EOS EVM Announcements

EOS EVM Roadmap Unveiled

The EOS EVM team shared their new roadmap earlier this month, revealing the hard work they have put into innovation and understanding the needs of builders.

The roadmap will ensure that critical features and fixes will be in place to maintain EOS EVM’s leading position in Web3.

Check out the full article to view the roadmap up to Q1 2024 and find helpful EOS EVM resources.

EOS EVM Code Complete 

Less than a week after the roadmap was released, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) announced that the EOS EVM v0.6.0 is code complete.

One of the new features is the enhanced Trustless Bridge, which enables you to move USDT to the EOS EVM side and then back to the EOS Native side. 

The open-source code is available in the GitHub repository, and developers will be able to use this code to deploy their own trustless bridges for EOS-based assets. EOS EVM v0.6.0 is live on the Jungle Testnet for developers to experiment with leading up to its October 16th launch! 

PlayZap Comes to the EOS EVM  

The ENF also revealed exciting GameFi news this month with PlayZap Games launching on the EOS EVM to take advantage of its high performance and super low transaction fees.  

Targeted to casual gamers, PlayZap makes it easy for people to check out the game without any blockchain-related hurdles that may discourage them from playing.

With this partnership, EOS EVM cements its position in the GameFi space by proving that it can handle substantial and varied network activity while ensuring smooth gameplay and transparent financial transactions.

Read the article for more about PlayZap, their role in GameFi on EOS, and how to get playing. 

Trustless USDT Bridging with EOS EVM v0.6.0

The launch of EOS EVM v0.6.0 on October 16th will bring a rejuvenated DeFi experience, robust technical upgrades, and trustless USDT bridging. 

Most notably, the Trustless Bridge frontend will introduce the ability to seamlessly transfer USDT (EOS) tokens between the EOS Native environment and the EOS EVM environment using a simple user interface. EOS EVM engineers anticipate that future upgrades will incorporate more EOS Native tokens.

With the new features in place, we will see the arrival of what has been called “cross machine virtual communication.” The EOS EVM, being a blockchain virtualization on EOS, can now begin to use EOS Native multisig capabilities, and more.

Read the full article to learn more about why EOS EVM v0.6.0 is a game-changer

One Year of EOS Independence 

September 21st marked the first anniversary of EOS Independence Day, when the network took control by shifting to the community-run Antelope Leap codebase.

With this move, the EOS community became independent of the old codebase that had become problematic due to the original maintainer’s neglect. Celebrate the anniversary of this milestone with us by entering the EOS Independence Day giveaways!

Learn how to enter the contest (and how you can win EOS prizes!) in the article.

The EOS Network’s Vision for an Interoperable Future 

A number of recent developments have moved us closer to an interoperable future, where different blockchains will be able to seamlessly interact. Achieving interconnected ecosystems will reduce inefficiencies and expand the utility of blockchain applications.

The future is multi-chain and the EOS Network’s commitment to interoperability is a necessity, with Antelope IBC functionality, development on the EOS EVM trustless bridge, and integration of Pyth Network all playing a key role.

Dive deep into this topic and discover the transformative potential of an interoperable future. 

Sustainability: Beyond Carbon-Neutral to Climate Positive

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and Upland, in collaboration with Aerial, are creating a more sustainable future with an initiative that will move the EOS Network from carbon-neutral to climate positive. 

Climate positive means the network is not only offsetting its carbon emissions but actively removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Read the full article to learn how the ENF calculated the network’s carbon footprint, and how all three organizations are participating in and promoting green practices to inspire others to do the same.

Pomelo Season 7 Underway 

Pomelo Grants is an open-source crowdfunding platform that funds Web3 projects. Supporters donate small amounts to the projects they value most, and then the donations are matched from a pool of funds provided by a matching partner. Pomelo uses quadratic funding to determine each project’s share of the matching pool.

The EOS Network Foundation funded two matching pools for Season 7, one for EOS Native and one for EOS EVM, each with $75,000 to be distributed to eligible projects.

To qualify, funds must be used to build public goods that benefit the EOS Native or EOS EVM ecosystem. You can submit your grant applications from September 20 to October 11 and make your donations from September 27 to October 18. Get involved!

September Program and Operations Health Report 

Values like trust, transparency, and accountability are central to Web3. The EOS Network Foundation’s monthly health report is one way we demonstrate our commitment to these values and keep the community informed of our progress.

See updates on projects like the Automated Replay Test, EOS Website Upgrade, P2P Improvements, Regression Test Harness, and many more.

Online Events

Getting Started with Wharf

September was another busy month for the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) on X (formerly Twitter) Spaces. If you missed these events, you can listen to the recordings below. First up, Nathan James, Director of Developer Relations at the ENF, hosted a Getting Started with Wharf webinar presented by Aaron Cox of Greymass. This event focused on how to build web apps on Antelope with the Wharf Session Kit.

GameFi panel

Next, the ENF hosted a GameFi panel with guests from Upland, PlayZap, and the Blockchain Game Alliance, where listeners learned how we can increase adoption of Web3 games using accessible gaming environments.


Plus, in celebration of EVMNS on the EOS EVM, the ENF hosted an AMA (ask me anything) with Brandon Lovejoy and the EVMNS team. Listen to the discussion to learn all about this distributed, open, and extensible multi-chain DID domain naming system.

Yves in Asia

CEO and founder of the EOS Network Foundation, Yves La Rose, was in Korea and Singapore in September, attending Korea Blockchain Week and Token 2049.

Korea Blockchain Week

As part of EOS’ presence at Korea Blockchain Week, Yves spoke on a Game Ascend 2023 panel, Crypto Game: Play vs. Gambling. Game Ascend events focus on the development and commercialization of Web3 gaming.

For more from Korea Blockchain Week, check out this interview of Yves with Zach from Genzio.

Token 2049

Then Yves traveled to Token 2049 in Singapore, where he gave a keynote speech at the Web3 & Real-World Assets side event on how Web3 projects are providing new frameworks for ownership and trade. He was also a panelist exploring the possibilities of Web3 in the roundtable discussion, Empowering Innovation. 

Tutorials from the ENF DevRel Team

Build a Tamagotchi dApp

Attention aspiring Web3 developers! You can now build your own Tamagotchi dApp using EOS. Follow the tutorial, guided by Nathan James, Director of Developer Relations at the EOS Network Foundation.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of EOS smart contracts
  • How to use Web IDE
  • And much more!

Build a TO-DONT App

If a Tamagotchi dApp doesn’t ignite your creative spark, build the latest trend in productivity apps, the to-don’t app! Follow the tutorial with Nathan James and create an app where you check off a task every time you don’t do it. The build will only take 20 minutes so you can get back to your day that much sooner!

Antelope Swiss Workshops

NovaCrypto founder Patrick Bernard Schmid (aka PatNovaJoy) continues his educational series of interviews with notable figures throughout the Antelope ecosystem in Antelope Swiss Workshop #22, featuring interviews with Jesse Jaffe of EOS Bees, Domenic Thomas of Hypha DAO, Daniel Keyes of Pomelo, CAC + Vlad + Lennar of EOSDEN, & Maurice Vanegas on HuFi. Check out this Podsum of all the Antelope Swiss Workshops or click on the NovaCrypto playlist below.

Recurring EOS Events

The EOS community also hosts many online events that anyone can join every week:

  • EOS Synergy Show, Tuesdays 19 UTC on Twitter Spaces (Twitter, Website)
  • EOS Fireside Chat [English], Wednesdays 19 UTC on Discord (YouTube, Short Clips)
  • ENF Office Hours[English], Thursdays 15 UTC on Discord
  • EOS Fireside Chat [Chinese], Every Other Thursday 19 UTC on Telegram
  • EOS Fireside Chat [Spanish], Every Other Thursday 12 UTC on Discord
  • EOS Support Giveaway Show, Thursdays 17 UTC on Twitter Spaces (Twitter, Website)

More details and additional events can be found on the ENF Events Page.

EOS Network

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal Web3 user and developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the Antelope framework, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation (ENF).


The EOS EVM is an emulation of the Ethereum EVM, housed within an EOS smart contract. It offers feature parity to other EVMs in the space but with unmatched speed, performance and compatibility. EOS EVM connects the EOS ecosystem to the Ethereum ecosystem by allowing developers to deploy a wide array of Solidity-based digital assets and innovative dApps on EOS. Developers can use EOS EVM to take advantage of Ethereum’s battle-tested open source code, tooling, libraries and SDKs, while leveraging the superior performance of EOS.

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) was forged through a vision for a prosperous and decentralized future. Through our key stakeholder engagement, community programs, ecosystem funding, and support of an open technology ecosystem, the ENF is transforming Web3. Founded in 2021, the ENF is the hub for EOS Network, a leading open source platform with a suite of stable frameworks, tools, and libraries for blockchain deployments. Together, we are bringing innovations that our community builds and are committed to a stronger future for all.