The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has received numerous questions from community members over the last several weeks as to whether community members should join or opt out of the proposed settlement of the ongoing class action against in the US. Details of the proposed settlement are at this link.

The primary goal of the ENF is to encourage the development and growth of the EOS Network and after carefully reviewing the terms of the proposed settlement we do not think that the proposed settlement with is in the best interest of the EOS Network and the EOS community as a whole. The settlement does not adequately compensate community members for losses they have suffered due to’s misrepresentations and bad acts and more importantly, the settlement bars class members’ rights to seek fair and just resolution to their claims in the future.

The proposed settlement amount of $22 million represents a tiny fraction of the $4 billion that raised from the community in its ICO sale and the $1 billion that promised to invest in the EOS Network and community, but failed to do.  While EOS community members who join the settlement may recover a small percentage of the losses that they suffered, the benefit to is much greater as community members who join the settlement will be barred by the terms of the settlement from bringing any future claims against and its founders: $22 million is too small a price for to pay to avoid having to be held to account for their bad acts in the future.

The ENF urges community members to opt out of the settlement which will send a strong message to and to the court that the settlement is entirely inadequate and does not adequately compensate community members for the losses they suffered at the hands of

The deadline to opt out is August 29, 2023. If you fail to opt-out by this date you may automatically be included in the class and your future rights to bring a claim against will be impaired.

For questions, please visit or email

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