The Everything EOS Weekly Report publishes all of the latest news and updates from around the world in the EOS ecosystem.

The Everything EOS Weekly Report sources stories and updates from the community members that are part of the English, Chinese and Korean EOS communities. The Everything EOS Weekly Report is the best place to catch up on all the latest news in EOS from all around the world.

This week includes:

  • ENF Securing Talent
  • EOSIO+ Statement of Purpose
  • #EndRant: ENF Ventures, Building Consensus
  • B1 Litigation Update
  • ƒractally Weekly Meetings
  • Epic Fireside Chat
  • Pomelo Season 2: Dates, Pitch Sessions & NFTs
  • Donations & NFTs for Ukraine
  • Game Box Update
  • Must Have dApps for EOS Users

— International EOS News and Content —

  • ENF as the “Dragon Slayer” to Protect EOS Ecosystem
  • EOS Chinese Community KOLs Activities Attract 1300+ Participants

ENF Securing Talent

Last week the ENF announced that it had offer letters accepted by 3 of the top EOSIO engineers in the world. Securing this talent for the EOS ecosystem will ensure that the network remains robust & competitive long term as we lay out our multi-year roadmap + strategy stemming from the Blue Papers.

Some of the advantages of having top EOSIO developers working directly for the ENF include:

  • Developers have a stable base of support from which to contribute to EOS.
  • Developers will work for the network as a whole, may occasionally work as a team, and could provide support to different teams within the community.
  • Provides a stop loss mechanism for retaining top talent within the EOS ecosystem.
  • Creates capacity for independent technical review of development estimates and timelines.
  • Ability to drive community approved, directed, and time-sensitive initiatives.
  • Ability to act as standardized cost alternatives to ensure reasonable contract bids.
  • Allows the community flexibility when presented with time constraints.

For more information about this subject, please refer to the Medium article titled “Securing Talent for the EOS Network”.

EOSIO+ Statement of Purpose

There are many blockchains networks that run on the EOSIO software. The purpose of the EOSIO+ Working Group is to establish an egalitarian system that allows parties that depend on EOSIO to help fund, organize, and prioritize the future of that software. Here are the 11 objectives laid out by the group:

1. Establish Organization Branding
2. Secure the Existing Codebase
3. Public Code Maintenance and Distribution
4. Provide a Public Roadmap
5. Support New Internal Code Development
6. Integrating Outside Developer Code
7. Form the Entity
8. Develop a Governance System
9. Fund the Entity
10. Determine Organization Staffing
11. Promote eosio codebase and “product”

Users of EOSIO networks can learn more about each of these objectives in the recently published Medium article as well as in the latest EOSIO+ Working Group video call published on YouTube.

#EndRant: ENF Ventures

Yves La Rose reveals some details behind ENF Ventures and how the ENF intends to utilize it to leverage external capital for funding EOS projects while offsetting operational costs of the ENF itself.

#EndRant: Building Consensus

Yves La Rose talks about the process of reaching consensus while emphasizing the need to meet people where they are at, and engage with empathy, in order to “walk the same path” together.

B1 Litigation Update

In this Medium article, the EOS Network Foundation is requesting more information from the EOS community related to your personal or business experiences with Block.One, EOS or EOS VC.

Here are the rules for your submission:

  • Review the EOS Network Foundation Privacy Policy to ensure you agree with the terms at
  • No defamatory nor misleading comments.
  • Please keep your submission short and to the point.
  • Attach screenshots, references, and/or links to any relevant evidence.
  • By submitting your comment(s) you are issuing EOS Network Foundation a royalty free license to research the comments and potentially publish them with or without edits.

Please send your information via email to [email protected]. All submissions will be reviewed; however may not be replied to.

ƒractally Weekly Meetings

Weekly ƒractally meetings have begun and are happening every Saturday at 17:00 UTC! This genesis fractal focuses on member contributions that promote ƒractally & fractal governance. There are no minimum contributions required; everyone is invited to join the meetings if they want to. The meeting on the 26th had 10 participants while the one on March 5th had 48!

To learn more, visit

Epic 7-Hour Long Fireside Chat

The weekly EOS Community Fireside chats on Discord keep getting better and better! This week the community was on fire, chatting it up for nearly 7 hours! Here are some of the topics that were discussed:

  • API+ Blue Paper with Matthew Darwin
  • DeFi Dapp Metrics with Denis Carriere
  • API+ Blue Paper with Nathan James “NS James”
  • Pomelo Launch Updates with Daniel Keyes
  • Yves La Rose and many community members share their thoughts on Fractally
  • And lots more!

Pomelo Season 2: Dates, Pitch Sessions & NFTs

Mark your calendars, Pomelo Season 2 dates have been announced!

  • March 22 — April 11: Anyone can create grants for Public Goods
  • March 22 — April 11: Pomelo team approves grants that qualify as Public Goods
  • March 30 — April 23: Anyone can donate EOS to their favourite grants and influence the distribution of the matching pool
  • After April 23: Pomelo team analyzes results and distributes matching pool to qualified grants who pass KYC

Are you a grant owner looking for to get exposure in the EOS community? Fill out this form to apply to various Pomelo Pitch Sessions that are going to be hosted on the EOS Fireside Chats on Disord, on GenerEOS’ YouTube Pitch Deck series and on WeChat.

Finally, for those of you who are supporting the Pomelo Season 2 through their promotional NFT series, more details have been revealed surrounding the various blends and mechanisms involved in forging beautiful Diamond Pomelos!

Donations & NFTs for Ukraine

Hernan Arber and the team at EOS Israel are calling on the EOS community to rally together in order to help the citizens of Ukraine in their moment of need. Many EOS NFT creators, such as ShuFan, Animals EOSIO and Andres Palmar, have created NFTs with the intent of donating all proceeds generated from their sales.

Game Box Update

Gamebox’ Million Dollar Incubation Plan for GameFi has just closed its first round of registration and have received applications from more than 30 game manufacturers! They claim good news is coming and we can’t wait to learn more! Follow Gamebox on Twitter or visit their website to learn more.

Must Have Dapps for EOS Users

Bywire News published an article this week highlighting some of the must-have dApps currently deployed on EOS. These include:

— International EOS News and Content —

ENF as the “Dragon Slayer” to Protect EOS Ecosystem

Last week, the EOS Chinese community made a video about the B1 litigation. This video outlines some of the the timelines and events that led to the ENF’s efforts to protect the EOS ecosystem. A blog post was also written in both Chinese and English that explains the contents of the video.

EOS Chinese Community KOLs Activities Attract 1300+ Participants

Last week, the EOS Chinese community launched a series of activities to attract more people to learn about the EOS Network Foundation.
Several Twitter KOLs encouraged their followers to follow the Chinese ENF social media accounts, and users who completed tasks were rewarded. This innovative format has attracted over 1,300 people to participate, helping the Chinese ENF social medias gain more support from users outside the EOS community.

EOS Network

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user and developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation (ENF).

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates financial and non-financial support to encourage the growth and development of the EOS Network. The ENF is the hub of the EOS Network, harnessing the power of decentralization as a force for positive global change to chart a coordinated future for EOS.