculated in the EOS equivalent value

  • Approved protocols with lower TVL than minimum requirements
    • Can still be approved
    • TVL will be calculated
    • Rewards would be 0 EOS until minimum is reached
    • Once the 24 hour TVL average is above minimum threshold, protocol will begin earning

In addition:

  • Maximum eligibility for rewards is 6M EOS TVL per protocol.

Yield+ Stages

The Yield+ incentive program is divided into three stages with various assets supported and different quarterly rewards amounts.

Yield+ Smart contracts—Sentnl Audit Compete

The Yield+ team will be deploying and operating the following Yield+ smart contracts which recently received passing marks after an audit by Sentnl.

#1 Yield+ Rewards (eosio.yield):

Rewards system that incentivizes DeFi protocols to retain long-term TVL within their application.

#2 Yield+ Oracle (oracle.yield):

System will be supporting Yield+ Rewards to provide reliable TVL data metrics of DeFi protocols and leveraging decentralized data price feeds from existing oracle providers on EOS mainnet.

#3 Yield+ Admin (admin.yield):

Admin account for Yield+ on-notification events

A Huge Milestone For EOS

The launch of the Yield+ Incentive program marks a major milestone that increases opportunities for dApp developers to be rewarded, and EOS users to earn yield on the EOS mainnet. A method that directly measures and rewards increased economic activity on EOS can attract and retain interest in the entire ecosystem, and the Yield+ team is about to deliver on that goal!

Level up your knowledge of Yield+ and let’s increase TVL on EOS together.

Check out TokenYield.io for more information.

Study the eosio.yield-contracts Github repo.

Read the Yield+ Blue Paper.

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